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It's a long story about how we found the house we live in now. It was right after my heart bypass surgery six years ago. We knew we were going to be moving. (anyone else get these gut feelings?) And we had been looking at houses for a year. We were waiting for God's perfect timing but I was worn out with it. Then the heart attacks happened and at the most "unlikely" time in my life I was faced with a monumental move.
I couldn't lift boxes. Had been in the hospital for a week with pericarditis, an inflammation of the lining of the heart pericardium. Generally speaking I was like, "God, you have to be kidding!" But no, He wasn't. Everything happened, and my husband and  I felt like we were on a "ride". It was going to happen no matter what.

Our Living Room really is just called "the Sanctuary", because it is a place that you can really feel the Presence of God. I try to keep it a place to come and rest and read. Because of that, whatever I do in here needs to be glorifying to Him. Lee left me a wonderful compliment on my last post. And it is true, He is honored in this place.

This clock and chair were an anniversary gift
from my husband right before we moved.

This is an old armoire that we had stripped and I refinished. We bought it the third year of our marriage. It's like a Chinese puzzle box, It breaks down into about 10 pieces. It holds a small television and a CD player and stereo. I love to listen to music in here, and because it is central to the house you can hear it in every room.

The above photo is a more true idea of the color of the walls. In some photos they look gold, but they are a custom khaki color, my favorite, by Benjamin Moore.

I love this pair of jacquard sofas. They are so comfortable you could sit there for hours. The shape and layout of this room calls for symmetry and balance. It has windows on three sides with an entrance to the sunroom and kitchen.

Photos of the girls and their weddings.

As you can see, I like to "layer" things,
To me it adds depth, richness, and personality.

This Christmas I did something totally different. I used browns, creams, silver and gold. The faux hydrangeas are found in several places here, and in the Entry and Dining Room.

I had decorated everything when I found this vintage "foil" portrait of Jesus. It truly was a "gift" this year, as it personified exactly what I was doing.

Below is our 2009 Christmas Card.

Our Christmas tree in the daylight...

And at night.

I put it in my black goat cart to give it more height.

Bar area where I keep a lot of my vintage silver.

View to the Entry

Metal Crucifix that I found this last summer
 at the flea market.

Back to the Entry. The Dining Room is on the left.

I've had several people ask to show
complete views of the rooms.

(Anne, the vacuum shot is coming.)

Sometimes I forget that I concentrate mostly on vignettes. Hope you enjoyed the visit to my house, I'd love to have you all here in person!

I still have a few more areas
to share downstairs.

Hope you are having a wonderful week
in preparation for Christmas Day.

Blessings from my home to yours,


  1. Debra, thank you! I love your home and it is as beautiful as I knew it would be. Your ceiling reminds me of the ceiling in the church we used to attend. Calling that room the Sanctuary is just perfect.

    I'll be studying these pictures for some ideas. I love how you incorporate vintage items into your home. I've always thought that mixing old and new is so pretty but haven't ever done it well. You'll be my teacher.

  2. What a beautiful sanctuary, indeed, Debra! It looks so peaceful and comforting, filled with light and gorgeous furnishings that you can sink into. Thanks for sharing it with us!


  3. Thank you for the tour of your peaceful and beautiful home. It truly represents "peace" and "sanctuary" through the carefully and lovingly placed details.

  4. Very lovely. Isn't it just like God to create a "Bethel" Meeting place for us right in our own home. So inviting Debra, thank you for sharing your home with us.
    Blessings, GG

  5. Debra,
    I was looking at my friends list and saw the Sanctuary picture and realized I just left comments on both your blogs and you're already at it again, at first glance it looked as if you had visited the largest Southern Baptist church I grew up in, here in Texas. I didn't have my glasses on by I knew those were 20 mile high cathedral ceilings, looks like to me both you and Jermaine got a huge slice of heaven right here on earth, did you see her post today, not quite the pearly gates, but they would do until then.
    Your home is decorated with His presence. I am glad to bless someone such as yourself with truthful compliments. God has blessed you Debra and you have blessed others.
    Lovely home from every angle, perfect furnishings, and art, it is tastefully done and reflects a heart of worship.
    Now sit still woman, I have stuff to attent to. LOL

  6. i love your sanctuary!! just are very blessed indeed. i love the cross hanging over the mirror. yes, i understand that "gut" feeling. i want to move to a better house for entertaining, but of course in this bleak economy it's probably not good timing. but who knows when it will change?! my hubby had quadruple bi-pass 3 years ago, so you are both members of the "zipper club". glad you are better.........

  7. What a lovely home you have created. The room is fabulous to begin with, but you truly have created a sanctuary. What a special room that must be! I love your goat cart, wish I had one, a great uncle used to go peddle his goat milk in a goat cart, so a cart like yours would have extra meaning. Love your clock and the chair. What thoughtful anniversary presents!

  8. OH MY Goodness, Gorgeous doesn't even come close. I love your house and I would love to come visit. I need to get a motorhome and just start driving around:) My favorite is the red chair and clock, of the two... the red chair! LOVE it and it would look good in my bedroom, it is red and gold! Have a blessed day dear friend and can't wait to see more!!!!

  9. What a lovely home you have - decked up right! Jesus is the reason for the season - and your decor is very tastefully done! Thanks for sharing these photos with us.

  10. Debra,
    Your home is so beautiful! It is just as I would have imagined your home being...warm and welcoming.
    It's so wonderful to know that God had the perfect home for you, at His perfect time!
    Thanks for the tour!

  11. What a beautiful home you have! Thanks for sharing your photos!

  12. What a beautiful room! A sanctuary indeed, very peaceful and uplifting! I'm glad you visited me today so I could find your blog! Thank you! ~ Angela

  13. OH my. Debra, your home is beautiful. The sanctuary is amazing. Such a comfortable place. Thank you for sharing. By the way, I still don't see the vacuum, though I may see the cord. ha! ~Mindy

  14. Oh my, our home is gorgeous!! That clock is an amazing piece and the way you have everything arranged looks so rich Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  15. Debra, sanctuary is the perfect word to describe this beautiful room. Such peace and calm. I can tell everything has been chosen with care. It is all so lovely. Just like the woman who created it. And even though it came to you at at rough time in your life, it was God's time. He gives us the blessing when He knows, not when we think. I'm so glad you shared.

  16. Debra... your home is so warm and inviting. I love your eye for decor. Love, love your special room. That sofa looks like you could curl up and read a book very easily in it! thank you for the tour!!

  17. Well I certainly plan on seeing all this grandeur in person! I promise I won't sneak up on y'all!

    I love those sofas and that stunning clock!

    LOL, I must be tired, because at first glance I asked myself "Why on earth did she put her Christmas tree in a go-cart???"

    As far as the vacuum shot goes, you show me yours and I'll show ya mine! ;-)

    Much love to ya!

  18. Your home is just beautiful, I love the tree in the black goat cart! Everything looks wonderful, your anniversary clock is fabulous! I swear my house never looks so put together so vignettes work for me!!! Merry Christmas! ~ Theresa

  19. Debra your home is beautiful and your tree in the wagon....GORGEOUS! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Have a blessed day!


  20. I don't even have anything funny to say here... your house has just stolen my breathing capabilties away!!! Debra - your home is just gorgeous!!! And Sanctuary - my oh my, it looks so welcoming and comfortable and BEAUTIFUL and safe and warm and like FAMILY!!!

    I have to go, I have to get my mother over here.

    Love to You,

  21. You have a very beautiful home. Thanks for sharing your sanctuary with us. Love your Christmas tree.

  22. Debra, I told you I'd be back to admire this room and here I am today. Just about to get up the nerve to do away with my red dining room. Came back for some inspiration. :)

  23. Debra amor, I have gone thru a few of your older posts and I just had to comment on this one, your home is lovely, I am so glad that you have recovered from the heart attack and that you are doing so well! My dad had 3 massive coranaries in a couple of hours sp? and each time they bought him back, he was one of the first to survive that, when they did his open heart surgery, we were told that there were Dr's from all over the world there to wittness it (see if he made it, that is what my dad liked to say :) We got to have him for many more wonderful years until we lost him this March. So when I read this post it just cliked with my heart :) sorry if I shared too much or made you uncomfortable in any way :) Besos, Rose


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