Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Little Tweaking Makes it Thanksgiving...

Hi Friends, hope you're having a wonderful weekend. My sis and I hit a couple of Christmas Open Houses on Friday evening, and to be honest, I'm totally heading into Christmas Mode. After seeing all the great Christmas goodies and vintage decor, I came home ready to start dragging out the Christmas tubs and boxes. I said my last post, I still have some "Thanksgiving" I haven't shared here on the blog. So if you're tired of Talkin' Turkey, I give you permission to skip this one.


You might find something fun to tuck away until next year. Do you have a Pin Board for Thanksgiving? OK, so Pin a few of these cute guys and I have the Christmas fun waiting till next week!

I think I basically took away a few pumpkins and replaced them with vintage Turkeys,
and then changed out my orange plaid ribbon for a snazzy Leopard Print.
'Cause Hey, what's Thanksgiving without some Leopard Print?

And of course I have some tweaking here on the Baker's Rack.
We have a congregation of vintage fellows;
they're what's left of the flock after the Great Turkey Disaster of 2014.

Yes, a few were spared. I lost several 
and what's left had to be sent to Paint Brush Therapy.

(The Turkey Platter slid off it's anchoring and all my little
gobblers went flying into space, crashing with bits and pieces
of turkeys everywhere)

Here's the settee with my favorite vintage Pendleton Wool Blanket
and my pillow combo for November.

Here are a few pics from last year's Sitting Room...

...and these are from 2014,
right after we moved in.

As you can see, I hadn't found my scroll-y framed chalkboard,
and it looks pretty bare up there.

I have one more grouping of pics,
and that's coming up next.
Then I'll have these photos recorded for posterity,
or just so I can see what I did last year...

Have a wonderful Sunday,
hope you're having good weather.
I'm making Hubbs put out the Lighted Trees for the porch,
while we still have some decent weather.
Like I told you...
 it's going to be a Thanksgiving/Christmas Combo around here!

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  1. Love your turkeys, they are all wonderful and such pretty Thanksgiving decor.

  2. I'm hearing that more and more about people taking advantage of the mild weather and decorating for the holidays early. It has been extremely mild here in GA and hard to figure out how to dress. One day it's cold, the next it's hot. No rain in sight and wildfires to the north of me with smoke filling the air. Just crazy! I love all of your pretty earthy Fall colors being used for Thanksgiving. Glad that some of your flock survived. I bet you were sick when that happened!! The sound of things breaking is never a good thing.

  3. That turkey platter disaster sounds awful! I do admit to having several turkeys which have had repairs made after falls...such fragile material!

  4. Looks lovely...and you have so many nice treasures. sheila

  5. I do love the assemblage of all the photos and inspiration, Debra, but I'm like you....ready to get my Christmas on after being to a couple of open houses, planning tablescapes, etc. Need to strike while the iron is hot (and while the weather is mild, definitely!).

  6. Love the turkey platter and the tray with the fruit on it!!

  7. Loving your tweaks---so puts me in a Thanksgiving mood, have to go find my turkey, platter and pilgrims. Grins and have a great week, Sandi


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