Saturday, December 26, 2009

What we did the day after Christmas...or "my feet are killing me"!

We still have the St. Louis crew here, so this is just a short post before we run out to have dinner, but I wanted to share this "oh so cute" photo of both of my sweetie pies in their aprons they received for Christmas. My sister enlisted the help from her son's girlfriend who is a great little seamstress to make aprons for my girls for Christmas. Erin and Keith entertain regularly so she will use it alot. Aly's pretty busy, so she will just admire hers, but I thought they were just the cutest, and even better they're reversible!

Erin and Alyson

gratuitous cat photo

We had a wonderful Christmas, and today like a bunch of dummies we went to the mall.(we did sleep in though...we not totally crazy!) It was "freeze your patootie off" cold, but we shopped until we literally couldn't get anything else in the trunk. Oh how I love my girlies, and we always have so much darn fun.

New RL boots that we all three just had to have.

The guys spent the day at Bass Pro and Best Buy. Springfield is the "Home" of Bass Pro, so it has a monster store which takes up two blocks. It's tons of fun, though, but you really have to have on your walking shoes.

OK, we're off to have Greek food,
 hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh Debra sweetie...
    I love this post. It is so precious. The girls look so fab in their aprons. I love them, and then they are reversible? Where is yours, that is what I want to know. I would've had to get one for myself to match. They look precious.

    Lovin the boots, and oh my gosh Bass Daddy would be in such heaven over that. He loves Bass Pro and the small town they live in, he orders everything through the mail. Has no desire to have a computer at all. How fun that would be to take him to a place like that. I got him a Bass Pro gift card for Christmas so that he could order some things he would like to have.

    The best pic of all is the cat in the package wrapping. I love it. Such a beautiful colored coat he/she has. Love it. Thanks for sharing this evening.

    Thank you for sharing 2009 with me. I look forward to the fun in 2010.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  2. What a beautiful family! I am so envious of women with daughters! You get to shop and give them aprons! Sigh. :)

  3. Debra~~~

    Your daughters are so pretty and the aprons looks cute!! That is a popular pattern right now!! I love that Aly will just 'admire hers'! lol!!

    Glad you hit the sales. I like those boots too! That is a comfortable heel! And my husband loves Bass Pro shop...I do too, I get my fishing poles there!!


  4. Your girls are so gorgeous!
    LOVE those boots, is "RL" short for Ralph Lauren? Those'll look hot on you, with the extra added bonus of boosting ya up to an even 5 feet tall. ;-)

    Enjoy your Greek feast, yummmm!


  5. Hey Debra! Beautiful pictures and beautiful new memories. It can't get much better than that. Your daughts are beautiful and I can see they look so much like you. Love the boots and the aprons are so cute.

    Love, Tracy :)

  6. Such pretty young ladies. And what cute aprons. I'll bet it was great shopping with the girls. Love the boots. Rosie

  7. Your daughters are beautiful and those aprons are adorable. Sounds like your entertaining and celebrating continues. Enjoy! Blessings :) Tammy

  8. Your daughters are simply stunning!!!

    Those aprons are too adorable.
    I am trying to catch my drool over here while gawking at those boots!!!.....*Swoon*

    I'm glad you had a Merry Christmas

  9. Glad you had fun!!
    Lovely family!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  10. Hello Debra, your daughters are beautiful. Those aprons are wonderful and they are reversible too! I can see that the girls look a lot like you, how sweet. Have a Healthy New Year. God Bless, sandi

  11. Your girls look SO MUCH like you! Beautiful pictures!

  12. Howdy Debra,

    What a great family...

    Bott look warm and comfortable... RL is my favorite... yep.

    I am excited to see what this upcoming year will bring.

    God bless all,

  13. The boots look great. Hubby got me a new black pair for Christmas. But they are meant for snowmobile riding and tracking through the woods. To say the least quite a bit different than what you came home with. Daughters and aprons are beautiful.

  14. The aprons are adorable - but I need the kind that have a bib attached! I'm one of the few who really does still use an apron in the kitchen!

    Sounds like you had lots of fun!

    Choosing JOY, Stephanie

  15. What a beautiful family! Darling aprons...and boots. Sounds like so much fun ~ Angela

  16. Y'all could pass for triplets...those eyes!
    Love the boots and I could have used a pair of those this past Warrenton with all the rain.
    What a cute way to keep your girls tied to your apron strings! it!

  17. Debra your girls are just gorgeous! And their guys are pretty cute too! I'm sure that you guys all have a blast together. Aren't daughters the best friends a mother could ever have?!

  18. Hello Debra,
    Your daughters are gorgeous and the sons-in-law are pretty cute too! Love the aprons and those boots are made for walking. My boys (husband and son) would literally drool over that Bass Store! Happy New Year! Carla

  19. Pretty girls- just like their mother.
    It looks like you are having a great Christmas week.

    Let's talk soon-


  20. i am so glad you had a wonderful christmas! i love the boots! where did you find them?


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