Friday, July 2, 2010

Patriotic Sunroom and the 6th Photo

Everyone ready for the 4th of July?

A while back Alaina from Arbor House Lane
graciously chose me to participate in the

6th Picture Tag

My 6th picture,
June 2009

Well, when I went back to see that 6th photo,
I realized it was all about the inspiration of Carolyn Westbrook's
sun room in her book Carolyn Westbrook Home.
I used her book as inspiration for my own sun room decor
 for the July 4th Holiday.

June 2009

And here is the same space in my sunroom
July 2010

So as an update on that photo,
here are some photos of my sunroom this year.
Not a lot different, maybe more clutter...
er, I mean stuff.

So I told Alaina I'd love to show off my photos,
but needed to wait until the right time...
yes, because my blog anniversary Give Away
is Carolyn's newest book

The French Inspired Home

This year, I tried to include some of the elements
Carolyn had used in her book layout.
Chalk cats, old clocks,
birdhouses, transferware...

and lots of flags.

I've mentioned this before,
but my little 80's three season sunroom
 is my favorite spot in my house.
I love to decorate it for the seasons and holidays.

I see it first thing in the morning,
 as I come to the kitchen for coffee.

Arbor House Lane
And now I want to share a few photos of Alaina's.
She has the most fabulous house.

full of inspiration...
(great slipcovers that made me get busy on mine)

and a little shed that "thinks it's a cottage".

If you haven't yet met Alaina over at
run by and say Hello.
You'll find some fabulous whites
and a lot of creativity!

And ta da!!!
Soon I'll announce the two winners of my
French Inspired Give Away!!

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