Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Summer Baker's Rack

Do you ever get this urge for something
 and you just don't give up until you find it?
of course you do...
I'm going to believe that's a good trait to have
and not some kind of borderline personality disorder... te he

Well, I had a bee in my bonnet for a bee skep...
I just had to have one for my summer Baker's Rack in the sitting room.

Actually, I wanted one to use in my French Garden Frame,
but the more I thought about it the more I wanted one 
just to display for the Summer Version on my baker's rack.

I haven't changed much up lately,
but having a bee skep always reminds me of a French Country Garden.

This little skep isn't very big, 
but I can just imagine it in a lavender filled garden...
maybe soon.

I always enjoy my little French Garden Girl lamp here,
I light her up every evening for a sweet warm glow.

I'm really missing my sunflower displays this year.

but I have my "sheeps" that always hang out here...

Also want to share this little bit of history...

I had to brush up on my historical knowledge of Shakespeare on this little celluloid print. It's a rendering of Anne Hathaway's cottage (Shakespeare's wife) in Stratford-Upon-Avon. It looks like it might have been a souvenir of a trip in the 20's or 30's.

We're finishing up the house business...
and will be closing on it soon.
Everything's out and clean.
Now I just want to start looking for a new home,
but we've decided to take our time and not be rushed.

oooh, that's so hard,
I'm itching to get settled!

Hope you're having a wonderful week,

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  1. Love your bee skep, it is alot like on ethat I have! Your bakers rack looks beautiful.

  2. I have been itching for a bee skep myself lately, they just fascinate me! Your baker's rack looks dreamy, love the old print and the sheep. Good luck on your house hunt!

  3. lovely setting for your things. I especially love the bottom shelf and the variety of things in the basket.

  4. I've always thought a bee skep would be fun to have myself. Love it!

    Hope you are feeling well and able to enjoy Summer:-)


  5. I'm another one who has coveted a bee skep for some time now. Yours is just perfect! I love it on the "summer" baker's rack. Now I feel like my bee skep longing has been renewed....:)
    xo Kathleen

  6. Debra,
    Why are those called bee "skeps"? hmmmm... You found a great one. A nice size to use inside, but it will also be a nice size out in a lavender garden.


  7. Love your bee skep. Now I am wanting one. Congrats on your imminent closing of your house. I know you will find the perfect new one. xo LAura

  8. Hi Debra. What a cute little bee skep. I didn't know what they were called until now! I love your sweet baker's rack and those sheeps! ;) A long time ago while visiting England, we took a little tour of Anne Hathaways cottage and the front was filled with gorgeous flowers - a true English garden. I even bought a teeny little wooden house that was carved from one of the limbs of something there.
    Praying for you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  9. Your bakers rack looks wonderful, Debra! The bee skep is the perfect size to include on it, too. Love the images you shared. I saved a couple. : ) Glad you are nearing your closing date on the house. It is good that you can take your time looking for a new place though. You don't want to feel rushed into anything.

  10. It looks beautiful! I love the styling!!

  11. If only I could find my bee skep:( I had a nice size bee skep, but it has been MIA for a few years now...sure hope I didn't sell it at a garage sale. As always Debra, your vignette ROCKS!!


  12. Adorable. I love that vintage souvenir print. So cute.

  13. I want a skep too, adorable! Love Anne's cottage too, how charming. I love your bakers rack, but alas no room in this little charmer for one. With my blog post I'm hoping this is a sign you are feeling better!

  14. Your baker's rack is lovely, and so many pretty and interesting things. Of course, I LOVE your "sheeps", and bee skep.

  15. I know that itch well, right in the middle of your back and you can't get to it! Soon it'll be scratched and you can let out that huge sigh of relief. Lovely, sweet spot!!

  16. I adore your baker's rack and yes indeed, if I get something in my head, my heart will not rest until I have it!!
    I'm right there with ya.

  17. Love your sheep? Do you know where I might find similar sheep to purchase?

  18. Oh I love it and your whole vignette is so pretty. I always drool over your sheep.

  19. Everything is just so lovely!
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  20. Very pretty and sunny! Perfect for summer!!~~Angela

  21. Beautiful vignettes. Good luck in the house hunting department. It can really get nerve racking. Support me with my new blog Anne's Attic - Design blog. thanx so much! Jo

  22. It's always a treat to see your pretty vignettes, Debra. I've wanted to find a bee skep myself. Glad you found one for yourself.

  23. Everything looks so lovely! Those bee skep are hard to find.

  24. Love this, Debra! I'm doing a bee themed bridal shower in September for my future DIL! I copied the vintage bee images you shared for possible party use - I hope you don't mind!

  25. Debra - Your baker's rack looks beautiful any season of the year! You have such a talent. We were in your neighborhood last week going to Branson. I told John next trip there, I'm going to call you ahead of time and maybe we could have a coke together.

    Glad you're feeling good. Take care. So glad the house sold. I know that's a relief.


  26. I love bee Keeps! Just darling.. makes me want to re-do a corner too! This is just beautiful.... I would love for you to share it at the Home Sweet Garden Party!

    See the post here ---->>>


  27. Your baker's rack looks awesome dressed up perfectly for summertime.

    Do you notice how the French lady lamp's feet don't quite fit her shoes? That's an interesting detail I thought.

    Glad each day you are getting closer to moving on with all your house business. I know the right thing will happen and all will fall perfectly into place. I wish you the very best. ♥

  28. Oh yes, I can imagine wanting to get settled NOW. It's tough waiting. I had never ever heard the word 'skep' before. I have to look into this. Love the display on the baker's rack. So pretty. And I always love sheep. :-)

  29. Lambs are a favorite of mine, so I love your accessories!
    So pretty.

  30. Debra,
    Lovely Summer decor on your Baker's Rack, dear friend!!!
    The bee skep is a perfect addition!
    "Mr. Ed's" Sunflower Patch here on the Prairie has encouraged
    our neighbors to the South to try their hands at growing Sunflowers this year, too!
    Lemon Chiffon Sunflowers greet us each morning as we open our front door!
    Thrilled to hear that the $ale of your home is going well!!!
    In His Time. . .He will guide and direct your path the new home of your heart's desire!
    Thank you, again, for allowing us to take this journey along with you.
    In due time, many of us will be involved in a similar process. . .
    and knowing the steps our friends have taken in the past eases our transition.

  31. The little flock you have is tremendously sweet. Every Easter I add a lamb in my girls' baskets. They appear in many different ways. I have absolutely enjoyed strolling through your blog as it serves as wonderful inspiration. Thank you for sharing. I do hope you will stop by and visit my blog to see some of my oil paintings, as I wish to try to return the favor. Kindest regards, Carolina Elizabeth


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