Saturday, March 9, 2019

Vintage Repurposed Cupboard

When placing all my odds and ends of mix and match white chippy pieces out in the "Garden Room", (I'm going to refer to that big space formally known as the Sunroom, as The Garden Room, ala Katie from Let's Add Sprinkles. Sometimes it's not very sunny so it's now The Garden Room) I soon realized that there wasn't going to be space to fit it all in. Despite a huge room, I had an abundance of furniture that I've had "in storage" begging to be functional again. I had to find a place for this old cupboard that had unfortunately lost it's doors many years ago. It had been in the basement holding quilts or dishes in it's previous lives.

Even though I have a lot of cabinet space in the kitchen, I wanted a spot to display seasonal kitchen vignettes, old cookbooks, and pottery and ironstone. I love having a spot for fun displays that I can change up frequently for Holidays and the Seasons. It's a pretty rough vintage piece that has a lot of flaws, but I think I'll enjoy having it here in the Kitchen/Hearth Room area. 

It's a gray and cloudy day, so as usual, light is at a minimum. My photos unfortunately, reflect the lack of light. I'm slowly getting more boxes unpacked and trying to organize all the many pieces of vintage knick-knacks that keep on coming. Since I'm planning on these shelves changing up monthly, I thought I'd just put a few things out and enjoy them. Some of my pottery "House" pieces are here for now, along with some kitchy cookbooks from the 80's. 

Our younger daughter loved to cook, so back in the late 80's and 90's I grabbed current cookbooks for her that contained easy recipes and fun graphics. I need to update my cookbooks for Autoimmune and Gluten Free Cooking, since that's where I am right now. 

The Le Creuset is a favorite, but I haven't used it much lately. It's so heavy and I haven't been cooking much this last year. I need to do better once things slow down a bit.

When the movie Julie and Julia came out in 2009, I realized I had Julia Child's first two iconic cookbooks in my market space. I quickly brought them home! The editions are from the mid-70's but still wonderful. Have I used any of the recipes? ahhhh, that would be no. I'm not a chef; not much of a cook, except for a few easy family meals. Cooking is not something I really enjoy, and now it's even more difficult because honestly, nothing looks or tastes good to me anymore, because of autoimmune fallout.

The little yellow teapot/coffeepot was my mom's, called a "Drip-O-Later". It has a metal insert for brewing drip coffee. not sure where that part is right now. The yellow made me think of Spring. I think I'm about ready. I've just been cold all winter. Shivering and wearing multiple layers kind of cold this year. Part of it is me, part of it is that it's just been dang cold. 

Breadboards are here at the end of the cabinets.

I've realized that as much as I'm in awe of Instagram and love the inspiration, I'm more of a "blogger". I love to overshare whatever I'm talking about. I'm going to try to post more on Instagram, but I love having more than one epic pic at a time. I'm a "detail", small things person, and I enjoy sharing those little things without feeling like one photo has to be power packed and definitive. So here I will be sharing the little things; the "non-perfect" things, from daily life that I enjoy. 

Have a good weekend,
It will be warmer here; back in the 50's, but rainy. 
Please tell me I won't lose an hour this weekend...
it's too early to be doing this now.


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  1. Hi Debra,
    I love the repurposed cupboard. You have so many wonderful cook books in your collection. Happy Friday.
    We need some sunshine!

    1. I think most of the mid-west has been in some cold, snowy, dark funk this winter. it's time for some sunshine and flowers! have a great weekend, Kris.

  2. That cabinet reminds me of one we have in our booths. I like it, and I really like the kitchen display. I'm so afraid I'll be losing my ability to display in our new home (at least as much as I like to), so anything with shelves or storage is ranking high on my list of things moving with us. I might be decorating my closets, lol, they are each outfitted with nice shelves, mirrors, etc. (seller had them all done professionally). I'd sacrifice clothes (not shoes or purses) for display space, lol.

    I'm still not on IG, and probably won't be anytime soon. So thank you for still blogging. This is where I visit! And between you & me, I don't enjoy cooking that much either, not anymore. I love to eat, though, so therein lies my dilemma.

    Have a good weekend. Ours sounds the same as yours. Warming on Sunday though to about 70.

    1. When I bought that piece I had in mind to use it in my market space, too. But after Hubbs and I fixed it up I realized I needed it for quilt storage at the house. I had a habit of doing that kind of thing. oooohhh, I envy your closet situation. You've heard about my lack of them. I'm wondering if you are going to go more urban modern in your decor? Each house has it's own decor vibes. Have a fun weekend!

  3. Hey sweet Debra, I'm really enjoying seeing the transformation of your new home. My husband and I are planning to move and downsize within the next 5 years. Im such a packrat and really dread the cleaning out and downsizing. Anyway I love your little cabinet. Cant wait to see more.

    1. Hi Deborah, thankyou, at least you have some "heads up" time to start planning. It's a real job to make all those decisions in a hurry.

  4. This is so charming, Debra! I love the color of your le creuset! I'm sorry to hear that food isn't tasting good to you like it used fun. I've been so focused on the coming snowstorm...again...that I totally forgot about daylight savings time.

    1. thanks Linda, oh gosh, I hope it doesn't last long. By March the fun of "snow" is over! I'd like to ignore DST. It doesn't take much to throw me off and stealing an hour from my day is such a bummer.

  5. I love your cabinet. I love that your calling the sunroom The Garden Room! Thanks for the link back. I love this cabinet. I have one almost like it and it's filled with cookbooks and dishes. This will be a fun seasonal display cabinet. I love the coffee pot. So cute.

    1. I hoped you wouldn't mind if I was a copycat. That's such a better name for our spaces, I think. We both love vintage garden goodies, so as far as I'm concerned it's a garden room! Have a great weekend!

  6. I am more of reader of blogs than instagram. It is much more personal and I enjoy the stories behind the projects. Glad you're finaly living in your new is simply lovely and i have enjoyed following your moving journey. We moved 18 months ago and it is a huge job...especially with chronic pain and disease management. Pamela

    1. Thankyou Pamela. I hope you're pretty much back to normal life after that amount of time. You're so right, health challenges are something you have to consider. I'm so thankful my general health improved as I started working on the move.

  7. I love the color of the walls in this room! Do you happen to know what color it is? Love your blog and the way you decorate. So welcoming and cozy!

    1. thankyou! yes it's Benjamin Moore 50% Stone Hearth. It's a very cozy space. Sometimes the walls look more beige, sometimes more gray, but it's a good neutral.

  8. Debra,
    Cute, cute, cute cabinet!
    I love these unique finds and being able to change it up on a moments notice is truly, divine!
    I was thrilled to see a change of name for your Garden Room!
    Visiting your Sun room at Common Ground is one of my favorites of your blog.
    I just know this is going to be an enchanting little cupboard!
    I don't dislike winter, but I am over the frigid cold we've had on the Prairie, this year.
    Here's to warmer days ahead.
    I am so~o~o ready for the windows and doors to be opened and breathe fresh air!

  9. Love the white cabinet. So much better white. Hoping for spring to really pop out on the 20th.

  10. Oh I love it so! It's absolutely gorgeous! I always loved your style. I lost my old blog in Blogland. I'm so frustrated trying to add everyone back and get my followers again. I'm adding you to my new blog. Will you add me?

  11. The cupboard is perfect Debra. I love the cutting boards and the cookbooks!! Good luck getting settled in!

  12. Hello, when I first glanced at you cupboard, I honestly thought you had converted and (Old Dresser). I've been wanting a book case and your photo has inspired me. Thanks for the inspiration :) It looks great.


  13. Love how you are decorating your new home. It is so much fun to get you newsletter and see what you have added! Thanks for all your wonderful updates!


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