Thursday, April 8, 2010

Show and Tell Friday: Enchanted Gardens

Over the Christmas holidays I was introduced
to the miniature world of Enchanted Gardens.
 I was reminded of being newly married and
being mesmerized with constructing terrariums.

At that time a large antique glass bottle
 was my playground filled with small plants,
 rocks, and nature's tiny objects.

 My older daughter who has always
 loved miniatures of any kind; dollhouses, toys,
 ephemera, etc. found these at one of our favorite shops
 and proceeded to build herself
 a tiny paradise in a clay pot.

Me too, me too, I thought,
 I'd have some fun in those cold and dreary days of winter.

Angel vine is my plant of choice of late,
so angel vine it was.
A wire bench, clay pots, tiny watering can,
 birdhouse, and an urn.
They all came home with me.

Let us not forget the trellis which
completes itself with a fairy size chandelier.

Within days I had seen an article
in one of my favorite magazines,
"Midwest Living", that added to my inspiration.
So my clay pot found a home
 in one of my metal lunchboxes;
this one in a hexagonal design.

It's found a home in my kitchen,
out of the way of the gray fur babies reach.

(next two photos courtesy
Midwest Living Magazine,
 January/February issue.)

My friend Debra Moore,
who owns Inspirational Home, here in Springfield,
 carries an extensive line of Fairy Garden elements. even includes the fairies.

I'm linking up with Inspirational Home's Shop Blog
so that you can see all the fun over there!

And if you haven't entered my
 Royal Treatment GiveAway,
there's still time!
to join in the fun.

Today, I'm participating with Cindy from
 My Romantic Home

And I'm also linking with Laurie for her

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Yard work and some flowers are on my agenda!


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