Saturday, July 14, 2018

Small Summer Changes

Hard to imagine that Summer is at it's mid-point. It's been hot, hot, and hot here in the lower Midwest. I think we're all having abnormally warm temperatures. It's been record setting here since the beginning of June. At least we've been fortunate and had a few good rains; more than a lot of people in our area. 

I didn't put out any flowers this Spring because I just knew I wasn't up to watering them, so it's been a little bare around here. My daughter gave me a pretty hanging basket of lavender Million Bells for Mother's Day, so that's the extent of it. I get out and water them and fill up the bird bath in the front courtyard, but being outside when it's in the upper 90's is draining. 

Inside it's a little better, and I've tried to change up a few things here in the Kitchen Sitting Area. I like to keep my florals seasonal, so I've dug out the silk Sunflowers and freshened things up. I always love having Sunflowers out come July. If you can't have the real thing, then next best are some pretty silk stems. I did a little Summer Bouquet in the silver coffee pot with some Hydrangeas added.

This is one of my favorite pillow covers;
 The Vintage French Sunflower from Elliott-Heath Etsy Shop.

The top of the Kitchen China Cupboard got a little refresh also with my whitewashed olive bucket filled with a variety of Sunflowers and Rudbeckia.

One of my Ironstone Tureens is filled with faux pears for late Summer.

(this post was not sponsored, just love my pillow)

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  1. what beautiful touches you've made to your home, such a journey you have had and are still on,, you have a wonderful attitude and I keep you in my prayers,,

    1. Thankyou, Laurie, I always hesitate to share everything because I don't want to come across negatively, only truthfully. I really appreciate your prayers!

  2. May your health continue to improve and I love sunflowers in the summer too!!!

  3. It all looks so beautiful. My flowers look terrible, and I am hosting the vintage summer gardens tour on July 23. I may have to do some indoor floral vignettes like what you have done, or try to find some annuals on clearance or something. I have a few ferns that are holding on and one beautiful Rosemary plant that I have tried to baby this summer as I was able. I am glad you are up and at least doing something you love! As always you have created beauty in the midst of suffering, such an inspiration! I am headed to the beach tomorrow, unfortunately still in the midst of my health issues but I am going to make the best of it. There are some great vintage shops along the way, so I hope to find a treasure or two! That always gets me moving when I think I can't take another step. Hey, whatever works!

  4. Debra,

    I think its fantastic that you get as much done as you do with your lower energy levels. Your home always looks beautiful and put together. I love your cabinet and vignettes.

    I'm wondering how you get tested for gluten issues. I know my eczema and dry skin are part of my immune deficiency, but you and a few others have said I should try going gluten free. My daughter is doing that as she is doing the Keto plan to lose weight after her pregnancy. I follow a low carb diet so I think I may be part way there.

    I pray you continue to get better with each day. You have been such a great support for me. As I recover from the back surgery, I'm grateful for every pain free day. I think I'm doing better after the surgery, and maybe it just takes a longer time to feel pain free, but some days I'm flat on my back.

    Oh well, let's stick together. I'm always here for you girlfriend.

    Jane x

    1. Hey Jane, it's a little hard to get tested, but the first thing would be to have a doctor, PCP, GP or Internist even, do celiac antibodies testing, get a ANA, (antinuclear antibodies test), antibodies for Dermatitis Herpetaformis (that's the autoimmune skin disease that so many people have but just don't realize it) Celiac disease is often hard to pin down, but will get much better with removing gluten. Tons of people get tested for antibodies, but blood tests come back negative or inconclusive. I KNOW I have celiac disease, but I didn't get tested until after I'd been off gluten for 6 months. I tried explaining that it wouldn't be accurate for antibodies to the Internist, but he didn't know much about it. Best thing is get an appt with a gastroenterologist, or rheumatologist to have better scope of testing. If all else fails, just get off gluten and see if you improve. But a good GP will be able to get you started. Once you're off gluten all autoimmune illnesses start to improve. Gluten is the number 1 cause of AI inflammation, no matter what the symptoms. The vast majority of people with AI are undiagnosed, but see great improvement when they go off gluten. I've been so sick and miserable you couldn't pay me a thousand dollars to eat a slice of bread! you're on the right track, Jane, xo Deb

  5. You’ve added lovely touches to your home. The vignette on top of your cupboard is my favorite....may have to copy that! Praying your health continues to improve.

  6. Debra, you really sound like things are much better; granted, not exactly where you want to be, but still...having the migraine levels minimized would be a huge win for me. And the skin rash description - I can only imagine. I also can only imagine how you must feel going outside. I have been getting out at 6:30 am just to beat the heat, and by 9 I'm done, both with things I want to accomplish but also with the heat impact.
    I always think of you when it comes to seasonal faux flowers, I prefer the same, makes it that much harder to tell if they're real or not! Love your summer touches. You always do things with class.
    We are seriously toying with the idea of downsizing in a major, major way. If it happens, believe me, it will be the project of my life. This job can't be done in anything other than relatively good health, as you are well aware. Either that, or just let someone else figure it out after we're gone.

  7. Your summer changes .... well in all seasons your changes are wonderful. You do have the touch for creating beautiful vignettes.

    I think of you all the time. I hope and pray that you continue to feel better.

  8. Keeping you in my prayers Debra. You have been through so much and still have a ways to go but you have a great attitude and positive outlook. Your late summer vignettes are very pretty. Fall will be here before we know it and I hope you will be feeling so much better then too. Hugs,

  9. Debra, I love the silver coffee pot as a vase. Just these few touches are delightful and could be carried over into fall. Yes, It's been hot here as well. I appreciate that you are open and keep us updated. One never knows when life will change for them. It can happen over night, like it did with me. I am actually heading in for surgery today at noon. It will be the 3rd one since June 13th. I just keep getting infection that won't clear up. I'm ready to just have both removed and be boobless for life. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  10. Debra just wanted to stop back by and let you know that I am featuring you today at TFT!

  11. What a beautiful arrangement in the silver teapot!!! Sunflowers always make me smile !!

  12. Continued prayers for your health and well being, Debra! I love your cabinet and how you decorated the top of it!


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