Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A little "greige" for the coffee table....

or, how to make the elephant in the room 
not so "noticeable".

This is a project I could see coming a long time ago...

The Living Room at the old house was a little more formal than this one at the new house is turning out. The big difference is that I sold my two massive damask twin sofas to my sister (where they look fabulous), and we purchased the Chesterfield Sofa and Love seat in a gray-griege lineny fabric when we moved to the lease house. I loved my sofas, but I knew that wherever we moved they probably would not fit and that was certainly the case at the smaller lease house.

Antique white French-y coffee table and end table.
AKA Momma and baby Dumbo...

Living Room at the old house with the twin Damask Sofas

Living Room at the lease house with the new Chesterfield set.

The Chesterfield sofas are a little more "masculine" in their lines and appearance, than something French-y. I had to choose wall colors and the rugs based on the color of those sofa fabrics. So now to my predicament. I want to use my antique white French-y coffee table and end tables again, which by the way are massive. We had a huge space to fill at the other house, so it swollowed up any and all furniture that came in there. But the new house Living Room, even though it's larger, still has it's issues with traffic flow and TV viewing. So I want these massive things to "blend in" to the room and seating area; not stand out. They look like small white elephants right now, I'm hoping a coat or two of a gray-taupe ASCP mix will work.

I painted this little accent table (below) when we moved to the lease house, just to have a place to set a lamp. I'm hoping to come close to this color finish on the coffee table and end tables. (more taupe and less green) I'm using Coco and Paris Gray, maybe with a little Old White. I'm not sure of the ratios, but I'm getting started this afternoon. The little table is in Benjamin Moore with a coating of liquid poly on top, but latex paints just don't hold up on a tabletop. I love this kind of project, just not a few days before we move. We're planning on the big move this Friday...Trick or Treaters beware!

(see how this little table just melts into the background)

I'll check back in with you a little later on this project.
Keep a good thought for me, 
I'm hoping Greige is their color!

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  1. I love your color plans, Debra...the living room will be beautiful! Good luck and have fun with the move!

  2. Hi Debra,
    How ironic! I just posted an almost identical post today on my blog! We moved about 2 years and the coffee table we had did not work in our new house. I love those Chesterfields!
    Your house is coming along so nicely--I have been following your journey.

  3. Love those pieces and the new greige should look amazing.

  4. danke für die wunderschönen bilder und inspirationen!!! liebe grüße von angie aus deutschland

  5. Debra,
    Oh, I think you're on to something big, here, dear friend!!!
    The little table in the background blends nicely with your area rug!!!
    I'll be back to see the reveal. . .soon!!!

  6. Your room is looking beautiful already. The greige sounds like it will look great and I think it will look nice with your beautiful rugs as well. Good luck with the move.

  7. Good luck Debra with the move on Friday. I cannot wait to see the tables done in the new color. I think your new home is going to just be so special and beautiful.

  8. I wish you luck with your painting project, but I really like the trunk you are using now for a coffee table! Sooooo, if the paint thing doesn't work, you can still fall back on the trunk!! :-)

  9. Debra, love the 'old' furniture but love the new furniture too. Actually, it is the same style I'm looking at for our next sofa. Love the tables and they will look wonderful when they're done. I just made over an end table myself and shared it at Marty's party. Hope you will stop by and tell me what you think. Have a lovely day.


  10. Debra,
    Yes, I think you have found the color for your white elephants in the room.

    Seeing your frequent posts and so many painting projects makes me think you are feeling good now. I am also so happy when I see that you have something new posted. Good luck moving on Halloween!


  11. Oh I can't wait to see what you do Debra. Love the greige shade. And the living room looks so elegant with the rug and the Chesterfield sofa styles. Isn't it interesting how changing homes can require a totally different look in our paint colors and furniture styles? I'm finding this out too.

  12. I'm loving the greige. Can't wait to see it all finished. xo Laura

  13. Debra, both rooms are equally beautiful and I think you will make the new one "home" just like the old. You have a way with putting everything together. The tables will look lovely in the new shade of greige..Happy Monday..Judy

  14. I like the color of your little table, and I think if you paint your bigger tables in a similar color you'll be happy with the way they blend in. I'm so excited for you to make the big move on Friday! I hope all goes well, and you're not answering the door all night!!

  15. I also like the color of your little table and can't wait to see it all dressed up? I love your old and new furniture! You'll make it work cause your too good not to! Congrats for moving this Friday....you must be so incredibly happy. With all this activity I also hope it means your feeling good!

  16. I hope you're able to find the right color for those tables. I love grey painted furniture, so I'm sure they will look good. I know you must be happy to finally be settling in your new home.

  17. moving towards greige myself along with shabby chic....it looks great...for latex finished round table a piece of glass can be cut and actually adds a bit of sparkle. the paint colour on that table is romantic and subtle. namaste.


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