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Sunday, March 12, 2017

"Blooming 'Brella" and Friends

I've been bringing out some "Spring" around here this last week. It will be "Spring" until the end of March and then I'll get together some Easter decor. I really prefer Easter being in April, otherwise it's just too chilly and I like being able to enjoy both early Spring and then Easter. I know there's a fine line, but rabbits and bunnies, chickens, eggs and nests can do double duty... do I sound like a crazy old woman who doesn't have anything else to do except chit chat about seasonal decor items? please don't answer that.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Blooming 'Brella

OK, we've all seen adorable vintage umbrellas adorned with faux flowers for Spring. (nothing new for the Pinterest crowd) I DO love me a fun umbrella. And I AM kinda sorta experiencing a faux flower withdrawal over here at the smaller house. This last weekend whilst packing (yes, the never ending job I'm involved in at this moment in time) I spied my Spring floral umbrella in a pile of "stuff" waiting to be put away in one of many large plastic tubs marked "Spring". 

It had to be rescued. If you guys could see the boxes of holiday decor and seasonal faux flowers, branches, twigs and the likes, you'd think seriously about having me committed. But it's one of my vices that I'm working on. You know the kind of personality that sees a container and wants to fill it with SOMETHING! There must be a "disorder" that could be slapped on me.

So, the umbrella came home with me. There are no nails in doors around here, and I'm not going to lose a security deposit over a door wreath or something else. It will do hanging from the kitchen transferware cupboard, brightening up my sitting room.

I wanted a nest in it to go with my old garden tools, but made do with a petite whitewashed clay flower pot instead. My birdie has taken up residence in there.

I'm trying to round up all my "garden decor" and vintage garden goods out on the sunporch, because it all needs to be packed together.  Believe me, I've moved enough that I know the hazards of packing things where they lay. I've found strange things in boxes a year after a move.

I'm having to be content with a few touches of Spring around here, and not create a full blown "explosion". I found one basket with faux hydrangeas that had been in the storage room, that had so much dust on it, it literally became a white cloud when I decided that it was time for it to be dismantled. I'm hoping to learn some life lessons through all this. Hey, I'll write a book entitled "One Woman's Lessons Learned from Downsizing".

I smell a bestseller in the "self help" section. Right now, I'm just trying to figure out how to get it all done without going bananas. And to not make my husband bananas, too. I've also been cleaning and downsizing my closet, but then that's another whole chapter...

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