Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tea for Two

I started collecting china tea and coffee pots before I was married. I've sold a few over the years that I have since regretted. I don't have anything fancy, just odds and ends pieces, which is pretty much the way most of my "collections" are. Sometimes a certain object just says it needs to come home with me. I guess that's why I have a lot of little random "things" in my house (and life). So today, I thought I would set a tiny table for two out on my deck.

So I'll grab a chair and we can take our time.

The little plant shown here is called "angel vine". I started seeing it used on a lot of the Scandinavian blogs, but I had never found any before here. I finally tracked down a greenhouse that sells it. It likes shade, but will tolerate some sun. The key is to keep it moist at all times, as it dries out quickly.
"one lump or two?"
Have a wonderful day, Debra

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