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Monday, October 9, 2023

Kitchen Niche with October Whimsy

Hello friends, here's a peek at my kitchen niche for October. This a fun spot in the kitchen that is yet one more flat surface that gets a seasonal update
often. You know me, I can't leave a flat surface alone without a touch of some kind of décor.

Sunday, October 16, 2022

French Cottage Kitchen Niche for Fall

I have this little cabinet niche here in the kitchen that I think was originally created for a TV/sound system by the former owners of our house. But I prefer a smaller TV on the counter, so we were left with either using it as display shelving or try to match existing cabinetry. I could use it as open shelving by adding another set of shelves, but I chose to leave it as "was" and just make a spot for seasonal kitchen display.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Design Challenge: Patty's Niche

Guess what?
It's another builder's revenge post!
Patty has a fabulous Living Room but suffers
from the all too frequent malady of
da da da daaaa......
 Builder's Niche Syndrome

All kidding aside,
I think that a niche can be just breathtaking,
but more often than not, they tend to be challenge to decorate.

Here are some photos from Patty as she shares...

...In Her Own Words:

When Debra over at Common Ground first announced
 that she was  going to start this new feature,
 I immediately sent her an email with pictures
 begging asking for help with this huge niche
above my fireplace.

I do not know what to do with it,
 other than to sheet rock over it,
which my husband and I have talked about.

When we moved in I thought I would hang my clock inside it.
But the clock is so heavy and because of the height involved,
even on scaffolding it proved too much of a challenge
to get secured to the wall.
Plus the mantle sticks out from the wall just far enough
 to be in the way when trying to hang anything.

So there are my challenges with this big empty boxy space.
Weight, height, and lack of ideas...
mostly lack of ideas!

I've included these pictures so you can see the walls
 on either side of the niche/fireplace area.
There is another smaller niche on the left
 where I have hung my crosses.
 I painted the inside of it a grayish blue.

A wall of floor to ceiling windows are on the right.
I would appreciate any input and advice.
 I would like to add that my husband and I
 are long time DIYers  and handy with tools
 and play very well together :)
 so please don't rule out building or making anything.

Thank you so much,
Patricia Ann

OK, everyone, are we ready to help Patty out with some ideas?
Last week we tried not to look at the other comments first,
but this time let's just go with it
and throw out some ideas!

You don't have to be a decorator,
and even if someone else had a similar idea,
leave yours in a comment too.
The more feedback the better!!

thanks so much,

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