Monday, March 29, 2010

The Royal Treatment Give Away

You may be thinking,

"Didn't she just have a give-away?"

Well, yes, I did.

But I'm going to start doing smaller ones frequently
so I can share some wonderful finds and talent.


Last year I fell in love with these
oh so sweet, handmade,
and I wanted to share one with you.
Just 'cause I love you all so much!

I thought you might enjoy having
The Royal Treatment.

With one of my favorite crowns,
adorned with vintage bling,
 pearls, and some glitz.

Here I have it on a candle holder as a candle cloche.
I've used mine in so many vignettes for every season.

The give away includes Italian note cards,

and my favorite Gardenia goat's milk soap

This is my sweet friend Kenda,
the gal behind the crowns

And these are from her lovely space
The French Rose
at Leola's in Ozark.

Kenda creates her crowns
in pink, blue, gold and silver,
each with her signature
 vintage jewelry bling.

So if you are ever in Southwest Missouri
be sure to stop by and say Hello.

I'm so excited to share this
 Give Away with all of you!
So leave a comment on this post,
 join as a follower if you haven't yet,
and for extra entries,
 grab the Give-Away button,
then let me know if you post on your blog
 about the Give Away.

And as a Bonus,
 I'll be having a second special giveaway
for my lovely friends...
who have me on their blog rolls.

Just let me know so I can enter you.
April 15 is the deadline.

Have a wonderful Easter Week.

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