Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cloche Party, Celebrating Christmas Under Glass

I have a decor principle.
If you have a flat surface...decorate it!
I have found that it is a concept that just brings me great Joy!
So for Christmas I wanted to share some of my Joy,
in the Dining Room with Christmas under Glass.

Go by Marty's wonderful blog, A Stroll Thru Life... say Hello, and then visit all the other great ideas for cloches! I'm posting a little early so you may need to check back later to see everyone else.

I found these gorgeous glittered putz creations last year. They are vintage, made in Japan, and are in excellent condition. Originally they had bulbs in them. The little paper windows are all intact.They are more elaborate and detailed than any others I have seen. One is a castle and one is a church. (I have one other in the hall) The camera cannot do them justice. The glitter is like little diamonds on them that glistens in the sun! I've had fun trying to decide where they will stay. You will see more of them this Christmas season.

And of course!
 "Sweet face" has to be included in the display.
He's such an attention hound!

These are my vintage Lenox glass Christmas trees. One I bought for my husband's grandparents for Christmas the first year we were married, and the other two I found in flea markets. I know they're not under glass, but part of the vignette.

This huge cloche resides on top of my kitchen china cupboard.
The arrangement changes with the season.

I just love tartan plaid
 and you will be seeing splashes
of it around the house.

This is another vignette on my Dining Room table.

If you know me, you know I collect lambs and sheep.
This little fella is iron, and very heavy.

And one of my nativity sets on an old Eastlake side table.
Inexpensive, but still so meaningful!

This year Christmas decorating has been so much more
enjoyable, knowing I get to share it with all of you!

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