Friday, June 18, 2010

Where Bloggers Create II

The day is finally here.
 One we all have been waiting for.
 A day when we can throw open the door with a big "WELCOME" and say,
 "Come on in. Let me show you around."

When we moved into this house seven years ago, I was fortunate to have some extra space that I could claim for my own office/studio. I wanted some space to read and watch tv on the main level of our home. A quiet spot where I could have a comfy chair, my computer, and my books.

I love to write, read, do Bible Studies,
oh, and let's not forget lots of blogging.
 So this is where I spend a lot of my time.
I have a Bible Study and devotional blog also, "a day in the life",
 stop by for a visit when you have the time.

I found this table last year in really terrible shape
 so I repainted it to match my computer grouping.

I have a space at a local tea room and antique mall where I sell vintage and antiques. I love the white, chippy, and shabby look, so I end up painting a lot of the furniture I find.

I love having my work table here,
 and now I don't know what I did before I found it.

I like to use vintage everyday objects to hold pens,
supplies, and to just enjoy looking at.

If you read my blog, you'll know I'm a "collector". My squirrel and chipmunk collection has yet to make it's debut. They have been residing here for the last few years.

Current magazines, computer paper, notes, and journals
all have a place in some vintage files on my desk.

An old drawer painted robin's egg blue holds necessities
from hand cream to tape and everything in between.

I think it's important to surround ourselves with the small
things in life that bring us joy.

My grandfather had a print shop during the depression,
so I guess I have the "paper gene".
I love ephemera; vintage and new.
And I'm really drawn to vintage graphics.

My oversized chair has been covered in two 40's barkcloth curtain panels.
And an ottoman that holds a tray for reading and a cup of coffee,
but mostly holds a cat.

Yo yo pillow made by my sweet mother-in-law.

This message board is something I wanted to put together
before this party.
I have wanted to do this for several years and finally
had the motivation to accomplish it.

I collect old frames and found this one
that just needed  a coat of white paint and some foam board.

A layer of quilt batting and some natural linen completed it.
A really easy project, now to fill it up with inspiration.

One of my dress forms holds a few of my necklaces.

It's more of a hobby than anything else.
I sell a few at my space at the tea room.
But mostly it's just good therapy.

This pie safe I found a few years ago is a perfect spot
 to keep supplies and projects that I need to reach easily. 

Here's one of my furry assistants.
She's my little shadow.

My mom gave me my first vintage hat,
one she used to wear when she and Dad
dressed for their antique car club outings.
 My dad lovingly restored old cars ranging from the teens to the 40's.

I have a real love for old luggage and have collected
 quite a few pieces over the last few years.

I've found that it's a great place to store art supplies.
These are a few that I have painted white,
that hold old cards and keepsakes.

I have this old trunk for more paper supplies,
lace, bits and pieces, and odds and ends.

This is one of my favorite finds.
An old monogramed "Hartmann" train case,
 now holding old prints and photos.

vintage hatbox

This dress form is one of my recent finds, "My Double".
Wire mesh that takes on your own personal shape.
eecck! I decided against that option.

I enjoy playing with paper collage,
 and made a few of these a while back.
 I just ended up keeping these two.

Another area I enjoy is restoring these old, cardboard prints
from the 40's to the 60's.
This one was scratched and badly marred.
I matched the paint, touched it up, and then resurfaced it.

Now part of a favorite grouping.

Now you know where I spend most of my time.
I've enjoyed showing you around.

Thank you, Karen from My Desert Cottage
for throwing this wonderful party!

I also want to invite you to enter my

1 Year Blog Anniversary Give Away
Carolyn Westbrook's new book

"The French Inspired Home".

Click here to enter

Now, I'm off to visit all of you!
Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. What a beautiful space, Debra. It is full of your favorite things, a good reading chair, your kitties...who wouldn't want to spend time there? It really reflects your love of vintage.


  2. You have such a pretty place for everything, and I love your chipmunk collection!!

  3. Debra,
    Your creative space is so beautiful! I love that it is filled with all your special treasures and collections! The squirrels are just adorable.:)

  4. Oh girl...I'm so glad I stopped in. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your space! What a JOY it must be for your to create in such a beautiful room.

    I can see your LOVE for the Lord in the pictures you have shared. Beautiful my friend. Beautiful.

    I hope I win your giveaway. Boo Hoo! I never win but that's OK. You are sooo generous.

    Love to you~


  5. Her girl!
    I love your room!
    It looks so comfy and cozy!
    The keys you make are so darling!
    What a great idea!

    Hope you are doing well,
    Love ya bunches,

  6. Hello Debra... your special spot is lovely, just like you! I adore all of your vintage luggage, and I fell in LOVE with your squirrel and chipmunk collection! I have a little real squirrel on my sidebar as my blog "spokesperson" tee hee hee! Your bird prints are beautiful, and I also love your dressforms... thanks for sharing such a pretty place where you create... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. Hi Debra,
    I have really enjoyed seeing your private place where you create and enjoy life. It's warm and cozy with all the vintage pieces and collections. It's definitely YOU! It tell me so much about you and what's behind the pretty smiling photo that I see whenever I visit you.

    You are unique, special and have a heart as big as the sky. I'm so glad you are my friend. Thanks for letting me see the things you love.


  8. Debra,

    Looks like we both are early birds! Oh how I wish I had your space, mine is barely larger than a closet. What wonderful collections and special mementos you have surrounding you.

    Won't these next few days be fun hopping everywhere?

    Remember Karen asked us to turn off word verification to speed things up. We have over 500 to visit! When I saw the end of your post I realized I forgot to post her button again, oops, so I must remedy that pronto!


  9. Hi Debra
    What a beautiful space you have!!! And so tidy... Mine looks manic ha... wonder where that comes from! Love your dress forms and that train case is wonderful!!!!
    Wish I had that comfy chair too... but I wouldn't get a thing done then!
    Many blessings to you my friend your studio is lovely just as you are.

  10. Hello Debra, what a fun space you have made for yourself my friend...I just loved seeing this and all your wonderful things that you have surrounded yourself with...Just wonderful girl...Hope you have a GREAT weekend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  11. Wonderful place, Debra, I am jealous :)

  12. Oh your space and treasures are just amazing! I love them all! So many great cases!! I really enjoyed my visit!
    Hugs, Lisa

  13. Hi Debra! Oh, I just adore your creative space!! Love the bright colors on the wall! Love how you've pulled everything together with paint. What pretty little treasures you have!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. I see so many wonderful spaces and so much to play with. I wish I had a day to go thru all your beautiful things. I also would love to spend some time in your gorgeous over stuffed chair, Char

  15. i KNEW your studio would be good!! love it! especially the little critters you have "squirreled" away! you are quite the collector, but you also know how to put it all together! :0)
    have a good weekend!

  16. Debra,
    BIG Grin on my face! Love your creative space! Most especially the Vintage luggage (see my post) and the Vintage hats!

    Now that the "Squirrels are out of the Bag" I'm going to be looking for something fun to send you!!!

    Hugs and love and thanks SO much for your encouragement and support in entering this Studio isn't perfect,,,,but it's ME! Stop by when you have time!~!

    Love and hugs,

  17. Hi Debra, such a lovely studio. It is filled with such delightful things to gaze upon...I know you love working in there. Thanks for sharing and making me smile.

    Barb ♥

  18. THis is such a beautiful space Debra! Love that Hartmann case and all the little details that make it special!
    Bon week-end,

  19. Debra, you are so organized. Do you use the luggage for storage too? Your space is beautiful. What a pleasure it must be to work in it. sandi

  20. Wowee, what a sweet retreat!!!
    You would laugh if you saw my "office,"
    which is a closet kitted out with a
    tiny counter and book shelves.
    I don't even know where to start
    with yours, it is so gorgeous ~
    so YOU, which is what makes it very
    special. Thanks for the peek!
    xx Suzanne

  21. It was a joy to stop by your joy filled space. I adore those cat prints. It's no wonder you are so creative!


  22. very pretty and cozy debra. bet you spend hours in there.



  23. In my mind, a kitty is required in any truly creative enviroment. Yours is beautiful and inspirational space, thank you for the tour.

  24. Debra what a great space. There is a piece of jewelry I would love to purchase, could you please contact me at Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!

  25. Hi Debra:
    Thanks for sharing your creative space, and your inspiration! Blessings, my friend.

  26. You have a wonderful space to create and so many beautiful things!! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Ohhh Debra what a beautiful creative space and haven... Everything is just gorgeous as I knew it would be...:) I can see why you love to spend time in there...
    Love Lou xx

  28. Debra you have a beautiful room! It's very peaceful and the chair looks oh so inviting! I'm especially fond of all the religious art work! Thanks for the tour!

  29. What a charming spot to just hang out. if you need a real visitor... i could volunteer :)

    Enjoy this great weekend.

    Stop by and entry my give way-- just entered yours as well and became a follower :)


  30. Such a lovely work area and I love all of your collections!

  31. What a great space! Love the painted suitcases. I might have to borrow that idea!

  32. What a fabulous creative space! It's so pretty!
    Queen Bee Studio

  33. Hi Debra....

    DREAMY! I love your cozy space.

    Warm huggies,

  34. Wow so there were some party goers already as I can see from your many comments! Maybe I'm just to late like so often *Sigh*
    Nice to meet you here at the party and in your studio Debra. I'm Carola from Boxwood Cottage in Nothern Germany. You have some nice vintage things and my favorite photo of them all is Number 1 - so stunning and I have such a thing for clock faces and collect them.
    Sending you happy party wishes!

  35. Hi Debra,
    This was a wonderfull tour throug your special room ,so full of lovely and beautifull things, all is fantastic, but to pint a few things out, I so love your dress form with jewelery, and tha hat from your mom.
    Thanks for a lovely visit.

  36. WOW! I am oooohhhh and ahhhhhhing all over the place! I will be going back up and zooming in on each photo. I could only dream of such a space:) Have a blessed day my friend and thanks for letting me in for a tour of your creative space! HUGS!

  37. Love your work space, and that comfy chair!

  38. Debra, this is an absolutely beautiful space! It just pulls me in!

  39. Hi Debra, let me first tell you my dream last nite. Instead of visiting everyone's creative space through blogland, I was actually doing it in person, and guess what, you were one of my first stops and you were showing me around. Ha! Is that not a hoot. I think your blog is one of the last ones I was on last nite so you must have been stuck in my head. So funny! I just adore your space. But I most love that old drawer filled with goodies. What a fabulous idea. People throw away everything these days when there are so many uses for it all ... you don't even need the whole of its parts for it to be functional. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Best wishes, Tammy

  40. Debra-
    Your special place is amazing. Everywhere you look must be a treat for your eye.
    My favorite spot is that big cozy chair.
    I could take a great nap there!

    Can I buy one of your necklaces???

    OK lady- how much???


  41. Just beautiful Debra! I love the old suitcases and trunks! This room is so you ~ thanks for sharing!

  42. Debra,
    Girl, it's more amazing that I dreamed it would be. I would've made notes as I was reading so I could comment on each thing that made me drool. First off, that little cream satin coin purse on the plate....I think you still have my addy from when I won the crown. You can just pop that baby in the mail, K? Then your inspiration board that you just made, LOVE IT. As you saw, I'm a suitcase hound myself, your stack of white ones makes me very jealous. LOL The jeweled keys on the sheet music, beautiful! And the wonderful necklaces you create on the dress form took my breath away. Great tour! I gotta go back & look some more. Lisa
    BTW, did you see my crown? I forgot to credit you. Gonna go edit it.

  43. Dear Debra! I am so pleased to have YOU be the one to inaugurate my comments! Thanks so much for taking a peek. I don't know about "mysterious" :), but (I know, I know), I do have an out-of-mainstream space. But I can see we do both enjoy collage! The best thing about this fun party is getting to see your faraway friends in their own lair. I love all the whites in your space, and the many interesting and appealing objects and elements. I would have no trouble nesting there! But the thing that strikes me the most is that chair! I'm never relaxed in my workspace--(that's not a bad thing)--but your space feels so inviting and therapeutic the way a good therapist's office would. No surprise there! Thanks for the peek around your room and for taking time to visit! xo Jacqueline

  44. What a wonderful and cozy space you have created! I love it! Love the squirrels!

  45. Debra, your space is just as lovely and charming as I thought it would be. Thank you so much for the tour. Enjoy your day! Twyla

  46. What an incredible studio you have created for yourself. I also believe in surrounding yourself with what makes you happy! That is why my studio has no room for supplies, ha ha. I must find some old suitcases to store supplies in. What a fabulous idea.

  47. What a great creative space. Love your chipmunk collection, too! So, enjoyed my visit with you. Enjoy the rest of the party.

  48. It's so gorgeous! I see so much that I love and covet!

    I want your mani head! You've been holding out on me!

    Thanks for sharing my house excitement last night. :-)


  49. Debra, I love where you create. Such lovely things to surround yourself with. I can imagine sitting in the chair having coffee with you. I love the fabric on the chair. The double is darling too. So much to look at. Thanks for sharing your special space.

  50. Debra, I adore your creative space, from the special hat and Hartmann train case, to your marvelous creations. All so beautiful and inspiring. I am especially fond of your religious board prints that you have restored beautifully. Thank you for sharing both of your inspirational blogs, and your talent for decorating! ~ Angela

  51. Debra,
    What a beautiful creative space. So many wonderful things! I love old suitcases too and really like all the ones you pictured. Such a gorgeous place, thanks for the tour!

  52. I really enjoyed seeing your creative space, it's just lovely. I LOVE your painted suitcases. I don't think I'll pass up another suitcase just because of its ugly brown color. Thanks for reminding me that you can paint almost anything and make it special!

  53. Awesome space! Loved the key necklaces. And the vintage luggage and hatbox. and the religious pics. and.....everything! tfs

  54. Your space is stunning! I love all of the vintage treasures sprinkled through out!

  55. Your space is such a beautiful many things to drool over, sorry, I should have put a bib on!!!! Oh my, such inspiration! Love it!!!
    Margaret B

  56. What a wonderful space you have created! I love all of your old suitcases. I just started collecting them! What fun! And that yummy comfy chair. I could spend hours there!

  57. Hi Debra,
    I am sooooo! jealous of your creative space, what a space to create in, so many inspiring things to be inspired by...

    I am just going away for a couple of days and wanted to make everyone laugh over it. It was not even my HOME! did you smile and a little chuckle?

  58. Wow Debra,

    I knew this tour was going to be fantastic and you did not disapoint!

    just beautiful...


  59. You had me from the fist picture! Debra, you have a ovely room filled with many wonderful things! I don't know where to start so I will just say Thank you! I'm so glad you joined the party. It would not have been the same without you!
    My Desert Cottage

  60. I like! Especially the grouping of Jesus images. This looks like a restful and inspiring place.

  61. You have a wonderful space. I just love that pie safe, that is so up my alley. Thanks so much for the wonderful tour.

  62. Debra, your room to create is just beautiful. If it were mine, I wouldn't ever want to leave it. Hope you have a great weekend, T

  63. Hi Debra,
    What a lot of beautiful inspiration you've shared here for us today. I especially love your sentimental items, the hat, the kitty, the clock face, the Hartman train case... well, guess I love it all actually! Oooh, the religious prints are fantastic too, can't forget those. It was a joy to see your creative space. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the party!

  64. I would have picked the wire mannequin you did as well, instead of "my double" ;)

  65. OMGosh ~ your space is heaven! So lovely, so cozy, so beautiful, there's no other word for it! thanks for sharing!


  66. Sooooooo beautiful and put together!!
    LOVE IT!!!

  67. Debra, I love your beautiful and creative space. You have such adorable treasures, and I especially those vintage kitty pictures, their so sweet!!! Blessings~~~Daphne

  68. Lovely space and the images are so sweet and peaceful!THANKS!!

  69. Debra, Your space is amazing! What a creative and beautiful space to enjoy every day. I love that you have surrounded yourself with things you love and have meaning to you.
    xo, Sherry

  70. I just want to tell you how very lovely your studio is. A beautiful place to create. It looks like a lovely boutique where I could spend many hours just admiring the beauty. What a lucky girl you are to have such a beautiful creative space.

    I adore the squirrel collection :-)

  71. Your place is just as lovely and special as I imagined it to be. And I like your furry assistant! :D I have two of those myself!


  72. I love the sweet peaceful feeling of your space, plus all the lovely treasures placed here and there.
    Best wishes,

  73. Oh Debra! What a wonderful, cozy, happy place to create and do Bible Study!! I just loved all the pretties and collections that inspire you..(and inspired me!) Beautiful studio!

  74. Hi Debra, I can see why you love this space so much. Such a wonderful place to spend the day. You are blessed! xo Hope you can visit my little space too.

  75. Oh goodness Debra, I am in my element here at your place. It is beautiful! You won't mind if I stick around and try on a few crowns do you? Then maybe a couple of these gorgeous necklaces you make, and sink into that pretty chair and play 'Queen for a Day'. This is so you and so beautiful.

  76. Really beautiful creative space Debra - love all your collections and treasures & your squirrel and chipmunk collection is adorable!

  77. Full of light, beauty, a little whimsy, and you! It's wonderful, Debra!

  78. Your space is beautiful. I love all the vintage in there. Also love your pie safe -I have something similar in my space. Your ephemera is wonderful. I'd love to be in your space-I can see why you enjoy being in there.

  79. What an amazing space you have created! You have inspired me to add to my own crafting area.

    I adore all of your storage solutions.

  80. What a beautiful space to work in Debra. Isn't it fun to be surrounded by things you love. Good job on the message board. It turned out great!

    Take care,


  81. Wow! You have been busy. What a debut of your creative space. You are inspiring.

    I haven't posted a blog since April and after a sweet blogger noticed I tried three times and got a Error 400 to come up. Now, if anybody out there has any suggestions please let me know.

  82. Debra, Debra! Now that is what I call a perfect place to hang a hat! What a special place to write, read, create and do all the things you love to do! I could feel the warmth, you must feel joyous when you spend time there...awesome.


  83. love your room and all the antiques~

  84. I really enjoy this kind of post. (Makes me wonder though how big that room IS?!) You've certainly utilized every bit of the space. I've noted several ways I could organize MY space better. Thanks for this great look into your personal space.

  85. Oh, wow Deb! Your space is so looks as warm and inviting as you are! Thanks for stopping by my studio, for your sweet comment and for letting us take a peek at your heavenly retreat!

  86. Deb, you have such beautiful groupings, especially the one of our Lord. I also love your painted white suitecases they are a grand idea. Thank you for sharing.


  87. Oh, Yea and have been inspired to follow you.


  88. Debra,
    so love all your light and airy work space.
    I'm lovin' how you are using delightful items to store and display your treasures.
    And certainly some beautiful creations have come from there.

    love and blessings

    barbara jean

  89. Debra, what a wonderfully inspirational place! I so enjoyed the looksee! Also, I spy a fabulous Hartmann train case!

  90. Wow, this is incredible. I love every inch of your studio. And I really love the keys. They are so inspirational. Of course I also love the trunks and mannequins, too. Thanks for sharing your lovely space.

  91. Wow! I love your space and you have given me so many wonderful ideas. Thank you! I am now following your blog. We have a lot in common. Hope you will pay me a visit! R...

  92. What a Grand space you have there. I love it all. Be blessed. Cindy

  93. Debra - it's GORGEOUS!!! So peaceful and yet energizing at the same time! I know - makes no sense, but...

    I could be your dress for that you can hang the necklaces around... I would display them with pride. hee-hee

    SO beautiful - all of your collections and gorgeous goodies all around!!!

    :-D xoxo

  94. Hi Debra. You have such great style! It's gorgeous - like everything you do. Hope you have a sweet Monday.

    Blessings... Polly

  95. No matter where you look there is a treasure. Truely a delight for the eyes.

  96. I love your space and your storage ideas! The squirrel and chipmunk collection is wonderful! I would love to see everything up close! Just beautiful! Visit me soon! ♥

  97. Great space and wonderful storage. I love the pie safe, the vintage train case and the painted luggage, what a great idea.

  98. Everything is beautiful!!! I have some of my grandmother's vintage hats; they are a great keepsake. I just purchased the larger pic of the lady and girl in your paper collage at an estate sale this weekend. Check it out at my blog if you have time; it's really cool. It is such a pretty pic.
    Love your blog, your Bible studies and everything you do. Thanks for helping and encouraging other women!
    ~ Julie

  99. Have you really only been blogging for a year!? I feel as though I've 'known' you that long! Wow! You have certainly made a comfortable niche for yourself, both in the blog world, and in your studio! Good job! I love your workspace! Everything is so pretty . . . but really, that's exactly what I would have expected from you, knowing your penchant for all things beautiful! :) It was a lovely tour! Thank you!
    ~ Debbi

  100. I have an award for you on my blog.

  101. Hi Debra,
    I knew your creative space would be beautiful. I have enjoyed the tour and loved seeing all of your awesome treasure. Thanks for sharing.

  102. Debra,

    Your lovely spaces take my breath away. You have such a keen eye for decorating...Wow! All of your rooms are places I would LOVE to spend time! So comforting and pretty. And I love the Lord too!!! :o)

  103. Debra, your CrEaTiVe space is beautiful, I looove how it has the warm cottage feel, it's organized as well as full of your beloved collectables and it all goes together perfectly! (another) Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  104. Your studio is incredible Debra! And I'm digging the new wall color. Also digging your vintage religious prints! I have a huge collection that takes up a whole wall on my staircase...I need to feature it in a blog post soon.

  105. That chair in your studio is so inviting, I'm afraid I would just sit and not get anything done. I looked at your new post and I do like the new color. I am going back through the pictures to see what I missed before I leave.

  106. Debra, what a gorgeous space to create in! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely space with us!

    Just a quick reminder ~ the WEDDING BLOG PARTY is coming up this Friday, June 25th! Hope to see you there! It just wouldn't be a party without you! :0)

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  107. Hi Debra ~ I just came from Your W.W. Post.... What a difference the Creamy Walls make ~ Now I do Love the Gold Walls, but I think the Softer tone does have a Calmer Feeling..... I am still hit all the Creative Studio Posts, I had camera trouble & had to wait till the new cord came yesterday to Finally Load My Studio Pics (stop by if you get a chance) Your Studio is Beautiful ~ Cream or Gold.... can't believe you turned it around & painted in such a short time (I Hate to paint, so it would have taken me Forever!)

  108. I just love your space and your love for all things vintage and antique, what a lovely bunch of pictures you have, you have a beautiful and inspirational blog! Thanks for sharing. XOXO Blessings

  109. Thank you for the wonderful tour of your great space. I love the oversized comfy chair and all the vintage goodies you have around. thanks for sharing. Angela

  110. Oh my goodness....just stunning and such an inspiring space! Thanks for the tour!!

    xo Molly

  111. Debra - It's perfect! So many wonderful vignettes! new follower here.

  112. You have such wonderful things in your beautiful creative space; it speaks volumes of what you love and what you like to create. By the way, I absolutely love what you did to the vintage keys.
    I definitely loved the tour, thanks for sharing.

  113. Hi Debra.....I just am in awe of all your beautiful stuff you have in your creative space! It is just so serene and nostalgic - all the things I love! I love your new paint color too! Thanks for sharing your space with all of us....

  114. Am I late or what???
    ok...I'm saving the best for last! :)
    Girl, your studio is fabulous. Please come over and make mine look like that. Please?
    Plus...your TWO dress forms can teach Sophie some manners and all will be fine afterwards :)

  115. Oh, how I wish I could visit your studio in person. I could look around for hours. I love your dress form and vintage suitcases. And no studio is complete without a cat!

    Thank you for sharing your creative space with us. Have a wonderful Wednesday. ~Natalie

  116. Hi Debra. Your space is very inviting. I can see why you spend so much time there. I have to tell you I love your botanical door (yes, I have been looking around), what a treasure you have in that book, and using the door to display some of them is so cool.
    Gail - Big Horn Mountain Creations

  117. There are so many things to admire in your creative space. I especially like your wonderful door and also the lady hat stand. Gorgeous pieces! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful space.

  118. Im still working down the list of everyone that took part in the party, and Im so glad I got yours today. Not only do I love your space, but your blog is wonderful. The pictures are really beautiful. You really have a wonderful space for creating and relaxing, love the light in it.

  119. Oh great squirrel goodness! Look at all of those squirrels!!! LOVE it!


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