Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Doors of Welcome

Merry Christmas!
Come on in.
It's pretty cold out here!

Today I'm joining in the Doors of Welcome
for Christmas.
Please drop by and say Hello to Karen
our wonderful Hostess,
at Some Days are Diamonds.

Our front porch faces south,
but we still have a lot of shade out on the walk.

My husband has a pretty time demanding job,
and the weather is so cold in January here,
that we've never done the "outside lights".

I'd rather have just my two little topiary trees
 that twinkle, and not risk having
 Christmas lights up until June.

anyone else with that problem?

I always use my "vintage themed decor"...
the park bench seat,
my watering cans tied with plaid ribbon,
and this year a large bucket filled with
the most gorgeous candy cane pointsettias.

Oh, and if you look closely in the door,
you will see the welcoming committee.

This year I had fun with this old metal
 and striped fabric shopping basket,
probably from TG&Y or Ben Franklin from the 60's.

An old window is propped up on the bench behind it.

Inside, I have a birch basket hanging on the door
 filled with greenery, roses, holly and ivy.

Hope you enjoy the tour of great outside
Christmas Cheer and Welcome!
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