Wednesday, December 9, 2009

White Wednesday, Little White Christmas Churches

There is just something so serene and peaceful about a country church. From my childhood drives with my family I can remember the small clapboard structures with the towering steeples. And when the snow dusted their rooftops they became magically beautiful; a place where one could slip inside, sit quietly in a back pew, and marvel at the sunlight streaming through the stained glass windows.
Here are a few of my small Christmas churches that I've been collecting for the last several years. These next few are found in my "Holiday Cupboard", which I showed this last Monday.

These next few are on a tray on my coffee table downstairs.
Mostly metal votive holders.

This one is bisque.

These next few photos are newer larger lighted ones,
 with small interior bulbs.
I love how they look at night all aglow.

And this one in my Dining Room was a gift
 from my daughter Erin a few years ago.
We found it at the Seed Box when they had their store in Ozark.
Even though it's not technically "white", I wanted to share it.

Hope you're having a blissful week.
Many of you are getting snow.
 Maybe we will all have a White Christmas!

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Happy White Wednesday,

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