Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Garage Shopping

No, I didn't mean garage sale shopping...I mean shopping my own garage! Pictures cannot lie, it's a fact I have a garage full of "stuff" as I affectionately (or not) call it. Last week I was wounded in the pursuit of good "stuff", but it didn't slow me down too much!
Sunday night and Monday most of the day my "BLOGGER" wasn't "blogging" so I couldn't "blog". Anyone else out there suffer that same frustration? Eeeeck! Forced withdrawal is a bummer. But hey, I made the most of it and got a few little things accomplished around here.

I've seen this idea around lately...taking old windows and using them as a frame. (Hey, even retail stores are jumping on to this) I found several of these one paned windows at a barn sale recently and then added a large bird print I found last week.

I'm really lovin' the look of it. LOVE birdie prints of all kinds. Currently this is in my office/studio so I can enjoy it.

Now, don't ask me why, but this little corner etergere all white and chippy and rusty has been in my garage for the last year. Let's see, when I rescued it yesterday it was holding a cat pooper scooper, sandpaper, some paint brushes and misc. hardware and an old broken tray. Good Grief, Charley Brown, what was I thinking? Well, in defense of my "duh" attitude, I had wanted to use it, but once the dining room was painted it seemed to fit right in!

It may not look like it, but it DID get a good cleaning.

Poor Charlotte, she seems to have found herself
jailed in my wire cloche.
At least she has some "iffy" reading material.

And I finally got around to finding some brown transferware
dinner plates to replace the green that had been in here before.

These are part of my favorite set of vintage Johnson Bros.
Old Britain Castles

Sorry I'm so smitten with my new Dining Room,
I'm sure you all are over it by now,
but I'm thinking that I'll try to do chair slips
on the backs of my dining chairs,
and reupholster the seats in linen.
Not sure yet...hmmm, I'm formulating the plan.

Today I'm linking up with some fun parties:

 White Wednesday


Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


  1. Oh my gosh... I love the brown transferware - and I'm not even a transferware kinda girl! Debra - no wonder that's your favorite pattern!

    I don't see why the pooper scooper shouldn't be stored in style. LOL But - I do like the new set up in your dining room! GORGEOUS!!!

    :-D xoxo

  2. Debra, I am smitten with your dining room as well! It is so elegant and bright. Adore your new additions to the decor. Just the right amount of shabby! ~ Angela

  3. I love the idea for the old window. A friend of ours took an old whitewashed 'paned' window and laid on down, attached some eye-hooks painted some whimsical daisies on it, placed some votive candles on it and then hung it with chain from her ceiling. When she lights the candles, it looks like a chandelier.
    She also made coffee 'tables' with other windows that she painted.
    Love that stuff.

  4. Yep, Blogger had me at it's mercy too! I wish I lived near you, so that I could have "shopped" your garage too! I loooove that etergere, and I hope it stays out of the garage for good!

  5. Hi Debra,
    I would like to go shopping in your garage! Heavens girl, there's good stuff in there. And that corner shelf is wonderfully crusty and chippy, love it! The way you displayed everything on it looks wonderful!
    Love the idea of the prints behind the old window. I have lots of prints so now I need to find some old frames. Um, if only I could get to your garage! LOL!

    Love your plates too. Pretty.


  6. Well, that's convenient, Debra ~ just go out into the garage and go shopping. I love it! You are the second person I know of who mentioned blogger problems. You should look into doing your blogs through Live Writer. It's a free Windows download and it's great ~ I don't know how I blogged without it before!

  7. Debra I love it, the dinning room is just lovely and the transfer ware dish dresses the wall so nicely............I love that you brought in the corner rusty shelf...........the window is a big hit with me to. XO MARY

  8. Hi Debra, the painted window with the bird print is gorgeous, and I love that shabby chic corner shelf.... and I'm also loving that brown transferware, you have some great stuff in that garage!!! Deb, I do feel your fustration with the blogger, I have so much trouble, almost every time I try to post something. I was litterly in tears yesterday trying to do my post, the pictures jump around and sometimes disapear all together, or there will be a huge space in betweeen them, I can't even write in between my pictures anymore, but it's probably something that I'm doing wrong! but it does get fustrating! Sorry didn't mean to go on and on about my poor computer skills... hugs~~~Daphne

  9. Hi Debra!
    We are 2 birds in the same "garage"...my kids think I'm HAVING a garage sale..instead of it being my resell treasures...LOL!!!
    Love the bird print in the old frame!
    Your dining room is very lovely!
    Deb :)

  10. Your dining room looks lovely. I would want to show it often myself. I have been in the bird love like it seems so many people also. I found a blue plate that I bought at the local antique shop very inexpensive. Put in bathroom but it does not match...but will one day. I received my package and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I think the planter will sit on my work area with some scrapping tools in it. The cookie cutter, well it will cut cookies of corse. And the awesome towel may get used as part of a pillow in my Scottie inspired work area. Thanks again so much. I will post everything soon.

  11. I really love the bird print in the window...I NEED some of those windows!! Keep bringing on the dining room pictures. When you showed it the other day, I said to myself,"Wouldn't some little slipcovers look great on those chairs!" Can't wait to see the next thing you do.

  12. Debra, I shop my garage too! And my attic! So glad I am not the only one! Love the birds in windows and your new dining room.

  13. Don't feel bad - I have a spare bedroom that looks like a hoarders room! But it's got a lot of treasures in there I just haven't had time to get to yet... Every time I go in and find another treasure I'm in heaven! Love your corner shelf and wire cloche. The dining room looks great!

  14. Shopping in your own garage...that is something seriuos Debra. Saves money yes? I do the same thing but with purses as I have way too many. I fear I need an intervention of some sort.


  15. Oh Heavens,,,,,I don't so much have the Garage as I do half a basement and living in this old house for almost 30 years now! I see some "shopping" in my future! LOL
    Love the windows and the shelf!

    I am still a bit on a "Farm Chicks" High,,,It was TOO fun! Pop over and see what I found if you have time! Great Vendors/Friends/Vignettes.
    My photos aren't special, but the event was!!

    Okay,,,,need to get back to painting in my studio for Karen Valentines "Where Bloggers Create Event"

    Oh,,,,and PS Debra,,I will photograph the Meissen for you soon! : ) No charge!


  16. My garage is my fave shopping spot!!!! It looks like yours is also full of goodies!!!

  17. Wow, what finds you have in your garage....I am sure I must have some things in mine too, but I am just to overwhelmed to start digging in boxes and containers that we packed to move into this house a year and a half ago.....hmmmm, I really should check.
    I love the etegiere (sp?) I KNOW I don't have one of those in my garage...but I do have a cat scooper!!
    Lovely dining room also.
    Enjoy, Dana

  18. I'm so glad you found my blog- so I could find yours. Love what you do!

  19. I love that corner shelf! Wish I could find that in my garage! :) very cute whites today!

  20. I would flip out and go nuts if I was allowed to shop your garage!

  21. what fun it must be to shop in your own garage, especially with so many treasures.
    Your dining room is beautiful. love looking at the pics!


  22. Debra,
    I love the window idea with the bird poster. I have a few posters like that rolled up in a corner somewhere...hmmnnnn....how did you adhere the poster to the window so it doesn't fall out?
    Mary :o)

  23. I love that print... totally attracted to anything with birds. Recently shopping with my sister, she was shocked when I stopped at three beautiful plates with birds on them. She said, "Gramma always said you never hang birds in the house!"... That was a new one on me... whats the old superstion that goes with that one, do you know? I still love birds...lamps, figurines, fabric..anything with birds and I love it!

  24. Your pictures are always so over the top, just awesome! I enjoy them all the time. I also drool every time I see what you've posted on The Seed Box! Wow, is all I can say. Hope all is well with you and your family.

    Take care, Sue

  25. It looks like your gargage is a great place to go shopping! You have some great finds! I like how you put the pictures in the window frame. Enjoyed looking at all your photo's :)

  26. Debra,
    Thanks so much for coming to my NTT party...it's always so good to see you here! Looks like you have some really "COOL" things in your garage (thrifty too)! Take care and I hope you have a great week:)


  27. Hi Debra,
    Love all your displays...the window looks amazing!
    Happy day!

  28. Okay, so this rusty white shelf looks so perfect in this corner! What character! Can't get enough of this garden style stuff! Jacqueline

  29. Hi Debra:
    Glad to stop in and say hello today. Looks like you've been a busy gal, too! See you again soon.

  30. Great idea for re-using old windows. I also like the look of making chalkboards out of them. Endless possibilities!

    So glad yo are a big part of WW every week.


  31. Hi Debra...nice to meet you, and thanks for following...following back, and so happy to do so. I see you are having a Garage party!~ Loved your dining room so pretty. I have a party every week you may be interested in....starts on Friday runs til Monday, all about our fun finds over the weekend, thrifting, and garage sales.

  32. Yes, Blogger was out of order here in SE IL too. Love your dining room. It looks wonderful. I could shop my basement. It is full of stuff.
    Have a great week Debra!

  33. I'm thinkin' I would love to go shopping in your garage too Debra!!! That shelf has my name written all over it, don't cha think? I am totally not over your dining room at all. I love it. Ooooh linen on the chairs would be just yummy.

  34. It really DID turn out beautifully, Debra...I don't blame you for being smitten! Shopping your own stuff is great!

  35. Debra,
    Dear sweet Debra... oversite on my dingy self, I thought you were on my side bar and could not find you had to go to one of your comments to find you. Now that I found you I have added you inspiring self to the list of inspiring bloggers:)
    Love your beauties over here and will go take more of it in :)

  36. Hi Debra, how nice to be able to shop in your own garage! That is thriftiness at it's finest! I love you window frame frames. They look great. Thank you for visiting me today and for your lovely comment. xx

  37. Hi Debra,

    What fun to shop your own garage - not only do you clear a few things out, you get to use things in a whole new way! Love that wire cloche!


  38. Okay, I LOVE that plate -- beautiful! And I too had icky blogger problems -- blah!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying "hi"! :)

  39. Love the birdie window! I haven't seen this before. Great job!

  40. Debra - the window with the bird print is wonderful! Love it - but then I'm a bird kinda gal! And I love your ideas! I'm always stopping by - Jennifer jennsthreegraces

  41. I LOVE old windows and bird prints, so the two are a perfect marriage to me...beautiful!
    Happy WW!
    ~ Jo :)

  42. Debra,
    Isn't it great when we have so much cool stuff that we have 'back-up' in the garage? I have a storage unit crammed with stuff & I love to go swap stuff out. It's shopping for free! I love LOVE your iron bakers rack (or whatever it's called), great piece & the dining room is beautiful. BTW, I'm using my crown you gifted me with as a center piece for my display at vendor night with Paper Cowgirls. I love it so much. Lisa

  43. I adore that corn shelf unit, white, rusty my favorite. That wire cloche is the best though I must say. Great whites.

  44. You've got the greatest stuff in your garage, Debra! I'll come shopping, lol!
    The wire cloche is very pretty as well and I also like those ceramic birds.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  45. Oh my Gosh Charlie Brown is RIGHT!! What a beautiful stand to be hiding in the garage. She must feel so much more pretty and appreciated now on display in your gorgeous dining room.
    Love your wire cloche and all the pretties.
    Thanks for showing us all of it, and I do love your window "frame" with the vintage bird print. I think I have one of those....somewhere???? I hate to say it , but I am a little like you when it comes to having some things stashed or placed here or there, and I forget about them/ignore them.....til LATER!! :-) But isn't it fun to get that lightbulb idea and have the stuff there to do it? shopping the house/garage/attic/closet!!!
    Great post - enjoyed my visit!

  46. I shop my attic. LOL Thanks for sharing the fun. ~ Sarah

  47. Debra, I'm still loving seeing your d.r.. It looks beautiful with each little addition you make to it. What a wonderful corner shelf (it is hard to believe it was hiding in your garage!). Love Charlotte under the cloche with her reading material (you're so funny). The window with the bird print is fabulous! How nice to look out the window at birds all of the time! Thank you for linking to Favorite Things. laurie

  48. Oh My! I can't believe I forgot to mention that gorgeous transferware! I love it! And yes, I couldn't blog or leave comments on blogs for a couple of days also. Kind of scares me to realize how crazy it made me to not be able to do that! laurie

  49. Doncha just love shopping in your own garage?! I love your corner iron shelf and the things you have on it. And I love your robin print in your old window. I also love Johnson Bros. Lotta love here~

  50. Gosh I just love your Frame Idea! Looks Fabulous! And Charlotte looks beautiful in her wire cloche!
    Love your new dining room... everything is soo inspiring!
    Lou xx

  51. The corner shelf is tres beautiful! I am visiting today from Where Bloggers Create and have yet to make it back to that page.

    Such a lovely blog, with so much to see!

    At our house, we call it the Home Shopping Network! (That is perusing our attics and garage for treasures.) It's a perfect activity while on Staycation!

    Merci! Genevieve


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