Monday, September 15, 2014

Faux Painted Chandelier...

Honey, I shrunk the chandelier,
and painted it too!

Seems like all I've had to share lately is lighting (and I have one more exciting one coming up soon). But having the painting done and the chandies installed have been two of the bigger things that we needed to accomplish first. The painting is completed except for that one wall of the kitchen that needed dry wall patching.(where the cabinets and desk counter were removed). Hubbs, Aly, and myself did about 2/3 of the house and our contractor/handy guy and his brother did the rest. You can see below how the Ben Moore Smokey Taupe turned out. I'm so happy I stuck with it, it does change color with the lighting during the day, but all in all it's just the perfect light gray/beige, and I think it will "go" with everything we have.

So when we moved we took down and crated up my "in your face" frenchy chandelier from the Dining Room. It seemed enormous due to the low ceiling height and ended up feeling like it was right on top of the table. But...I love it and even though it was big, it had just the right Country French feel I was going for.

previous home last Fall

I loved the twigs and vines wrapped around it from last Fall and Christmas. I packed away the little linen shades, so I'm hoping to find those soon.

(This is a photo from that time that shows the canvas print 
someone was asking me about a couple of weeks ago.)

So the jest of this blog post is that even though I love that hunky chandy, once it was installed at the new house, it just wasn't the right color any longer. The gold and platinum paint finish was just too bright and stuck out like a sore thumb. Our new house has most of the metals in black and dark bronze, so a gold chandy in the open Dining Room just wasn't going with the flow.

Here's the new space when we first got the keys. This is the old fixture and old wall color.

So I wanted to try to tone the chandy down a notch or two and make it blend in more with the rest of the metals. This black railing (which I'm NOT in love with) is staying for now. The gold was just too noticable. I headed to Michael's and grabbed these supplies to make the transformation...

The bronzing paste wasn't quite dark enough, so I added a little black to take it to a darker bronze. I found the black at Lowe's. The bronzing paste and enamel are both oil based so they mixed up well, and went on easy.

Hubbs fixed me a "paint station" alongside the ladder, so I didn't have to keep getting off to add more paint to the sponge. That saved a bunch of time and effort.

I worked in layers, putting on a darker coat first, then sponging in the antique gold paint on top. It's just a trial and error process. I'd have to have someone come and look at it with me at intervals, just to make sure it was looking right.

I can't say I like it "more" or "less", it just needed to be different. So please don't tell me it was better all bright gold and platinum. It just wasn't working for the new space. That's one of the things you have to consider when you have an open floor plan. You can see more of the gold at night when the bulbs are lit, otherwise in the daylight it looks dark bronze.

All in all I'm pretty happy with how it turned out; it looks like a real antique to me now. The lower luster of the darker metal paint finish looks like oxidation. But it did shrink in size. What seemed huge at the other house, seems a lot smaller here. I know it's the height of the ceilings, because the Dining Room area itself is smaller. With my big furniture I'm sure I won't be able to get much else in there. The little shades may not make it back on, I think it looks a little more elegant without the shades. hmmmm...

I'm giving you a peek at my new entry lantern. That's another reason why the chandy had to go a darker bronze. I'm going to tell you all about it soon, It's from a new sponsor and I'm totally crushing on it!

The carpet stretching will be done tomorrow, the carpet cleaned next week, then some things can start coming over from the storage units. Our guys can hopefully start on the outside later this week. The landsaping has to have areas redone and new plantings, plus building new shutters and door paint. Things are rolling along, and it's exciting to see it all come together. I'm so glad we've had time to get these things done ahead of time. As hard as it was to move to a lease house, it's proven to be a life saver, literally.

On a side note, the flu had me down for almost a week. Such poor timing. It's all a blur. I coughed and/or was in a Nyquil induced sleep coma for most of it. This last Saturday I MADE myself get up and over to the new house. Once I was there I got a few things done, but that stuff really took it out of me. I'm so glad Hubbs didn't catch it. It was a bad week. you all take care of yourselves...

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Hope you all are off to a good week, 
now I have to play catch-up on everything else...



  1. Debra,
    I love, LOVE, L O V E the treatment you did to your chandelier, dear friend!!!
    We changed all the light fixtures here to a burnished bronze when we moved in!
    I adore the richness!!!
    Most will tell you they look black,but the evening light brings out the umber and gold accents!
    Sometimes, I go for a more formal look and leave the shades off my Dining Room chandelier.
    Other times, I want those creamy ivory silk shades back on.
    Holidays and Seasonal changes are what home decorating is all about!!!
    Sorry you were ill, dear one. . .glad you're feeling better.
    I'll be visiting the Springfield / Ozark area within the next week. . .
    any shopping stops you might recommend would be greatly appreciated.
    Of course, Robin's Vintage Suitcase is at the top of my list!!!

    1. Hi Pat, if you can have lunch at Robin's Veranda tea room, you'll love it. Also be sure to go to Leola's in Ozark behind Lambert's they just had their Fall Open House, but I missed it. There are lot's of new shops in Ozark, so be sure and grab an Antiquer's Guide so you don't miss them. Also Relics is great in Springfield. I know you'll have lots to do and see!

  2. Debra,
    WOW you dazzled razzled that chandelier with a beautiful nuianced color. Lovely choice. Love the little Fall touch with pumpkin and Autumn leaves.

  3. My immediate reaction to the new color transformation was WOW. You can really see a difference, and I love how it looks like chandeliers really did at the turn of the century. With that new light it's especially great.

    Boy, the flu is traveling early this year. Glad you're past the worst. My daughter (an RN) had it last week also. She described hers (and the first time out again) almost exactly as you did. Yuck.

    Jealous of your ability to snag all the contractors you need, and all when you need them. That's a feat in itself.

  4. Love, Love, Lovely!! So much better--in my little opinion--but I do really love the new colors and "antique" look you have given it. And it coordinates with your new lighting! Just perfect....

  5. Wow looks great!! its amazing what you can do with paint!!

  6. I'm sorry to hear you been sick, Debra...hope you are feeling better! The chandelier turned out beautifully...looks really old with a wonderful did a great job with it!

  7. Nice job! I do like it darker. Love those old dining room pics too!

  8. Great job. I love the new finish, it looks totally amazing.

  9. Debra you did a beautiful job on your light. If that is what happens when you have the flu, I want the flu.

  10. Absolutely love the new color. I actually have the same chandelier over my kitchen table - yes, everyone thought I was nuts for using in the kitchen - even the installer thought I made a mistake - but I just love it! However, I am doing my kitchen over and the gold will not work so well , but your new finish definitely will! Thanks so much for sharing - I was at a standstill as to how to handle the chandelier with the makeover- but now, problem solved!!!

    1. I was hoping you had a blog, I'd love to see your kitchen makeover. Hope this post has helped giving you a direction for the chandy. I truly love it, could have replaced it, but since painting it, I'm confident that I made the right decision. Let me know how it turns out.

  11. Debra, that seriously looks so much better!! It does look like an antique and has such presence.

  12. Debra I know exactly what you mean about a chandelier needing to be a different shade. My experience exactly in fact the ting of this post is perfect it looks so much better in your new surroundings.

  13. So sorry you had the flu & sorry you had to miss open house. It was the best we've had in the last few years....yea!!!! Loved the chandelier. Take care of yourself & don't over-do!!!! Jan

  14. I have to say that I really like the change in the chandy!! I liked it before also!! You were very brave to try that technique and it worked beautifully......and it looks very rich, old and weathered. I grew up in a turn of the century home and all the rooms had a central ceiling plate which used to hold oil lamp chandies, and they were all that turned bronze color. Many people painted them over in the ceiling color but my mom left them the way they were as a reminder of times past.

    Please get some rest so that nasty flu doesn't come back!! Things are moving along nicely for you and we are all excited for you......xoxoxo

  15. Oh, Debra, you have created a master piece. I love the chandelier
    I cannot wait for a home tour from you, showing off all the beauty you have placed so thoughtfully in your new beautiful home, it's really a home to love and all the touches you will be adding to it.

    Did you receive an email from Elizabeth, her fire place for the wood burning stove is something else, and the garage, we all need a garage like hers. Well see you soon dear, hope you are taking care of yourself and not over doing it?

    See you soon.



  16. Debra, it is perfect for your new dining room. Beautiful!

  17. Oh, sorry to hear your were sick. Whenever I have to paint a lot I always get sick. Even with the much proved paint I still get a sore throat and sinus problems. On a bright note.....I love your chandelier! It's gorgeous.

  18. I love both the old look and the new look! You did a fabulous job. I wish Himself had as much faith in me when I begin a DIY project as your beloved does you!

  19. Wow, so beautiful. The chandler was beautiful before, but to say the least it is gorgeous.
    Please take the time to FOLLOW my new blog. It would be much appreciated.
    ((HUGS)) Jo from Anne's Attic - design blog

  20. Such a great light fixture, Debra. I'm glad to hear you were able to use it at your new home with a bit of an update. So many people are getting sick it seems lately. Right now I'm dealing with allergies and hoping that's all I have to deal with right now.

  21. The chandelier is absolutely gorgeous with the new color!! You really did a great job!

  22. The chandelier is really gorgeous and I like the new color you did one heck of a great job! So sorry you were sick and hope the worst part is sure didn't affect your creativity though. Take care.

  23. Debra,
    The makeover looks outstanding!! Sounds like you have been a busy bee over at the new house. Thanks so much for sharing at my party.


  24. Thank you so much for sharing this and the steps to create it. I purchased a table lamp in Fredericksburg TX and I’m wanting this finish, now I know how to do it. It looks great and I love your paint color. As I was reading I had already decided I like yours better without the shades, great minds think alike.

  25. Oh Debra I love this. How beautiful the chandelier came out. Looks so great.

  26. Oh Debra I love this. How beautiful the chandelier came out. Looks so great.

  27. I am loving it so much, I am copying it. I have a light fixture in the dining room- the shape is perfect - the gold is not. I never thought of painting it in place.

  28. Debra it turned out fabulous! Truly looks aged. Thank you for sharing at THT my friend!

  29. Your chandelier does look just like an old tarnished brass antique! I love it! I have a very bright lacquered brass ceiling fan with lights. It's a Victorian style and very pretty, but way too bright for 20 years later! Do you think your process of "tarnishing" the brass would work with an existing lacquered finish? Thanks!

    1. Hi Rhonda, I would think so, since the chandy did have some kind of "finish" on it. Just rub a little of the oil based paste on to see if it "takes". otherwise a primer might be needed.

  30. Debra, I love the new paint color and I think the chancy is perfect! Really does look like a true antique. Glad you're feeling better and your home is coming along nicely. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  31. It looks wonderful! Love the colour...and I don't think you even need the petite shades. Thanks for sharing it all with us!

  32. I love the new look! Hope you're feeling better :)

  33. Oh, I love how it turned out! I'm always amazed by paint transformations, small budget, big change!

  34. Oh Debra I LOVE IT!! It does look like an antique...great transformation!

  35. Whoa it looks gorgeous Debra! What a transformation,love it! It looks authentically old!

  36. love what you did with the chandelier. Why don't you do the same with the black stair spindles? And either darken or lighten the wood rail? Looks like you're pretty handy with paint. Go woman! Kathryn in California


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