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Quick Spring to Summer Urn Vignette

Hi Friends, do you ever feel like you're busy but not accomplishing much? That's how it's been around here lately; always something to do but not feeling like I'm getting anything worthwhile done. The weather has been storm after rolling storm and in between hot humid weather that leaves me worn out. I planted some pretty flower containers a few weeks ago but it's been a constant battle between the digging squirrels and the deer and an occasional goose deciding to try something new. 

I've been trying to concentrate on small projects that I can get done easily, and simple clean up after. A few weeks ago I mentioned a sweet silver champagne bucket/urn with a bird nest motif that I wanted to try from a Pinterest pic. I tried the silver urn, but for me it looked too "new" so I decided on one of my painted white iron urns instead. 

It was super easy to put together with just a few elements. I'd been to the floral shop a few weeks ago so I had things on hand. I started with a basic "bed" of sheet moss to build up the floor of the vignette. Sorry picture is a little blurry...

I love using sticks and twigs and mossy items, and these curly leafing twigs were perfect for the height element.

I had grabbed a few basic small "greenery" bushes, so I cut apart a few pieces and tucked them alongside a grapevine woven birdnest. 

I added a bird and a pair of vintage clay pots for interest. The eggs were a little large in comparison with the bird so I covered them up to disguise the size.

My older daughter and her fiancé sent a gorgeous summer bouquet for Mother's Day, so I've been letting the blooms dry out here on the metal lunch basket. I tried getting a pic from my phone to my computer, but it didn't like the image. The bouquet was filled with colorful summer florals, with peach colored roses, small sunflowers, bright fuchsia carnations, lilies and other beautiful floral filler.

One day last week we had a "Mom's Day Out" meeting in the backyard as about 6 adult geese brought their broods to visit. It only lasted about 10 minutes but it was quite the sight with 25 goslings checking us out.

I keep plastic "boot trays" under the bird feeders so the loose seeds don't fall in the landscape gravel. (It's still a mess, but not quite as bad as just falling between the rocks. The geese have all but shredded the landscape liner but I love the wildlife) It's quite the known snack spot of critters around here. 

Notice our bunny in the left upper corner in the background. Oh and I had a chipmunk sighting this week. Two little guys playing in the gravel landscape beds.

Here they go. We're on their daily route so the adults visit several times a day.

In "Life Lately" some of you may remember that about a year ago I shared my diagnosis of autoimmune Generalized Myasthenia Gravis, which is a neuro-muscular disease similar to MS. It had been undiagnosed and untreated for the last 10 years so it had gotten way out of hand. I don't make antibodies (another fun autoimmune illness) so getting a diagnosis of anything is extremely difficult. Anyway, I was assigned a neurologist here in town, one of only a couple that handle MG cases in the area. I waited 13 months to see him and then after only 15 minutes he told me I'd have to go to St. Louis for a better evaluation and more testing. It was a real gut punch because my symptoms have been worsening over this last year. Nice man, but seemingly not interested in helping me while I wait for the out of town appointment. I definitely will be seeking a new neurologist when we head up to the other hospital. 

So when I'm absent or sort of boring you know why. I've been trying to conserve energy and at the same time trying to stay creative in a place where it's hard to do that. I always go back and forth about sharing health issues here, but it's a reality I'm dealing with. Honestly, God is getting me through it. Thankyou for visiting and leaving a comment. It means a lot to hear from you and is so encouraging. Have a wonderful weekend!

Are you ready for some Patriotic inspiration? I'll be sharing some soon. Here's a  fun roundup post with great ideas.


  1. Debra, I don't think I knew about your diagnosis. I must have missed it last year and I'm sorry about that. That sounds like a huge challenge for a very long while and I hope you can find a good local or regional neurologist to help you through the challenges before you can get to St. Louis. I appreciate it when people feel they can share some of their life issues to blog friends online. I think after we have visited one another many times we form a "relationship" or "friendship" of sorts and we genuinely care about one another. Even if we can't do anything to make one's day-to-day life a little easier, that support and healing energy matters. So thank you for your openness.

    I love your new arrangement. When I saw the bird in the nest I smiled because it reminded me of the two I posted on Marmelade Gypsy the other day --in the nest and ready to fly. And your goslings are much bigger than mine! That boot tray idea under the birdseed is pretty brilliant. I might have to adopt that idea. I just saw Bunny #20 in the yard last night. (Of course, it is probably the same bunny or two, a bunch of times.) They are my favorites! Happy holiday weekend.

    1. Thanks so much Jeanie. Over the last 15 years I've seen a lot of bloggers come and go. At times bloggers have just "stopped" blogging with no explanation, which I understand if it's an emergency situation, but I think I owe my friends and readers the courtesy of being up front and open about what's happening in life. I always appreciate you coming by and leaving a comment!!
      As for bunnies, ours has been absent for a few days so I'm wondering if we'll see babies around soon. Hope so.

  2. Love the urn. So sorry about your health and finding someone that can really help you. I think they have out some new meds that are showing promise with what you have. Have a good holiday weekend. Hugs. Kris

    1. Yes, there are some good new transfusion meds out now, but I'm probably not eligible for them because of my drug allergies. That's a huge bummer for me, but at least there is some talk about the disease which helps with recognition and diagnosis. Have a great holiday weekend!

  3. Debra, I'm so sorry to hear about your ongoing medical issues. That is such a let down when the medical community seems oblivious to our claims. My daughter is going through something similar now with Workman/s Comp. What a joke that is. Your urn is so pretty. I love using twigs and sticks in arrangements and the geese are so thrilling. I know deer, rabbits, etc. can be a hindrance to a gardener but they are hard to resist in the cuteness department..Take care my friend..xxoJudy

  4. Hey, Debra! Your Urn looks gorg!!! So pretty for Summer. I'm praying that you get some answers soon with your medical things. So sorry you are going through it all! Take care!

  5. Debra, I'm so sorry to hear about your health issues. That doctor's appointment sounds so disappointing. I really hope you are able to find someone who can help you more. I'd never heard of MG until last weekend when my brother in law was diagnosed with it. He's just starting to get his work ups, but there's a lot of waiting in between appointments for him as well. I hope you can find more moments of joy, like the ones you shared today. Take care!

  6. It looks so good, Debra! And I totally get it about not getting things done. Take each day/hour/whatev as it comes and be kind to yourself. We're just never kind enough to ourselves. Sending hugs. Have a happy weekend. ♥

  7. So sorry to hear of your medical issues, Debra. I and family members have also waited for what seemed like an eternity to get in to see certain specialists. Truly frustrating. I'm praying for you! We have all the same wildlife you have and a few more to boot! I believe it's been squirrels digging in my newly planted flowers gardens! I'm trying a few "tricks" to try and keep them away. We'll see what happens! xo Kathleen

  8. Love your pretty vignette! I feel for you on dealing with messy feathered friends! Since March we have had daily birds smacking into our porch windows and doors, fighting with their refelections, leaving muddy beak marks on the glass. Everyday they tried to make nests on my wreath so I had to take it down. Then they tried on my boxwood topiaries and I ended up having to cover them with netting! The porch was always covered with bird messes and nest supplies! We finally broke down and cleaned it off along with the pollen, and I noticed they weren't frequenting the porch as much, then I looked up and found they had made a nest in the gutter (right where we had planned to pressure wash and try to really clean unslightly brick this summer!) so we won't be able to do that as there are babies and you really don't want to get around bird nests for quite some time afterward. I do love birds but when it comes to having them around the house I think I prefer little faux birds nesting in pretty urns like yours!

  9. First, I'm sorry to hear about the dr. that is sending you out of town. Some of them need to be told how rude and uncaring they seem. I will be praying for a new better neurologist as well as some answers and all around feeling better. I hope you don't stop blogging. I adore seeing what you do.
    On another note, I'm featuring this wonderful post tomorrow on Farmhouse Friday 351. Thank you for linking up and sharing your talents with us. Happy Summer and take it easy! pinned


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