Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vintage Inspiration Friday #10 Finding your style

It's so exciting finding a place that I identify with.
This space in a decor center in St. Louis,
Warson Woods,
just speaks to me

This is the second time I've visited here
and when I step inside this space
I just want to move in.

I think that is the way to really tell
what your dominant style may be.

There are a lot of gorgeous places
that cause me to drool
but could I move in?
Does it reflect who I am?

French Country has always been what I gravitate toward
No matter where I've lived
The dramatic oversized pieces
elements of nature
elegant yet comfortable

Old World

Actually, this space is what prompted me to paint my Dining Room

I love so many "styles" of decorating
and like to mix elements and pieces...

But I always come back to these lines
and how they make me "feel"

Have you found your "dominant style"?

Hope you'll join in today with
 Vintage Inspiration Friday!
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  1. Hi Debra, I luv that space! It looks like there are a lot of treasures to hunt for. Thank You for hosting today.....Julian

  2. Great store with lots of goodies! I would have to hand my wallet to my hubby!

  3. Love stores like that - lots of eye candy!

  4. Hi Debra, French Country is my first love but I also like traditional, farmhouse chic, vintage with a little shabby thrown in. This shop is wonderful and there are a lot of goodies that catch my eye.
    xo, Sherry

  5. I have always called my style Grandma's Attic. I love a mix of traditional with antiques especially from the 30s and 40s. I have purged at times...tried to change and update but gradually, it all comes back to the same style!

  6. I love this post Debra. It is so hard, especially hard after discovering all the beauty in blog land, to stay with-in your style. But you are so right... it is what you always come back to. I love all design when done right but for my space I always fall back to that cottage comfy feel. Thanks for reminding me :) happy day!

  7. Ooh! I love it. I live in St. Louis and have never heard of Wasson Woods...could you send me an email and tell me where it is. I would love to check it out! Thanks, Aaron

  8. Well said, Debra! I agree, "it's what you always come back to..."


  9. I haven't found my style yet...I keep melding one into another :) I really love that french bistro sign! Looking for something like that to go above my couch. So cute!

  10. Debra, that is a lovely store and it is definitely "you" darling. I have an eclectic style mix of primitive meets country meets traditional. loveya♥olive

  11. I agree, it's "you".
    Just move me into Homestead and I'll be happy!

    Ummmm....where's the linky thang, sista?

  12. I can see why you want to move in!! Take me with you please!!! :)

  13. Debra, It's easy to see why you like this place so much...such beautiful things!


  14. ...I'm sure that I could find at least one thing there ~ LOL!!!
    More like, what DON'T I like?!!

    Happiest Vintage Inspiration Friday Debra!!
    xo, Rosemary

  15. Hi Debra....I can see why you love it there. Beautiful store.

  16. Love these photos and everything in them. I guess I have an eclectic style and mix and match things. If you have a house full of what you love, that is all that matters. Thanks for hosting!

  17. Beautiful space Debra, I love that green armoire! Thanks again for hosting, and for all the inspiration, tami

  18. Love these Images! I linked my Mini Wreaths to your event..

    You need to visit my Blog post for yesterday Debra,,,,too funny! I am "Featured" in an online Mag for Porches,,,,thanks to YOU! Who would have thought????? Especially with my photo skills! HA! But they liked it!

    Have a great weekend.....I'm off to Silver Bella in Days....Look out Omaha! Here I come! Yeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaa!

    Love you to pieces my friend!

  19. I totally agree Debra ~ I just wish I could settle on one style. Im always bouncing around. Its probably a good thing I have a shop ~ I can just buy whatever appeals to me that day and hope someone somewhere loves it too:) Such great photos as always. Enjoy your weekend ~ Dee

  20. What a great place!! I LOVE French Country too! I love those twiggy branches too...I need to get some of those....

    Can I move in too?

    Lou Cinda :)

  21. That's a great space Debra!!
    My style is a little all over the place these days...hopefully I'll get my house in order soon!
    With all this inspiration how can I not right?
    Have a great weekend!
    Tammy :-)

  22. Oh I could so some serious shopping in that store, looks like they have some wonderful treasures!!! Hope you have a great weekend... blessings~~ Daphne

  23. Debra, I can see why it inspires you! fantastic. Love all the mix of things in the black and white classic palette!


  24. Debra... I love going to Warson Woods!!! We usually are in that area of St. Louis twice a year... Infact, my husband will be there NEXT WEEKEND ~ while I'm doing a show in Chicago!!! Sooooo sad to miss a shopping spree there!!! My favorite decor are 3 shabby booths in the store...
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  25. How funny that I just posted about the necklace I bought from you Debra, and am basically saying the same thing about it that you are saying here! I think I am going to link it up to your party, but I hope you'll come over and read it anyway. : )

  26. Debra
    I have heard of Wasson Woods and was told by one of the owners of my favorite store A La Campagne here, that is where she got her old dress form with a wire skirt. I want to make a trip to St Louis we could meet there.


  27. Oh Debra - all of it is fantastic!!! I can see how you could get in some trouble there.... LOL

    ;-D xoxo

  28. Thanks for letting me be apart of Vintage Inspiration Friday! By the way, what a great shop!

  29. What a beautiful store! So many lovely things to look at!

  30. I agree, I could move in there, too.
    What wonderful things EVERYWHERE!!

  31. Debra I am diffidently more cottage/farmhouse style. I love your style though it reminds me so much of how my mom in love decorates. I linked up this week! Did you see the end result of the office/spare bedroom. I posted it a couple of weeks ago but I it was during fall/Halloween link ups so I did not link it up.

  32. Nothing to link up this week but shoes! lol As for my style, I call it comfortable, casual chic with vintage notes...just a tad shabby, a few elements of French Country, cottage, farmhouse... whatever tickles my fancy. The things I "feel" the most & gravitate towards are snugly fabrics to create a soft visual texture. Cotton, jersey, knit, etc. I just want my whole house to feel like a big, ol' comfy sofa that says, "kick your feet up and stay a while."

  33. I'm Late ~ I'm Late ~ for a Very Important Date.... Sorry Debra, Better Late than Never, Right??? Love the Inspirational Photos you have posted... why is it I always want to walk right into a photo, but never seem to get the same effect at home in the room I want to do.... Have a Great Weekend

  34. Hi Debra,
    Love this post and I found lots of inspiration in each photo :)
    Love the flea market style.
    Thank you for the vintage Friday invite :)

    see you soon girlie

  35. Soooo many yummy pieces there. I loved what you said about including "elements of nature" ~ makes me want to start all over in my decorating (:

  36. Hey Debra. I was so happy to hear from you. Things have been so hectic here. Thank you for taking the time to comment with your comforting words. It means so much to me. I'm off to bed but I hope I get a chance to go though all the wonderful links you have.

    Be blessed. Love, Tracy :)

  37. Hi Debra...I am a mixer too...shabby at heart though. This place looks wonderful!

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  38. What a beautiful shop! I have difficulty pinning down my style. In know what I like, but I like so many different things! :)

  39. Oh, this shop is so utterly French. I like everything in it. Blogging lets us visit places we can't really get to! Check out my new room on your links. I am #53 I think you will like it.

  40. Hi Deb
    Just back from Tipton and it was so much fun, but I can relax a little now and maybe even join in on Inspiration Fridays...
    Loved this post, I love the graphics
    Hope all is well

  41. I've yet to find a shop specializing in ticky-tacky design, but when I do...Bro-ther...I'm moving in!
    I agree...that is so you!

  42. Fabulous spot!!! Did you see the chair she distressed and then edged with the pearls?
    I just wait till she does the next one!!! I can't afford them now, I just hope she keeps designing them till someday I can own those for my dining room. They are sooo unique!!!


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