Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Family Cupboard Gets a New Life

As a lover of all things "stuff" I have a lot of it. And more now that I've been doing jewelry again. This spring and summer I've had the time to accomplish a few projects that I've had in my mind for awhile. Repainting the dining room and then my office/studio were two biggies. I have a lot of space and I'm not short on furniture, it's just the dilemma of organizing and utilizing what I DO have. So then, as with all things "stuff", the obvious question will always be..."where to put it?"

My mother-in-law unloaded all her material stash from this great pie cupboard several years ago, and sent it home with me. It had been her great grandmother's, and she is now 85. I've always loved it, and knew it's potential,  but she had restained it about twenty years ago. I don't know what it looked like before then, (I've never asked, but I cringed at the re-do). It just never quite did it for me with the blah brown stain. 

(Original pierced tin insets)

See what I mean?
Uh-oh, here's the paint can all ready to go.

You know how someone gives you something,
 but then there's all these stipulations that go with it?

See, it even comes with an assistant.

Love the new Behr paint and primer in one!

It's now in my studio holding supplies and other misc. "stuff".

Then I added back my little chippy shelf.

Now I really love it, and it's serving an important place for organizing supplies.

I won't show you what was inside it before,
or that every bit of it is still waiting to be "dealt with"
all over the downstairs guest room.

That's another project...

My favorite day of the week,

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