Thursday, November 30, 2017

Paperwhites in the Christmas Entry

I have a few decorating "staples" when it comes to faux flowers; tried and true floral elements that I know I can use no matter what the Season or Holiday. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter I can always count on slightly wild and natural grapevine twiggy wreaths, lifelike Hydrangeas, and my favorite for this time of year... Paperwhites.

I usually have one of my smaller tabletop Christmas trees here in the Entry, but this year I found a new white (antique white) lighted wreath and realized that I was going for an all-white look here. Tartan Plaid is everywhere else in the house, but I wanted this spot to be calm and classic.

so I needed white flowers...

Last year I found individual faux "blooming bulbs" and bought several clusters of them. They weren't inexpensive, but I looked at it like a floral "investment. I knew I would use them over and over again, no matter what the season. I don't have any links, but just google "faux paperwhites" in "shopping", you should get some ideas.

The iron urn is another piece I use over and over,
no matter the time of year.

It's really deep so I can use tall blooms and sticks easily.

I used brown paper crinkle filler and moss to anchor the individual stems and then the grapevine "fencing" that I found at Hobby Lobby several years ago, keeps them in a tighter grouping. I love the natural look of that twiggy ribbon fence. It reminds me of British Wattle fencing.

Burlap ribbon printed with a vintage white font and a metal Noel ornament
 are keeping with the white and neutral look.

This was from last winter after Christmas when I first used them together 
in a galvanized metal bucket.

This is from last year early Spring when I used Paperwhites 
in another very old chalk urn,
along with some ivy and a bird nest. 

a few years ago in my Pottery Barn urn.

In May in the Entry again.

and on the coffee table.
This bundle really makes the decorating rounds.

When we lived at the old house I used to buy a hundred bulbs each October
and start planning the containers I would use for forcing them.
(these are in recycled candle jars)

An old ironstone tureen, planted before Thanksgiving that year.

And another year with the candle jars in an old milk bottle carrier.

Pinterest photos from my board "Paperwhites"

and from an old Country Living "Gardener" Magazine,
the photo that started it all for me.

I'll be sharing more of the Entry next week when I'm part of a Home Tour with Marty from A Stroll Thru Life on Friday December 8th. But I'll see you before then. Also, I just want to mention as a head's up, that Amber from Follow the Yellow Brick Home and I will be co-hosting a Christmas Home Link-Party for everyone somewhere around December 13th. Please put that on your calender. Even if you've been part of another Christmas Blog Hop, we want you to come join in and link up your Christmas posts so we can all get together for some Blogging fun!

Hope you're having a good week!

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  1. Sometimes, paperwhites get too tall. I've recently read about using spirits of some sort, like vodka, in watering so they won't get so tall. I don't remember the ratio, but if someone is interested, they could look it up.

    I like how versatile your paperwhites have been. Gorgeous settings!

    1. thanks so much, and yes they can get really unwieldy. I tried the vodka one year, and I DO think it worked. It's a fine line of not enough and too much and when it's used. I really do love the real paperwhites, but now that I'm in a smaller place, the faux works for me without all the fuss.

  2. Debra, we must be on the same wavelength. I went shopping for some decent white faux floral for that same calming feeling you're talking about. I found some [live] cedar to add to my pickup greenery from the garden and on walks in the neighborhood, but I haven't found anything as nice as those paperwhite (with bulbs!). I need to maybe try online. Going to Michael's, for me anyway, is like walking into an exploded glitter bomb, and I cannot handle it. What you've done is really beautiful. Applause, applause.

    1. If I remember correctly, HL sells them in the Spring along with the Daffodils and Narcissus, but I don't think they had the bulb attached. Houzz had a link to them but I didn't check them out. I agree with you about HL, it's overload for me too. It's like being lost in a glitter maze!

  3. I love your faux paperwhites arrangement. I always plant paperwhites and amarylis at Christmas and I love them but they often get too leggy. If I could find faux ones as good looking as yours, I might go faux too! Thanks for sharing on Share Your Style.

  4. I love the simple flowers and of course white---it mixes in so well with those of us who love neutrals You have taken paper whites up a whole notch in the cute ways you display them. I would do faux, too. Some like the scent, but not me. As far as leggy, I think the deeper you plant them, the better. Some advice is to let half the bulb be above the soil...not sure about that. I also think they may not like too much sun.

    Happy Holidays, my friend!


  5. I LOVE paperwhites and have bulbs sprouting up all over the house! I am definitely going to hunt for some of the faux ones with the bulbs! They are gorgeous! I love your Christmas florals!

  6. Wow! Lots of great ideas! I just love gardeny Christmas decor. Your faux paper whites are smart and really great looking. I have to get started on mine. (late I know!) But my Amaryllis is a good eight inches!

  7. Paperwhites are so pretty. I forced some a few years back for Christmas but I didn't realize they don't smell all that nice. Pretty though.
    Thanks so much for being a part of AMAZE ME MONDAY!


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