Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Vintage Market Finds and the Copper Stash

Hi Friends, I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend. It was a "working" weekend for us, as we concentrated on getting the basement cleaned up and put together. We got tons of boxes emptied, the family room usable, and my husband's office pretty much up and running. The basement has been a convenient catch all since we still had both storage areas to finish organizing and lots of books and decor to decide on. So now it's a great place to go and relax, without feeling like you're in a storage unit. It's really good to finally have this done. Pics coming soon.

A week or so ago I made it out to my fave vintage market and I promised I'd share my finds that I brought home. My picks usually tend to be white or neutrals, and of course there's always Brown Transfer ware that I'm easily attracted to. I found these wonderful Aesthetic ware plates that I couldn't pass up, and a very pretty, feminine roll of gift paper. I shared some pics of the fun new spaces in this post.

I have one of these plaster/chalk wall plaques of a squirrel that I bought years ago, and finding this artichoke piece from I think the same people, gives me an option for use other than just looking like fall. 

I've seen these chalk fruit pedestals before, but haven't brought one home. I decided to just go ahead and grab this one instead of regretting it later. Last year I saw one that was a lamp, but it was a little pricey so I didn't get it. I've kicked myself because it was a really unique piece. 

This vintage fruit crate will be going on the coffee table in front of the wicker settee with some fun summer majolica pottery and china.

The chalk fruit topiary is now on the kitchen shelf cabinet. I changed a few things up like adding the black canvas botanical print and a metal basket that holds some of my copper pieces.

 At the house before last, I had a pot rack above the stove and haven't had a place for my copper since then. It was boxed up for the last 6 years and I really wasn't sure where. 

December 2013

Colanders, a pitcher, French bread basket, sauce pots and molds are all piled in. When I change things up for Fall I'm hoping to display my copper pieces more properly. Right now it was easy to just put them in the metal basket for a quick and easy display. I love the rich deep tones of copper when it's Fall and it echos all the colors of nature.

 I have a few more copper molds that I think I have a narrow spot for, 
so I'm going to try to get them up soon.

I guess it's pretty much summer now. This last few days the weather has finally decided to get with it. I think I actually got a little sun when I was outside cleaning the porch and planting some pots this last week. I've really avoided the sun this last few years since my skin has been pretty sensitive. So far so good. no bumps or burns. 

I've been trying to clean up and do a little spiffing of the front and back porch for a blog hop next Monday. We have a long way to go with landscaping and painting the front porch, but it's looking a little better. Have a great week everyone, hope your weather has been better too, and you're getting your Summer vibe going. 

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  1. Love your copper, it looks amazing and I have that same fruit topiary only mine is porcelain. I love it.

    1. thanks Marty, I love these, this one is a little rough. I love the actual glass and ceramic ones!

  2. Beautiful finds, Debra! I love seeing how you are settling in your new home!

  3. Hi Debra,
    You got some great treasures. I love that you could find a way to display your copper pieces. Looks wonderful. Hope you had a great Memorial Day too. Have a good week.

  4. Oh, I really like that fruit topiary. I made one years ago and gave it as a gift. I wish I had it back. You always find the prettiest things.

    1. thanks Karie, I've gotten rid of so many things, and later wonder why did I do that, haha.

  5. Great finds!!! Is your copper bunny a mold r solid? I just LOVE it! I have been adding some more copper to my kitchen too! Just love it! I wish I hadn't gotten rid of a lot of my collection when we moved here. Don't know what I was thinking!

    1. I know, I just let go of so many things on this move. I guess it's better that I just found the copper, otherwise I might have been tempted to let them go too. I just need to get a little creative with display. The bunny mold is molded on the inside with some kind of metallic liner, so it's an actual real mold. I bought it a long time ago, at a kitchen shoppe.

  6. I'm at a point where I need a second storage unit to put stuff I think I want to keep, and I thought I'd ask you if you had it to do over, would you get rid of more stuff or store it as you've done? Hoping you will give me some quick insight. We will be moving out of state and probably living in a rented apartment for 6 months while we learn the area.

    1. It was really hard to decide what to part with and took me weeks to go thru and decide. then I'd change my mind. there are still things to let go of, and a few things I wish I still had. I guess that's normal. I tried to reason if I would actually use an item or if it had just been packed away. I'm not a subscriber to the purge, purge, purge notion, I love vintage things too much. But I did have to force myself to be realistic. The moving out of town part is the hard part, it causes you to be more efficient and strict on what exactly is worth paying money to keep. Sounds like you are taking a big life changing move. But you'll get thru it!

  7. Debra,
    Amazing progress!
    "Mr. Ed" & I retreat to our lower level Family Room
    when the warm days of Summer arrive, also!
    I have a bit of a Pottery Barn style in that room.
    I love the display in your kitchen!
    The fruit topiary looks stately among the copper.
    I'll be watching for your Blog Hop.

    1. thanks Pat. I'm really loving having our basement pretty much livable now. The temperature is so nice, kinda like a cave, haha.

  8. Debra, I love all your copper pieces especially the bunny mold! My mother collected a few copper pieces and hung them above our large peninsula at our last family home in Northern California. My sister-in-laws and brothers have all of them now. I would help polish them and still remember reading Revereware on the bottoms of some of the pots!

    Love all your goodies that you found while out thrifting. Will look for your post in Share Your Style.
    Happy spring and almost summer,
    Barb :)
    p.s. If you shared it last week, I missed it. Please repost it and any others you think everyone might enjoy, thank you!

    1. Thank you, Debra! I found your post and am add as a feature for next week's SYS #211, thank you!!! Love the transferware, too.

      Barb :)

  9. GREAT finds, Deb! Well done! I think you found the perfect place for the chalk fruit piece - and I absolutely love love love that black botanical print. Don't ever get rid of it - but if you feel you must I would buy it from you - it speaks to me. Seriously.

    Your copper pieces are amazing. Mostly I am happy you are slowly getting things put away - that is the best feeling isn't it?

    Have a wonderful summer. Big big hugs. ♥

  10. I love your finds. Antiquing it is my favorite way to relax and find inspiration.
    Happy weekend,

  11. Love your 'finds', Debra! And the copper is so pretty with the black prints! I'm here by way of TFT today, but hope I'll see you at Tuesday Turn About, too! ;-)

  12. Love your vintage finds especially the copper pieces. Lovely! Thanks for sharing on Tuesday Turn About!

  13. Hi Debra! It's fun to see your vintage finds. I really love that chalk fruit pedestal and all of the copper wares. Thanks for sharing at Tuesday Turn About!


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