Thursday, August 28, 2014

We have the keys... the new house.

Now the work starts. 

Amazing how once you get the keys, the rooms become smaller, you see all the spots on the carpet, and the woodwork and trim change color. (Plus, because the yard wasn't watered we now have a sad dead maple tree to take out and replace...insert mad and unhappy face) We're glad we don't have a deadline on moving in as there are several things that need to be done ahead of time. That's one of the things about a move that make it so stressful; trying to move all your own stuff in before things can be cleaned. We always try to leave a house in better condition than when we moved in. I don't want the new owners of my old home badmouthing me because I didn't clean out the fridge, wipe down the cupboards, or sweep the floors. (just a few of the yucky things to clean up)

Immediately after signing papers, we started slapping sample paint on the walls, I didn't think any of my first three samples would work because they were too light. Then I went back to the store and bought 2 more samples...too dark. Then I tried mixing samples...still too dark. So the way it looks now the Smokey Taupe from Benjamin Moore will probably be the winner. I had a wide range of grays and the grays with a hint of blue just didn't work at all. The woodwork has a touch of "sand" color, so the Smokey Taupe works, giving contrast but not too much. It also doesn't play up the color of the woodwork, which I wish were more of a true white or off white.

This will be a working weekend for painting. I'll be doing the cutting in, and Hubbs will be rolling. He's not fond of the painting process, but we're going to try to get a little done in the bedrooms/soon to be offices since our handy guy can't start till next week. I'm itching to see the change in the spaces with paint. I have an area rug on order that I'm not sure about...lot's of gray in it, so I want the paint up before it's delivered so I can make a decision.

I'm in love with this rug from Haverty's, but I don't know if it will match all my "stuff". (the leopard print pillows are a must-stay) We'll see... they also have one in brown which may work better.

Here are pics of the new sofa and loveseat at the lease house this Spring.

Gosh, looking at these pics, maybe I just need to stick with the black. The rug I'm using now is too small, and I wanted a lighter look at the new house because of the lighter hardwoods. But here's another Haverty's option...

Now, I'm really confused...

Ok that's it for now, just keeping you posted on all the fun!
Have a great Labor Day Weekend.
I'll be checking in with the progress...

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  1. Congrats on closing! It will be fun watching you create your new home.

  2. Congratulations!! Can't wait to see what you do in your new place.

  3. Congrats, it's yours!!!!! It is so exciting to decorate a new home (or old) but I often find the task stressful, so many choices, so many decisions. We just finished our Master bedroom and I tried 10 different greys on the wall. The one I ended up using was a a mix of colors and I love it. I know whatever you do it will be beautiful!

  4. Congratulations on getting the keys. I know you are excited to start putting your mark on your new home. I think you are smart to get everything done before you move in that way your not moving furniture all around.
    Happy long weekend.

  5. Oh, I can't wait to see how it all comes together.

  6. I am so excited for you! Just a word of advice from someone who just moved into a new to us house last August. Go ahead and choose the paint colors because it's easiest to paint now. Don't rush too much on the accessories. Let the house speak to you a bit. You will be surprised how you may well feel differently about the direction the decorating is going in a couple of months. Enjoy each moment in your new home!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  7. When we got the keys to this house, we rushed right over to check and sure enough, the floors were more damaged than we thought. The wallpaper had gone beyond bad to nightmarish, and some rooms were much larger and others much smaller. The worse thing of all we did not notice for a few days. The last residents left with the fridge and pantry filled with food! Still it became a home. I know you can make a house a home. Add what you love, Debra, and take it easy.

  8. Decisions, decisions...a big congratulations on your new home, Debra!

  9. Congratulations Debra, how exciting! Love the sofa. I can't wait to see how you transform the house into your home!

  10. Congrats on becoming a homeowner once again! I know you'll have your house looking amazing very soon.
    Mary Alice

  11. YAY!... I'm so happy for you Debra!... how exciting... and how fitting, Labor Day Weekend!... (you will be laboring on your new house, get it?... tee hee hee!)... love those rugs!... I have almost the twin of the brown one and it's my favorite ever... and of course your leopard pillows must stay, love those too!... I have been enjoying all of your pins on Pinterest too (YOU got me hooked on that ya know!)... much love, happy new home to you!... xoxoxo Me

    1. ha ha Julie, we all had to drag you kicking and screaming over to Pinterest! have you shown your brown rug! xoxo

  12. I had to smile as I too am gearing up for all the wonderful things a new home owner gets to experience. I LOVE your couch! Did you mention before where you found it?

    1. I know! I'm looking forward to seeing your new place and how you put it all together! the sofas came from Ashley Home Store. super deal and really comfortable.

  13. Debra,
    Whatever you choose with be C`est Magnifique!
    Enjoy the process. . .I'll be watching to see what choices you make
    as your decorate this house while making it into your gorgeous home!

  14. I hate to say I'm glad to hear your dilemma, but I am living that same nightmare and thought I was the only one with decision trauma. Looking forward to seeing your decisions work out.

  15. How exciting, Debra!! Although it's always lots of work moving into a new home....creating a new place to relax and kick back is so much fun! I can hardly wait to see how you pull it all together. I KNOW it'll be beautiful!!

    xoxo laurie

  16. Yipee! I love how a room is transformed with a new paint color, and I'm sure you'll be so happy with the color you chose. I can't wait to see what you do! Have fun waltzing around your new house!

  17. Congrats on getting the keys to your new-to-you home! I can't wait to see you decorate it.

  18. I am so happy for you, Debra, and since you've always been an inspiration to me (and so many of us), it's going to be so much fun following along with you as you design and create and fluff your new home! Congrats!

    Jane xx

  19. This is so exciting Debra and I'm sure you have so many visions of how it's going to come together in your head as do all of your readers! I know it's going to be lovely! I love your new sofa and I've admired that brown rug before myself. It's gorgeous! Can't wait to see more and how you decorate the new place.


  20. Exciting! Can't wait to see it all come together, Debra. I love both the rugs but you will have to see how the one you ordered looks in place with your stuff and new wall color. I'm sure you'll know right away whether or not it is a keeper. That's too bad a tree died. Did you get a credit for that since it has to be removed?

  21. How exciting! Have fun and enjoy every minute of it.


  22. All the best to you and your husband -- so exciting but I know there is always lots of work. Take it one hour and a time and enjoy.

  23. Congratulations on your new home! Can't wait to see you work your magic!!~~Ang

  24. So excited for you Debra!! Can't wait to see your special touches with decorating your new home!!
    Happy Tuesday!!

  25. I am so happy for you!!! Can't wait to come and see.
    Love you!

  26. How wonderful! I can't wait to see how you nest here. I so love your style. The choices you have here are beautiful. Thanks for stopping by, such a nice surprise to see you!

  27. So excited for you, a big congrats....I love that first rug, looking for tones just like this for my home, yet I need 4 area rugs"

    Beauty and grace ahead of you.

    You have been so blessed Debra and many more to come.


  28. looking forward to your beautiful decor!!!!


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