Saturday, November 20, 2010

How to Spell "Dumb": An UPdate!

OK, that would be me...I guess I need to learn not to do something when I'm tired, because I make silly mistakes. Point in fact; last night when I did the party button for the Christmas Parties in December for Vintage Inspiration Friday, I left off the "S" in "designs". So all of you sweet people that grabbed the button, I have redone it so you can actually get my correct blog address. duh...

So sorry for the confusion...
this is the correct one.
Now back to our scheduled programming...

love y'all.


  1. Oh, this sounds delightful. Count me in, Debra!

  2. Hi Debra... I know you must think I am really wacky, will you put me back on the list for the party? I sent you another email... and I just put your new button and a link on my sidebar... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. I leave that stinkin' S off almost every time I do a link back...LOL! You and I need to get together and write a book...Bloggin' For Dummies!
    P.S. I made so many errors on my last post, but I'm just too cotton pickin' tired to go back in and edit!

  4. I think we were separated at birth! I do dumb things ALL the time. *sighs* My only explanation is...I'm just a goof wandering through life without malice....or a net! ha!


  5. That's just like me, Debra. I wake up so early and grab a cup of coffee and jump online. I get to work and totally forget I purchased something and try to buy the same items again, thinking, someone else bought it. Uh, Me! DUH - being online and half asleep is never good. LOL

  6. Hi Debra! Im your newest follower on this site! I feel DUMB because am i goin nuts or do you have more than one blog???? Im sure i recognize your picture...ANYHOO! if im crazy, pardon me, LOL! I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE your site and the Faith you put out here in blogland! Im new to blogging so im stumblin around a bit, but I do use my blog to put my Faith out there as well, in hopes it might touch someone somewhere...I love the sounds of all these link parties but I dont know what they are or how they work...or how to be involved...Thats DUMB!
    I have an interior design business and blog and im doing 14 days of Christmas trees and would BEYOND APPRECIATE it if you would visit! I also have a GIVEAWAY...

    *ENTER CUSTOM FLORAL Give-Away Here *

    blessings xoxokara

  7. Sounds like a fun party, I'd love to attend!

  8. Debbbbbrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaa!

    I feel like I've been out of touch forever! Silver Bella was Fantastic! I had such a ball! The women were so lovely, the instuctors great and I think, a good time was had by ALL!

    I LOVE this Event/Link....already on my sidebar! Once again, you're probably helping to get my backside motivated and get some of my Christmas going!

    Big Hugs and love to you my friend! And if I don't post again before, have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!


  9. No prob, I'm putting it in, thanks for posting mine!



  10. Sounds like something I'd do! I'll check to see if the link works!
    Thanks Lynn

  11. OK! Got your email ans WOWZERS! One blog is tuff CRAAAAAZY...I dont know HOW you do it...Other than the power of God! But that is all ya need i guess?! You are a DELIGHT!
    Gonna be tryin to figure out the link parties...gotta pull in the hubbie to help me, EEEKKKK!

    Blessings xoxokara

  12. Hi Debra,
    Please count me in for the party. I have grabbed your button for my blog.
    Thanks for hosting.


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