Saturday, December 12, 2009

Magazine Inspiration, Meet an Old Friend

I have an old friend that lives in my family room,
He's a quiet unassuming little fellow.
My parents bought him for me when I was just a baby,
as he had been gifted to others years and years before.

image Country Living's "Merry and Bright"

I brought him up to the Dining Room where the light is better. I'm so glad my parents didn't repaint him or change him. He was given to me again back in the early 80's. I didn't remember him, but he had been kept safe in the loft of my Dad's garage workshop. I'm so glad that we were reunited all those years ago. He has been a joy to have, and each time I see him I think who might have climbed upon his little sturdy body and ridden off into the world of their imagination.

May you remember lovely images
of your childhood Christmases,

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