Friday, October 5, 2012

A Haute Halloween...part 2

 Last weekend I shared some photos with you from a visit to my friend Robin Gilmore's lovely turn of the century home all dressed for Halloween. Robin is the owner of Robin's Vintage Suitcase and Ms. Gilmore's, here in Springfield. If you haven't seen the first post, you can click here after you've enjoyed all this wonderful Autumn eye candy.

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Vintage Inspiration #108 A Kitchen Remodel and Reveal

Hi Everyone and welcome to
  Vintage Inspiration

I hope you're having a great week, full of all the good things that Fall brings our way. This time of the year I have a hundred ideas in my head for changing up decor, a list of painting projects, and plans on enjoying all the goodness, sights, and aromas that revolve around Autumn. And by looking at all the links from last week, I know you all are feeling it too. 
I think many of us would find a kitchen remodel to be at the top of our Wish List in home improvements, but painting my cabinets and changing out some of the appliances is about as far as I've gotten. So, when I saw this amazing remodel I just had to daydream a little. 

from Christie at Three Pixie Lane

The size and flow of this kitchen and dining area make it a wonderful place for friends and family to enjoy good food and conversation. Everything about Christie's home says warmth, family, and comfort; all put together with a lot of style.

The Fall touches with her unique vintage pieces,
 make it so inviting.

Staggered white cabinets, the wonderful island, and those great lantern fixtures are all elements that I really love. Oh, and I can't forget her amazing Farmhouse Sink!

Thanks Christie, for sharing your wonderful home with us!

Here are a few more fun links from last week...

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Hope you'll join in today.
We're right in the middle of celebrating Fall,
so link up to three of your posts,
even posts from last year with your
 Fall DIY, decor, recipes, crafts.
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...and then check out these other great Friday Parties

On a side note I had a sweet email asking about paint colors from my Living Room and Dining Room and by the time I found the info, I'd lost the email. so sorry. So here it is. Both Benjamin Moore, the Living Room is Sandstone Cove and the Dining Room is Lighthouse Landing. I hadn't forgotten, just misplaced the email.
alrighty then...
let's get on with the fun!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mr. Squirrel says "we have 2 winners!"

"It's time to have some fun out here on the sunporch with a new old muffin tin and some pumpkin tealights. I have to be able to see all those acorns that this crazy lady picked up for me last Fall. The problem is that all the little caps have glue on them which doesn't really taste so good... they look cute, just taste like phooey."

ahhh...I smell something fabulous...

 Yum...pumpkin spice

I hate to tell her this
 but she should actually be baking
 something pumpkin spice
in that teensy muffin tin...
(looks a little rusty-crusty to me)

 Oh yeah, she wants me to announce 
the Give Away winners...

And the 2 Give Away winners of the 

Marianne from Vintage Gal

Congrats gals, 
just email this nutty lady your mailing addresses
 and She'll get your names to the Candle Co!
she says to be sure and send hugs and kisses!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Marketplace at Common Ground

Hello Everyone,
I'm going to start something new today that will hopefully reach more people while "web surfing". I've been thinking of ways to draw more people to join in on the link party and also to round up more readers wanting to shop. So instead of locking us into just being the "Monday" party, I'm going to headline this from now on as The Marketplace at Common Ground. That way, when this post runs on Tuesday we'll still be "current". I've wanted this to be more than just a "link party", but to be a shopping venue where blogland can come to find the newest and best that Etsy and Online Boutiques have to offer. I'd love to hear any ideas that you might have that can spread the word.

This last week we had so many new shop owners listing, and I'm thrilled to see each and every one of you! Thank you!! We've had some big sales recently, and I know that many of you are seeing increased traffic in your shops, YAY!!! If you have a blog, I'd really love it if you could share a blurb on a blog post now and then about "The Marketplace". This isn't just to publicize the party, but to bring in your readers too. More exposure means more listings and more shopping. There were so many great links last week, I could feature all of you, but had to just pick a few:

I'm in love with this wonderful
from Claudia at ScoutHarper

Angel Wings are just one of the many beautiful items
from Amy at Maison Decor.

from Kathy at KathyCreativeHome

from Tina at Mission Jewels

from Liz at LaCroixRosion

from Michele at GlassBeadTreasures

Thank you, everyone who links up, and for all you that come to check out the shopping. I'm excited each week to see all the variety of items. So now if you're listing you can link up three of your items from your Etsy Shops or Online Boutiques. Please link to the individual item if possible. And these don't have to be new items, they can be ones that you've linked before. But please only link up items that are for sale.
And remember that this link up is live all week, so be sure to check back throughout the week to see what's been added. update: several of you have asked, so be watching for a new button!

The Sponsor Spotlight is on Rosekraft this week. Just take a peek at some of these amazing die cut Victorian framed ephemera pieces and vintage post cards. Rose has a huge collection of beautiful hard to find pieces. Here are a few of my favorites.

So glad you've come by, now let's get this rolling!
Hope you'll come back later this week,.
Have fun shopping!

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