Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Inspired by White

I recently purchased a copy of the Spring "Jeanne d' Arc Living" Magazine, and I am captivated by their homes, gardens, and living spaces. Typically, I need a little color in my surroundings, but I found that on my deck I seemed to have been in sync with their outlook.

An old sewing machine base with a white painted furnace grate attached,
in front of my old white garden gate.

An old wooden carrier filled with tiny pink buds, a birdhouse,
a birdcage and a concrete rabbit all vie for a spot.

These white concrete urns filled with white bacopa are just like the ones that my grandmother had on her front porch many years ago (when I was just a very little girl) I have another larger set on my lower patio that is shaded, filled with impatiens.

You can put me in any antique or vintage shop or warehouse, and I will immediately be drawn to the white, distressed, rusted, chipped items. Tables, boxes, iron fencing, statuary, ironstone, cabinets...whatever...I want it.

The interior of my home is another matter, as you will see. The pieces I use frequently are painted black. I know we furniture painters have all discussed it. The dilemma, WHITE or BLACK? Which should it be? I've asked myself that question many times and sometimes I just have to wait until I have a "feel" for it and where the particular piece should go.

But for my deck I found a few pieces that were of the rusted white variety and they have landed there. This area is right out the door of my sunroom, and underneath my kitchen window.
The very old "wicker on metal" chair and the table set for tea from the last post, are part of this "white" group.

I love my little camera, BUT, my husband already sees the writing on the wall, so to speak.

Have a wonderful relaxing day.
Blessings, Debra

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