Tuesday, November 16, 2010

White Wednesday at the Seed Box Open House

You know how when you receive a box
 of mouth watering chocolates,
that you don't know where to start,
or which one to enjoy first?

Well, I went to
 The Seed Box
Christmas Open House
last Saturday and let me tell you,
It's like a box of Godiva Chocolates.

So I'll have to spread the sweetness out over a little while...
so we don't go into overload!!

This is Brian and Meloney Russell's house in Chadwick, Missouri.
...Yes, it's where they live.

If you don't know Meloney and Brian then come for a visit
at their blog,

Some of you have had questions...
I write the posts and publish the blog for Mel and Brian...

A lot of the photos Meloney takes and sends to me,
and some like these, I have taken at their Open Houses.

They read the comments,
and answer the emails.
I just post the blog for them.

Those of you who attend the Texas Shows know them.
They set up usually at Cole's during Antique Week.

Remember that you can click twice on the image for a close up view.
Each vignette and arrangement is a work of art.

I have more posts about my visit,
and I'll be sharing other photos on The Seed Box blog.

So for now, please run by and say Hello,
then be sure and visit with Kathleen and all the other "Whities"

stay tuned for more Seed Box goodies..


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