Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Transitioning from Summer-to-Fall

Hi Friends, I've been a little all over the place as I've started to decorate for Fall around here. Maybe it's because I'm trying to locate florals, decor and vintage pieces that have been packed away. Maybe it's because I have more space to work with and I'm just disorganized! I've needed a focus to get started so this Blog Hop is helping me get my act together. Thankyou Amber for hosting this fun Hop for Early Fall. If you're coming from visiting Marty at A Stroll Thru Life Welcome, so glad you're here!

It's September, and time to start making a bit of a transition into Fall. I used to just drag all my storage boxes into the Living Room and do a major one-day makeover. But as I've been blogging, I've realized it's so much better to ease into the Seasons. I like to begin Fall decorating in late August and gradually bring in darker colors and Fall Leaves and Pumpkins. Early September when it's still 90 degrees out many days, is just too soon for the heavier and darker Fall elements. 

I start out with whites and neutrals and lighter colored fabrics and textures for my base decorating. Then as we get deeper into September and October when the temps change, I go with darker, heavier textiles, textures and colors. I'm using my Fall Mantel as an example of how I make this decor change. This is sort of a step by step of how I transition any area into Fall. I had 3 subtle versions of how I took my mantel in the Hearth Room from Mid August till now; Early September.

3 Versions of an Early Fall Mantel 
and the Hearth Room

I started out in Mid August with a new "Black-Eyed-Susan" garland that I found at Hobby Lobby. I actually bought 2 while they were on sale to have a few more flowers. I used one of my Sunflower graphics attached to an old cotton canvas layered on the mirror with 2 other vintage gold frames. Two little wheelbarrows, a couple of lanterns and my wooden candle holders for a few weeks.

Hmmm... it was looking a bit plain (and crooked) to me.

Then a week or so later I added a few small white pumpkins and some Fall berries for the wheelbarrows and took away the extra empty frames. As I go through changes it's important to step back and "edit" my look. It's really easy to over-do it with a Fall look. All the foliage can overpower a space, especially a mantel.

Early last week I painted some Fall Leaf picks,
 and added these to the mix behind the wheelbarrows.

Then I added a few larger Sunflowers with the painted leaves for a little more "Fall Feel".

Last week when I started getting ready for this Hop, I realized we would be into September so I replaced the Sunflower Botanical with my Dried Sunflower Twig Wreath. This is a little darker look, but still not heavily "Fall".

 With the dried wreath taking center stage the painted leaf picks
 looked like too much brown, so I removed those.

This is a large mantel so it can handle a few different elements,
but I still have to be mindful of "too much stuff". 

Puttering and changing things up is something I really enjoy. 
Things don't stay in one spot too long with me, especially decor items. 

I wanted to keep a little "late Summer" feel going on here, so my little beat up 
vintage galvanized watering can is filled with dried Hydrangeas
 that I harvested from my bushes at the old house last year.

The adorable ticking pumpkin came from my sweet friend

I used room photos from July since the rest of this space hasn't changed much.

I still have my Kilim Pillows out, and will probably keep them here for a while, since they have a heavy texture and deeper colors. Here's the post of the Kilim Pillow Covers I did back in July.

My antique Market Basket with wheels has had the Sunflowers added since July, 
and I'll be adding some Fall Leaves this week for a little more color.

Thanks so much for coming by for the Hop, I hope you'll continue with all the fun by checking out the next link on the Linky List at the bottom of the post, which is Christy with her wonderful porch at Our Southern Home. A big Thankyou to Amber of Follow the Yellow Brick Home for organizing everyone and bringing a ton of Inspiration!

I'm so glad it's September,
now my Fall-Lovin' self can go a little crazy!

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  1. Debra your mantel is gorgeous. I really loved seeing how you can change it so easily and each vignette is so beautiful.

  2. What a gorgeous family room! Love the sunflowered themed mantel. I went back to your pillow post. Thanks for sharing the site as I've been on a hunt for some kilim pillows. So pretty, Debra!

  3. Love your beautiful family room, Debra! The mix of sunflowers, pumpkins and lanterns are really pretty. I love your wreath too. I can't wait to check out your kilim pillow post. They're totally fabulous. Hugs and happy fall, CoCo

  4. Your dried flowers are so lovely Debra. Decorating the mantel is great way to ease into fall. Love all the neutral accents with the pop of colors in the wreath. Pinning for inspiration!

  5. I just love watching the evolution of your mantel. I haven't done mine yet so I'll be back to look again and again.

    I love the black eyed susan garland. I might have to buy a new garland this fall.

  6. I am the same way - decor doesn't stay in the same place very long around here either. ;) I enjoyed seeing all the transitions to your mantel. Everything looks so pretty and I like seeing the pops of fall color around your room. Always love hopping with you!

  7. This is just perfect for early fall, Debra! So lovely! I like to start light and go darker as the season progresses, too!

  8. Your mantel is gorgeous and I love your approach to fall decorating. Such a pretty room! Great hopping with you!

  9. Debra, I loved seeing the transition of your mantle. The layering of the mirror and frames was beautiful, but then again; I like the change. Love the little wheelbarrows!

  10. I'm really happy for you to be in a place (home and life, in general) to be able to putter more and, honestly, each mantel look has its appeal to me. I get how you go through that thought process and how you evolve the looks, Debra. I agree with the lighter textures (say, cotton over wool) right now. It would be very easy for me to overdo any look in our new space, it's so much more compact and open. So I am trying to be very careful in bringing things out. I'm so focused on trying to decide wall art that anytime I hang something new, I step back very critically to make sure it doesn't look too cluttered.

  11. Debra, I adore your mantel and the rest of your summer-to-fall touches around your home! I enjoyed reading about the process of transitioning your mantel and I love how it turned out! So happy to be hopping with you!

  12. Debra, your mantel is lovely. The transitions are so pretty. I haven't started decorating for fall yet, but soon. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely mantel at "Love Your Creativity." Have a wonderful week. I am sending you an email on how to style your Read More.

  13. Beautiful early fall inspiration Debra! It has been so fun to see you begin to add your decor to your new home through the seasons. I am very much looking forward to everything you will do this fall. I absolutely love that dried sunflower wreath, I think it is perfect for September. I also love the watering can with hydrangeas. Garden style is never out of season for me. I love garden elements year round.

    Oh your antique market basket is amazing too!

    Thank you so much for joining the hop and for always inspiring!

  14. I always love visiting your home Debra. You have added so many wonderful fall touches! I think I might need to paint my wheelbarrow white. I so love yours!

  15. Love your market basket, Debra. I sold one like it years ago & would love to come across one again. Yes, fall is definitely a season that happens in stages and you're's easy to go overboard with the foliage;) Fun to see your mantel's stages.

  16. I loved seeing how you've changed your mantel over the past few weeks. Every look is so pretty and the one you are using now is perfect for this time of year. I'm off to read your kilim pillow post. Love those and they look great with your white furniture.

  17. I love everything you create! LOVE THE MANTEL! I've been gone for a bit's been good to find my way back HOME again! <3 R

  18. Debra, I love that you took us on your mantle journey. I’m a tweaker too. Love the transition of light to darker colors. Those wheelbarrows are so cute and perfect for fall. The wreath is lovely. Those kiln pillows are awesome for fall too. Such a cozy room for the college season.

  19. Debra, I love seeing your mantel transition throughout the seasons. You're right that it's easy to overdo it with foliage and other decor, and you've done a great job "editing" as you transition. It all looks really lovely and sets the mood for the room. Happy to be hopping with you again!

  20. Your mantel looks amazing. I love how you transitioned it for the Fall. I am going with Paula to check out the pillow post. Love coming over to your home!

  21. Debra,
    Thank you for showing how you changed up your mantel over time. I must say you achieved the best fall look with the pared down mantel and your dried sunflower wreath. The yellow floral quilted throw ties in beautifully with the sunflower colors and adds even more Fall to your room. When the evenings grow chilly, you can just reach down and pull the throw over you.


  22. Debra you did a beautiful job on your mantel. I'm loving the sunflower wreath and the wheelbarrows on the sides are adorable! You created a very elegant early fall mantel! That gold mirror is also amazing!


  23. Debra, Your room has the perfect summer to fall look to it! I really love your mantel and the sunflower theme. So thrilled to be in this blog hop with you because you always do a great job on decorating your house!

  24. Debra, your mantel is beautiful! I agree with your easing into seasonal decor mentality. Happy almost fall! Blessings, Cecilia @ My Thrift Store Addiction

  25. Your mantle is so pretty - I am just getting ready to part with summer and decorate with fall colors! (you have so many "ads" that is really distracts from your great pics and story)

  26. I am with you, easing into each new season is so much easier than hauling out all oft the decor at once is a much easier way to do it. Your mantel is lovely. That wreath is stunning! I think the pillows are lovely for this time of year.

  27. OH, your home is sooo pretty decorated for fall, Debra! I hope you'll bring your post to this SYS, if you haven't already. It is open until Mon. evening, 6:00pm CST. Be fun to feature the group! <3 Hopping over from Thursday Favorite Things with Amber.

    Barb :)

  28. p.s. Where did you find your French market basket?? Looking for one. <3

  29. Debra, I am glad this post ended up in a nice fall blog hop as there is sooo much pretty here to inspire us for fall looks! I especially love the dried sunflower wreath (will have to think of that next season!).

    Enjoy your week,
    Barb :)


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