Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blog World's Longest Running Give Away

Do I have your attention?

OK, well it might not be the world's longest, but I can tell you it will be one of the best!!   My  BBBFF, (best bloggy bud friend forevah)

Anne from  Fiona and Twig 

is having an awesome giveaway. Am I the only person that loves the word "Awesome"?

OK, it's a FABULOUS Give Away
that's been in the works for awhile!

Anne is hobnobing with all the beautiful people at Warrenton this week and I'm stuck in the Midwest with the "I can't help it's". That's my term for whining and fussing because I'm not down there, too. She's been a fabulous friend because she gets me on the phone and then shoves it in someone's face and says "here's my poor friend, she's sad cause she's not here, so tell her Hi". So far it's worked great because I've gotten to talk to Sweet T, the Trash Diva, TOT, and Thee Mindy and her sidekick. I almost got to talk to RNC but I was in the bathroom and couldn't make it to the phone. waaah, waaah.

Now, If you've not signed up, all you have to do is go over to Anne's blog and join as a follower. That's it.

 And if you don't know Anne,

(OK, I couldn't resist, this was when she was 3)

then you're missing out on one of the funniest, sweetest, prettiest, and most talented people out here in the Blogosphere!

Anne is collecting an array of vintage surprises on her trip, so along with French ephemera, linens, and anything and everything that she may accumulate, I can tell you it will be one AWESOME Giveaway!

She'll be home in a couple of days so surprise her, and then the rest of the blog world can sign on.

Now, a shameless plug for me...
Come back tomorrow
because I'm starting a give away
that will jewel and bedazzle you.
 I've been excited to get it started, so...
see ya tomorrow!

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