Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vintage Inspiration Friday #11 Late Fall Sunroom

Hey Everyone!
Time for
 Vintage Inspiration Friday.

This time of the year it's about balancing my enthusiasm for
and my not wanting to jump the gun,
if you know what I mean.

I want to enjoy the season I'm in without
running headlong into winter and the Holidays.

So I try to transition little by little.
Still wanting to celebrate Thanksgiving
and enjoying my turkeys,
but honestly being "done" with the leaves and orange.
(gosh, did I just say that?)

That's the good thing about Missouri,
we have seasons here.
The only one I tire of is summer...
hate the heat.

So what I like to do this time of year is trade out the leaves
with holly and evergreens;
real and faux.

That way, once Thanksgiving is over
 I don't have as much to do to make it

One of my girls is enjoying her perch
surveying her domain.

I love this old lantern light fixture.
It always just says "Christmas" to me.

I have a lot of old and family quilts
that I change out frequently.
This one has seen better days,
but I bought it about 25 years ago when we lived in Marietta, Ga.
I always enjoy using it.
"Flying Geese".

Love my Faribo and Pendleton brown plaid blankets.

Here's my other girl.
They're inside kitties,
but they LOVE to dream.

This old squirrel is a bank...
now he's what I call really "Chippy"!!

old screen door?, yah, I'll use it!

(Hey, Theresa, love the sweet little teapot!)

The light was so bright with the photos that the view was washed out,
so here's the view from the sunroom.

please disregard all:
electrical cords
dead plant material
dirty windows
cat hair
dead bugs?
old carpet
crummy 80's spotlights

(notice that I didn't apoligize for the rust or peeling paint!)
Thanks for sitting thru another "sunroom" post.

Hope you'll join in the party,
ANY Vintage Inspiration works!

And the winner of the give away this month
is my wonderful friend Sue from

love you all,

p.s. Check out the November give away on the sidebar.

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