Sunday, November 15, 2020

Using Vintage Frames for a Thanksgiving Mantel

Hello everyone! Hallelujah, it's November and so close to Thanksgiving! And we're all looking forward to celebrating, then moving in to the long awaited Christmas Season. Today I'm joining in with a great group of vintage-loving friends who are sharing some ideas and inspiration on how we use Vintage Frames in our home and seasonal decor.  Since it's mid-November I'm going to share my Thanksgiving mantel and show how I've used vintage frames for a fun seasonal mantel.

Oh the little junky vintage frame... 
how many ways to use and love you?

Our hostess and coordinator of this great Hop Series
 is the fun and fabulous Cindy of County Road 407.
Thanks Cindy, for bringing us the fun Hop!

If you're coming from 
well Hello, and I'm so glad you're here!

Today I'm sharing how I use these often overlooked vintage and antique pieces.
Many times I actually even use them to hold a print, 
but often it's just for the graphic value to add interest to the mantel or a vignette.

I love to add layers of frames over a large stationary mirror or larger print.
This time I'm using a painted square and a gold oval frame to add interest.

Having a frame included in the background 
helps bring depth, and all the extra pieces together cohesively.

For years I had been waiting for a white mantel
 that I could actually reach and decorate.
The mantel in our last house was beautiful but about 6 feet off the ground 
and I had to use a step stool on the hearth to even move things around.
When we bought this house 2 years ago,
one of the best renovations was remaking the mantel here in the Hearth Room.

This year I added in some vintage Thanksgiving postcards, 
white pumpkins, and a few vintage figurines of pheasants and quail.

(Some of these old cards are totally wacky, 
can you imagine a toddler chasing a turkey with a huge knife?)

I've also added in a small vintage landscape print of fall foliage and sheep.
Stacking old prints along with empty frames gives a lot of interest
and are easily changed up for holidays and seasons.

I really enjoyed putting all this together here on the November mantel; 
it was a trial and error mix-around but I love how it turned out.
Especially adding the adorable little pheasants and quail.

Here are a few other ways I use vintage frames in my decor.

Using an antique frame to highlight another item,
in this case a chalk sheep's head on my old door.

Several antique prints that needed to be painted to fit in with wall color.

Using an antique frame to finish off an antique embroidered sampler.

I have several frames that can rotate prints and botanicals
to match the seasons.

I'm sure there are tons of ways to use old frames creatively.
I'd love to try a gallery wall using empty and artwork:
  Here are a few images from my Pinterest Board Gallery Walls.

Thanks so much for coming by.
We hope you'll continue the Hop 
and find some fun ways to use old frames,
by clicking on the images below.
Or following the links below the images.

for some fabulous gallery wall ideas for a beautiful stairway display.

I'll be sharing the rest of the Hearth Room 
for Thanksgiving next week.


  1. Your Thanksgiving mantel is gorgeous, Debra! I love how you layered frames and am eager to try your technique in my home. I especially loved seeing your vintage Thanksgiving postcards. The child chasing the turkey with a knife is nutty. Can you imagine anything like that being published in this day and time? It's always a pleasure to see your beautiful home decor.

  2. I love your mantel. The birds are perfect. That postcard is hilarious. You always style vintage frames so well.

  3. I have always wanted to layer my frames on a mantel but never have. You've inspired me to give it another try. And I'm going to be on the look out for round and oval frames. I don't have any of those but goodness me yours have such pretty patina that I'm eager to get out and start hunting. Thank you for being in our group. Your post is fantastic!

  4. Debra, you have had many beautiful frames for years. Your vintage postcards are pretty collections too.

    You have styled your Thanksgiving beautiful as always.


  5. Very enjoyable post! Old frames always
    fascinate me and you have some
    interesting ideas. I love the postcards
    and pheasants. Thank you!

  6. Your Thanksgiving mantel is gorgeous Debra! I loved all your other examples of how you use frames in your decor too! Simply stunning!

  7. Love love your mantel Debra. The layered frames are so pretty and such a nice statement on your mantel. Happy Weekend. xoxo Kris

  8. I seriously don't think I've ever seen a more gorgeous Thanksgiving mantel Debra! Wow, this is amazing! I love all the elemnts you use to layer things. Your collections constantly inspire me and this is no exception. I love it all! Hugs, CoCo

  9. You styled your Thanksgiving mantel just beautifully, Debra! I love everything about it: the collection of vintage frames, the voluptuous wreath, the vintage postcards and the fun pheasants. How fun for you to have a whole new canvas to decorate on!

  10. Ok just call UPS and get a quote for shipping the whole lot to KY!!! I love every single treasure and the way you have displayed them. The frames are fabulous, the pheasant fantastic and the photos phenomenal!

    I am going to check out the other posts you shared too. So much inspiration here!

  11. Beautiful mantle! The muted tones with the postcards and pheasants came together perfectly...not to mention the frames! Love the "framed" goat head, too!

  12. I just love your Thanksgiving mantel Debra. Your collection of layered vintage frames are just perfect for the space. I love all the elements you've incorporated.

  13. Your Thanksgiving mantel is so pretty and festive with all the vintage touches! I adore all of your ideas for layering frames.

  14. What an amazing mantel! I have never seen anything like this, and all the frames compliment each other, and the overall look so well!


  15. I've always loved using empty frames to decorate and your mantel is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen

  16. Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Farmhouse Friday! Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. Debra, I do love gallery walls... I had a big one at our last California home as that long wall in the dining/living room had the height to make one. This time, I've kinda created a gallery hall in our hallway going down to the three bedrooms.

    Your mantel is really lovely with the pheasants and picture frames and Thanksgiving cards tucked in. Makes me want to take down my Christmas mantel and put up a bunch of frames hanging out in the Craft Room!!! (Okay, after Christmas... ;))

    Enjoy all your lovely decorations and I look forward to seeing how you change your mantle up for this next and best season,

    p.s. Glad you enjoyed the features!!


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