Friday, August 16, 2019

Fall Decor Stash and New Finds

Last Winter and early Spring before the move, I spent days going through all of my seasonal decor tubs and I purged so many things that I didn't use. I tried to get things a little organized and labeled, making mental notes of what was in what container. It's easy to recognize that I love Fall decorating, since  I have more Fall decor than all the other seasons hands down.

While I'm thinking about doing my beginning decorating (for any season), I try to go through the plastic tubs and see what I feel is usable. Some years I like a lot of color, other times I like a more subdued look. I have a lot more space at this house that I'm able to decorate, so I'll probably do some of both. 

So many of the Fall faux flowers and garlands I have had are looking pretty tired, so I I headed to Hobby Lobby and my favorite local floral supply last week so see what I might need to get started.  Thank goodness for HL's storewide sales because base prices are much higher this year (thanks to the tariff situation) since most of this stuff comes from China. (but I won't get started on that).

I went with a mental list of things I needed, but I did find some new items like the Fall hued Eucalyptus leaf stems. I thought these were really pretty and natural looking. I try to stay away from "plastic" in favor of silks, they look more realistic and last longer without fading out.

My vintage fishing creel has about fallen apart, so I found this online for a good price to use as decor for Fall. I don't think it would hold up well for it's original purpose, but for a door decoration etc it will work. I'm not sure where I'll use it, but at least it's in one piece.

I totally fell in love with this mini Black-Eyed Susan garland.
 I bought 2 and I'm now working it in to my Pre-Fall Mantel.

A few years ago I had white Sunflowers on the brain and located a few after searching for weeks. Now they are most places and come in lots of sizes and color variations. I have some of the larger ones from my previous hunt but I grabbed several bunches of the smaller sized sunflowers to put together a new Early Fall arrangement. I've had Paperwhites for this last year in my bigger urn because they go with every season, but mostly it was because I was too busy to put together seasonal flower arrangements. Fall really needs something new here in the Entry, so I'll be using these.

I'd thrown out so many of the old beaten up vinyl pumpkins so I needed another large one. This one is orange in this pic, but after a few coats of chalk paint in Old White with a gray wash it's more what I had in mind.

It has a dinky plastic stem, 
so I painted it and added some covered floral wire to beef it up a little.

Then I added a little faux Bittersweet with leaves.

much better...

Real Bittersweet used to be pretty easy to find around here. It was pricey, but now it seems like I can't locate it, and if I do it's ridiculously costly. Last year I invested in several mini garlands that look pretty realistic so I'm sticking with those. Besides my kitty girls have a habit of eating "berries" real or fake. Cats... sometimes they're pretty goofy.

This one still has the label on it. I bought it online last year, but I think I saw similar at HL. I love Bittersweet and it usually ends up in every Fall decor pic I take. See these little moss covered pumpkins?... I wanted to use them for Early Fall and they were obstinately hiding from me. It took 3 tries at going through ALL the tubs until I found them. During all the last minute pre-move work they had ended up in a box marked "Spring". At least I know pretty much what I have now is consolation. 

 I also found a bag of pinecones and Fall goodies. It's great for filler and base with moss.

One find I'm really excited about was this wonderful white pottery Italian-look vase
 that I just happened to spot at HL. 

You guys may vaguely remember this lovely real Italian vase that I used to have in my Dining Room several years ago. (below) My husband had bought it for me years ago for an anniversary gift. He'd found it at a up-scale design boutique and I adored it. It was hand made and the price reflected it. Well a couple of years ago, my daughter was helping me with some cleaning and the vase took a tumble shattering into a hundred small pieces.

She was distraught, but there was no putting it back together. I had the other iron urns so I just let it go and even though I searched online I couldn't find anything similar or affordable. But when I was browsing last week, this one jumped out at me and it was similar and at 50% off . 

Here's a preview of my white Sunflowers in the new pottery piece ala Hobby Lobby.
Looks pretty upscale to me.

So friends, did you get a chance to come by and link-up with our new "All About Home" Party? We'll have it starting at 6:00pm Central Monday, running through Thursday evening. So come by and join in next week! Thanks so much to all of you who joined in this week!

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*This is not a sponsored post, just sharing my fun new Fall decor finds.


  1. Hi Debra,
    You have some wonderful fall decor items. Mine are in a box in the garage I think lol! I love fall but am not ready to go there just yet. I feel like I missed so much of summer with the move. So I am hanging on for dear life to what is left of this summer. Today it is hot here so it is hard to believe fall is around the corner. Happy Thursday.

    1. Hi Kris, it's still warm here too, but the light is changing and the shadows are getting longer, and I always look forward to September. You'd be proud of me this year, for the first year ever I've been able to grow Petunias! Actually they've about taken over. Growing season starts in early May, so by now plants are on their last legs and looking pretty sad. I'm just a Fall and Winter girl. xoxo

  2. Hi Debra! I'm loving seeing your beautiful fall things. When we moved back to Texas from upstate New York I did the same thing - getting rid of things I just wasn't going to use again. You have a lovely style and I'm enjoying seeing what you're doing in your new home.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

    1. thanks so much Shelia, I'm so glad you're blogging regularly again. I love seeing what you're up to! xo

  3. Debra,
    Like you, Autumn is my favorite Season of all!
    Your glimpses into your Seasonal decor is truly exciting!
    Love the new urn!
    I'll be watching for the reveals of Autumnal Decorating @ Common Ground!

    1. Oh thanks Pat, we're kindred spirits. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I'm so excited about all your fall finds Debra, they're beautiful. I'm so glad you brought up the cost/tariff situation because I've been shocked at the prices this year. I thought it was just in my area. I haven't taken down any bins from the attic yet but it's on my list for tomorrow. I don't want to rush through summer but I love everything about fall too. Hugs, CoCo

  5. You've got some gorgeous florals and other fall decor, but that shouldn't surprise anyone! Love how you transformed that pumpkin. I'm actually getting a little anxious to make some changes too, but I'm trying to curb my enthusiasm. I was even looking online for a smaller sized Christmas tree! :0

  6. Debra, I haven't let myself even think about fall yet, so this is impressive. Good for you! Your flowers and galand are very pretty. You always decorate with such style! I'm impressed with the purging of the tubs. I try, then find I don't part with much. I never use it all, but I like having options of what I do select to use.

  7. Love all your fall treasures. I had to smile when you mentioned the totes. I have a dear friend who NOW uses totes for her silks. Until the plastic deteriorated, she had been using black body bags (like they put corpses in!). I smile even now just thinking of it. I should be so organized!

  8. Debra,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! I am dying to decorate for Fall since I have not been able to decorate for Holidays or even Summer since I had to stop working in Feb. because of the deterioration of my knee and subsequent surgery....But I will wait until after Labor Day.....

  9. Debra -
    Of course I was happy to join your party last week. Hope I can this week to. Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello. I love that I am back blogging. The last several years there just has been no time. I hope that whatever comes my way in the future will allow me time to continue to blog. I can't tell you how many times I've been wearing the key necklace you made and gave to me and gotten compliments on it. I didn't realize you'd moved again. I never thought your last house looked like you so I hope you love this one. I really like it from what I've seen. I'll be stopping by your blog regularly. Love it that you are already getting in the mood for fall. It's hard to here when it's 100 plus outside. But I'll try.

  10. Oh...meant to say I love the makeover you gave that pumpkin. So cute now.

  11. I noticed their garland prices were way too high as well. Other stuff seems to be the same price as it was last year. They have gorgeous garlands that are just loaded with fruit and flowers but I couldn't do it even with 40% off. It's fun to see you getting your fall decorating ducks in a row.
    I linked up the party. I hope it was a great first week. I'll be back to link up later today.

  12. Love the goodies you've found for fall, Debra!!! I have a mini version of the HobbyLobby French vase you found. Love it! I need to go searching for a tall olive bucket or French basket to hold tall flowers in. My rose stems are crying out for a fall viewing, lol!! ;) Happy to come by your new party this week. <3

    Happy fall decorating! I've begun, too. It is definitely a favorite time of year.
    Barb :)

  13. Hi Debra,
    I am so glad you found a new vase to replace the one that broke. I love seeing the party and will cruise on through the posts. Have a good week.

  14. I love everything you've done! The bittersweet looks so so good. Looks like I need to make another trip to HL and get some.

  15. Everything looks so lovely, Debra! I need to pick me up some of the faux bittersweet, too. I was just at HL, and forgot. But, I got LOTS of items for an upcoming blog hop (including a couple of those big white sunflowers)! Excited! ;-)

  16. This is such a fun post Debra! This week I went through my fall stuff and started purging, only keeping things that had an "upscale" or natural look, and a few pumpkins that need to be chalk painted. Your chalk painted pumpkin could be a post in and of itself, it's adorable and a fab makeover. You inspired me to go ahead and paint some that I had in the consignment pile.

    I love real bittersweet but it is terribly hard to find and very expensive. Last year I found some but the color is darker, and I think it is better for late fall. Also the berries fall off like crazy. I haven't found any faux bittersweet that looks as good as the vine you found.

    Also I am loving that fall toned eucalyptus. Did you find it at Hobby Lobby? I really would love to buy some. It looks so real! I am sharing a post this week about my eucalyptus plant I think you will enjoy.

    Well, time to get back to sorting fall! See you at tonight's All About Home party!

  17. Hi Debra!
    I enjoyed this post and getting a peek at your stash and new finds. The chalk painted pumpkin is pretty with the fall embellishments. I love the eucalyptus in the fall tones. I'm letting you know that you are one of my features this week at Homestyle Gathering. Thank you for sharing! I hope to see you at the party.
    >>> Kim

  18. Hi Debra, Hi, Jennifer popping by to thank you for sharing at last week's TFT party and to let you know that I'm featuring your adorable "new finds" this week at the new Party! Congratulations! Thanks again for joining us! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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