Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Sentiments

A few weeks ago I was feeling sort of "homesick". I guess it's more of a feeling of uncertainty in not knowing when we'll be in a permanent home, and some missing my ability to play with my decor. Living in a small house without all my "stuff" at my fingertips has me a little hampered in changing things up, and I'm certainly a person who likes to keep my surroundings changed up and "fresh".

So what do I do when I'm feeling a little lacking in inspiration and creativity? Besides checking all of you out, I like to look back through my photo gallery and blog posts to see what was going on last year or the year before. You guessed it, I was decorating for Easter and dreaming of Spring out on the sunporch.

My favorite place to "change things up" was the sunporch.

First time forcing hyacinths.

Just bought this wonderful print.

Decorating the Holiday Cupboard

Freshening up the Entry

Spring Open House

And having a visit at Robin's Vintage Suitcase.

vintage twin sofas

bunnies and tulips...looks like Spring!

oh, I just LOVE this wonderful old ladder.

shhhh...I found an old ladder in the basement clean up.
I see it painted white in the future.
(don't tell my hubby)

Thanks for letting me reminisce a little. I've been packing all my treasures, and it's a little hard knowing that they are going in a box and I don't know when I'll see them again. Some of the furniture has been sold, and knowing that Spring is around the corner I'm just wondering where I'll be come Summer, then Fall. I'm trying not to come off whiney. Just enjoying looking back and drinking up the sweet pics of preparing for Spring.

 Have a wonderful Sunday...
be blessed sweet friends.


  1. Debra, what a beautiful look back. Even in a smaller home I know you will find ways to make it just beautiful, you just have an eye for that sort of thing. I can't wait to see what you keep, and what you do it with all.

  2. I so relate to a small house, mine is tiny,so changing up things does limit one a little. Loved the look back. Hugs, Marty

  3. I totally understand your longings. We just moved from Washington State to Florida. I was in Florida a year before my husband joined me and had our household belongings shipped. I had to recreate Christmas by going to the local thrift stores. You have beautiful pictures to bring back the memories. Thank you for sharing with us, too. They are inspirational.

  4. (hugs). I cannot imagine Debra. But I do feel your pain. Soon...

  5. Debra,
    I know you miss your beautiful home and it was fun to look back at all the great decorating you did. So far you have done a great job on the smaller house and moving your pretty decor touches to it. Wherever you end up and no matter the size of the home you will make it cozy, sweet and beautiful. You have the touch.

  6. So many beautiful things! I love the photo with the dress, gorgeous!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  7. Debra,
    Reflecting gives us a better vision of the future, dear friend!!!
    Share all the archive photos you desire!
    For I, dear one, never tire of your artistic decorating touch!!!
    Oh, how I love the ladder...yours will be marvelous, too!!!

  8. I think the sunshine that comes along with spring weather will brighten your outlook and you'll be looking at your treasures in a whole new way in your temporary nest, Debra. I wish you all the best in the sale of your home and creating a new smaller place to call home.

  9. You don't sound whiney at all, Debra! It is only natural to feel this way when moving and especially when you downsize. I remember saying to my husband not long after our move that I felt like we were on vacation in a rented condo and that we would be going "home" soon {to our old house}!

  10. Thank you for sharing your time of reminiscing, Debra. Your displays were gorgeous! And the photos inspiring. And soon there will be many more. It's just who you are! You are such a positive person with a strong faith and I have no doubt that you will use this time to find the beauty and blessings that God has for you in these circumstances.

    Blessings to you,

  11. I know it's hard not knowing but you have beautiful photos to look at. Your rooms and decor are always gorgeous.
    Soon you will have the home you have been waiting for.
    Have a great week.

  12. Hi Debra!
    Think of your smaller home as a new canvas to try new things. Think of it as an adventure, with new possibilities to try and showcase to your followers. It's sad to think back but also happy to think of what could be! I know whatever you do it will be lovely.
    LuAnn ;)

  13. I don't blame you for feeling a little homesick. I would too. I know I would miss all of my things and the ability to make changes to my home if I was living in a temporary home too. But, just keep the faith that your new dream home is around the corner! Now, you can look forward to what you want in it.

  14. We moved 10 years ago from a large house to another town into a smaller home and for 10 years I have missed and longed for my old home.Being homesick was so difficult. What I have discovered in that journey is that I have wasted 10 years of my life wishing to have something back that will never happen. We did get rid of a number of items from the big house but I have stored for 10 years items that I have learned to live without. We now are moving back into a city that I love and are moving into an even smaller place (condo) to be near our grandchildren. At first I was hesitant. An even smaller place? Yikes? Have I learned anything in the past 10 years? Yes I sure have. I am selling and getting rid of the things that I haven't used and I am cleverly finding ways to keep the things that reflect us. I have chosen items that are important and will make them fit and some items that we have to use like it or not. I think that for me it wasn't just leaving my first home of 25 years but my whole way of life and now that I have realized that, it's exciting to live with less but the things you love. Your new home will reflect you and the way you want to live now. Your place that your renting is lovely but doesn't feel like your own because you know your moving on. I hope your journey doesn't last as long as mine did but that you find great happiness and excitement in your new home. It's the in between that gets you every time - lol.

  15. Uncertainty plays tricks on our psyche, does it not? But I enjoy reminiscing with you and can't wait to see what the future holds. For sure it will be wonderful. Only getting there is the hard part!

  16. such beautiful pictures, debra:) and you do not sound whiney--wishing you a fun week!

  17. chose some lovely pictures to share, thank you. Because of your words and pics this morning I plan to get up and dig out my ladder(s)ha! and paint at least one. Then I'm going to tackle my entry the dresser in there is old dark oak and has needed an update of fresh white for a long time! Thanks for the inspiration!! I've "gleaned" from your post that I need to enjoy my things while I have them.

  18. Beautiful pictures and reminiscing Debra. Uncertainty can certainly be unsettling but I just know that wherever you end up, you will make it your own and turn it into a beautiful home! Happy Day to you!~~Angela

  19. I just loved seeing your beautiful Spring decor again...hope your spirits are better and I know you will soon be happy living in a beautiful new space ...

  20. Such beautiful and sweet pictures!! So inspiring for spring!! :) Happy week! xo Holly

  21. Debra, I knew you would miss your sunporch. How could you not? I don't think you are whiney at all. Just feeling a little nostalgic. Keep positive my friend, good things will come! Wherever you call home, it will be warm and cozy! I am still trying to shake this darn cold. Hoping to pull out Easter next week. Always love looking back!

  22. Love the precious print with the lady and the cows, so sweet.


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