Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Garage Shopping

No, I didn't mean garage sale shopping...I mean shopping my own garage! Pictures cannot lie, it's a fact I have a garage full of "stuff" as I affectionately (or not) call it. Last week I was wounded in the pursuit of good "stuff", but it didn't slow me down too much!
Sunday night and Monday most of the day my "BLOGGER" wasn't "blogging" so I couldn't "blog". Anyone else out there suffer that same frustration? Eeeeck! Forced withdrawal is a bummer. But hey, I made the most of it and got a few little things accomplished around here.

I've seen this idea around lately...taking old windows and using them as a frame. (Hey, even retail stores are jumping on to this) I found several of these one paned windows at a barn sale recently and then added a large bird print I found last week.

I'm really lovin' the look of it. LOVE birdie prints of all kinds. Currently this is in my office/studio so I can enjoy it.

Now, don't ask me why, but this little corner etergere all white and chippy and rusty has been in my garage for the last year. Let's see, when I rescued it yesterday it was holding a cat pooper scooper, sandpaper, some paint brushes and misc. hardware and an old broken tray. Good Grief, Charley Brown, what was I thinking? Well, in defense of my "duh" attitude, I had wanted to use it, but once the dining room was painted it seemed to fit right in!

It may not look like it, but it DID get a good cleaning.

Poor Charlotte, she seems to have found herself
jailed in my wire cloche.
At least she has some "iffy" reading material.

And I finally got around to finding some brown transferware
dinner plates to replace the green that had been in here before.

These are part of my favorite set of vintage Johnson Bros.
Old Britain Castles

Sorry I'm so smitten with my new Dining Room,
I'm sure you all are over it by now,
but I'm thinking that I'll try to do chair slips
on the backs of my dining chairs,
and reupholster the seats in linen.
Not sure yet...hmmm, I'm formulating the plan.

Today I'm linking up with some fun parties:

 White Wednesday


Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!
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