Tuesday, December 22, 2009

White Wednesday Before Christmas

I'm posting a little early for White Wednesday. I have been saving these photos for this last Wednesday before Christmas. This is my sideboard that I moved into the entry hallway right before Thanksgiving. Ive had such a wonderful time decorating it for Christmas. So I didn't want to miss out on sharing it with you all.

Garden statuary with crown

White wood lantern

Feather tree I found last year at a flea market...

covered in chandelier prisms.

Lovey doves in a white sleigh.

Paperwhites and Angel Vine

Old birdcage and stand...

with a jingle bell wreath.

This is an old lithograph of the nativity
that we found this year at a flea market.
(sorry for the reflection)

Thank you, Kathleen, at Faded Charm.

Have a wonderful few days enjoying
the peace and blessings
that come with Christmas.
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