Thursday, November 25, 2010

Vintage Inspiration Friday # 13 What's inspiring my decor this Christmas

I hope you're having a wonderful
I'm sneaking off from all the family to post for
Vintage Inspiration Friday
(psssst...don't tell them I'm gone!)

My Christmas boxes are on alert,
and I'm so ready to dig in.

I have lots of different styles that I love for Christmas decor,
but the one I always rely on and find that is the basis
 for whatever else I might use is "nature";
Paperwhites, natural greens, holly and berries.

Here are a few magazine images
 that I love and use for inspiration.

A rusty urn with a little glitz, glitter, and sparkle fit right in.

This year I'm being drawn to more
 neutrals and naturals with decorations

Burlap ribbon on the Living Room tree
(no ornaments yet)

My two smaller trees are up for the Thanksgiving weekend.
They're a little easier for me to handle.
I love a large tree, and do have one,
but since I'm the one that does the work,
I've opted for "less stress" and scaled down this year.

"My favorite number" 3 on an ornament I found at
 the Seed Box Open House. 

Brown velvet ribbon is what's happening in the Dining Room.
What's inspiring your Christmas decorating this year?

Hope you'll join in for
 Vintage Inspiration Friday.

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Hope you have a wonderful and blessed
Thanksgiving Weekend!


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