Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Late Spring Change-up on the Mantel

The move brought to the surface so many things that had been misplaced and displaced, and I want to share one more of those items that has been buried for the last almost 6 years. 

With the Easter decor packed away, I wanted to go back to the neutral and more simple look I had on the fireplace and mantel. I kept my basic pieces and added back my Tromp l'oeil canvas print that I put together 7 years ago. It was an odd sized print and I wanted it to fit on a bigger canvas. When the light is shining on it (as it is now) you can see where the print stopped, but in general light you don't notice it. Since the regular lighting in here is pretty moody, you just see the wonderful old print of a shepherd and sheep.

This is a cast iron coal stove door that we found in St. Louis about 8 years ago. It weighs a ton so it has to sit on something solid and heavy duty. The white is it's original color, so just imagine a petite iron stove in a lady's small parlor or bedroom 150 years ago.

To add a little greenery, I'm trying out a variegated ivy in a small McCoy planter on the mantel.

In between yard work last weekend we made several trips to our storage unit and brought back 36 boxes of china, crystal, transferware, and decorative vintage pottery. I spent most of Sunday and Monday unloading the china and crystal to fill up the Dining Room China Cabinet. It's been bare and I've finally reached the point that it was time to start this overdue project. 

Thank goodness for the china closet in the Dining Room, because all the dishes seem to have multiplied since I've packed them away. (It's like owning rabbits) I can tell the dish closet will fill up fast. I'm going to have to find some organizational pieces to add so I can use the space wisely. There just aren't enough shelves to hold it all. Here's a pic below, I'll share the styled china cabinet soon.

(Dish closet is behind the door to the left)

Back to the Hearth Room and the fireplace...

My sister has an old porch column I'm going to try in the corner, but it's big and requires a truck to bring it over, so we need to find a time to get it here. She's been hanging onto it for me for several years. (she's a really good sister!)

I still have boxes sitting in the Garden Room waiting to be unpacked so I'll be dealing with all that the rest of this week. All my transferware and Ironstone are in those boxes, so it will seem like Christmas when all that comes out. Figuring out what I can use and where to put it is another story.

I wasn't real happy on having a big yard again, but what do you do... it came with the house. Oh, it's beautiful and the trees make it look like a park, but the oaks and walnut trees have deposited massive amounts of pollen type debris that we've been shoveling up by the bag full. Helicopters, fringy type things, creamy little "snowflakes", yellow/green dust. No sooner than I clean it up, than there is more. No sense complaining because that's what comes with trees. Pollen counts have been off the chart here, but I don't seem to be having much trouble with allergies except a perpetual runny nose. yuk.

OK, back to unpacking dish boxes... I'll check in soon.

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  1. Debra,
    Oh, I'm thrilled you still have this piece of 'art work'.
    I thought you might have sold in it in one of your moves.
    It looks lovely on the mantel!
    The sheep print has always been a favorite of mine when I visit Common Ground.
    What fun to be able to fill your china cabinets with your lovely china pieces!
    This weekend, I went to Parade of Homes.
    The realtor stated ". . .and this is the walk~in pantry."
    Um, no. . .This is the Dish Room, I thought!
    Savor the moments as you unwrap your treasures.

  2. Debra, how fun to be able to unearth things from years' past!
    We have made our major move (last Tues), but I am still working at the old house while trying to unpack here at the condo. I'm at the "I don't want the pictures and decor yet because I don't have boxes unpacked!" Kitchen, bathroom and closets are all in working order (and full!), rooms are coming along slowly. There is still a lot at the house! Slow and steady.....
    And yes, the pollen is incredibly thick. Even on a fifth floor balcony I can see a faint green tint to the railings. It's gross.
    Take care, and have fun playing house!

  3. I bet unloading the china will be like Christmas. I can't wait to see your hutch all styled. A dish closet is heavenly. I have a small one now and I love it. That stove door is amazing. Gorgeous.

  4. The mantel looks gorgeous. It is always great to unpack things you have not seen for awhile and not find places in the new house for them. The old porch column will look so great too.
    Happy New Week.

  5. Love what you've done with tbose special pieces! BTW ... tree debris ... get a leaf blower. Seriously, it will change that task completely for you.

  6. Sorry about the allergies, Debra! I have them, too, and yes... acorns and pollen have been keeping me busy out in the yard. We are on a corner lot now (1/3 acre) so LOTS of acorns from the four oak trees... Previous owners DID NOT clean up the yard this winter and I am having to pull up baby acorns galore. Won't happen again as I will be raking acorns everyday this fall. ;)

    Whew! That aside, aren't you so excited to see all your china?? I have to admit... I need a bigger china cabinet as I don't have room for the pinkish-red transferware (still in its box from local storage). Every other piece is put away and the kitchen cabinets are FULL! Lol! 1st world problems, as Laura of Decor to Adore would say. ;)

    Best wishes getting it all done and I love your post! Will feature at Share Your Style #207 for next week,
    Barb :)


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