Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vintage Inspiration Friday #12 Jewelry Inspired By the Past

Hi Everyone, it's
Vintage Inspiration Friday!

I've always been inspired by antique and vintage jewelry.
I love the unique materials and craftmanship...
one of a kind vintage beauty.

I have several old heirloom family pieces of jewelry that I wear frequently.
But when I discovered that I could put together pieces that were old
with newer and vintage elements...
I found my heart's desire.

I've been adding several items to my Etsy Shop for Christmas giving.
And I've re-done a few of the pendants and added chains to them;
new prices and photos to share.

Rosary beads and chains married for an elegant and vintage look.

Strands of pearls and vintage chains...

crowns and crosses

puffy heart lockets with my signature keys

I also have new medals that can be added to the vintage key pendants...

St. Jude
St. Rita
St. Ann
St. Agatha
St. Raphael
Our Lady of Lourdes
Miraculous Medal
St. Francis of Assisi
Holy Ghost Medal
St. Joan of Arc
and St. Christopher Medals

Just email me or convo me at Etsy for something just for you,
and we'll design something special.

Thank you, to each one of you who has let one of my designs
find it's way into your heart.

Hope you'll join in for
Vintage Inspiration Friday


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