Sunday, March 2, 2014

Gray Sideboard...

Between crumby weather and us packing, I haven't gotten out and about much, but recently I ran by Robin's Vintage Suitcase, here in Springfield. I had my camera with me, so I took a few pics of the store that's starting to show some Spring colors. I just fell in love with this amazing antique gray sideboard. Robin mixes her own chalk-y type paint, so can't tell you the color, but it highlighted in white and if I wasn't downsizing it would have come home with me. Gosh, I couldn't stop looking at it, so I thought you might enjoy a little salivating yourselves.

(click on image to enlarge, and another time to make it REALLY big)

Here are a few more pics from around the shop.

Here's my cheese sign.

isn't this tole chandy just perfectly "Spring"?

Here piggy, piggy...

OK, one more look...

Robin is hoping to get an online shop started soon,
I'll keep you posted.

See you tomorrow for The Marketplace

joining in for Grey Day Thursday at Petite Michelle Louise

Have a great Sunday,


  1. Oh wow, I saw so many fabulous things that I would love. That buffet is fabulous, I need a bigger house. Hugs, Marty

  2. Ok Debra I want to get in my car right now and go to her shop!!! I see a few things I would love to have. I hope she starts an on line shop. She has some great things.

  3. She has a lot of great things for sale in her shop! Since I can't see her in person, it would be great to have her start an online shop.

  4. Very pretty. It's a good thing we can't bring home everything we fall in love with. It is hard though when you find that special piece. Cute shop - I can see why it would be hard to stay out of there.

  5. Where is this shop Debra? I need to make a trip to Springfield anyway. Good excuse don't you think??

  6. Debra,
    Just the "pick~me~up" I needed with our frigid cold today.
    Thank you, dear friend!
    I'm going back for a second look at magnified size!!!
    Stay warm. . .

  7. Always love seeing her shop dear Debra... and those piggies!... eek!... I want them!... xoxo Julie Marie

  8. If I lived close by, I'd be in that shop on a weekly basis!! Wonderful eye candy!
    Mary Alice

  9. Lovely sideboard! Don't you hate when you find the right piece at the wrong time?

  10. What a fun place to shop! Love the sideboard!

  11. Oh I love that beautiful sideboard, and the clock.
    All the pics were great.

    be blessed

  12. That sideboard is worth salivating over! So beautiful!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  13. What a wonderful shop. That sideboard is just beautiful!


  14. I actually met the owner of this lovely shop in Atlanta last year. We chatted when she stopped by my booth as I was fuffing and rearranging. Wish I lived closer so I could stop by and maybe have a cup of tea in her Tea Room.

  15. Thanks for sharing -- I was not aware of this shop. Will be checking it out next time I head to "town."

  16. What a beautiful shop! All kinds of things I NEED! Thanks for sharing, Debra!
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  17. i can see why it's a favorite place to shop, debra:) and yes, the sideboard would be very hard to pass up. i love that she added the white paint accents on it. have a great week!

  18. Oh my there are so many items I like, so Mr. C would be happy I don't live close to this lovely store. Glad you got out a bit and shared with us this little tour! I could really buy the whole store.

  19. Oh I would be in BIG trouble in that shop. Love it all!

  20. What a fantastic shop. I would love to spend a few hours in there. I hope she opens an online shop. I'm sure you will keep us posted. The buffet is beautiful, love the color and the style, perfect piece. Thanks for sharing.

  21. I would die in that shop! I know I could probably walk around and around and around and see something different every time! I love the pigs!!!!!~~Angela

  22. Oh Debra - that store looks incredible - gorgeous sideboard - but so is everything else in there!
    Visiting from Common Ground LMHO !!!
    Thanks for including this with the link ups !

  23. That gray sideboard is to die for. Thanks for sharing it.

  24. gorgeous sidedboard! yummy! oh's exactly the finished i've been looking for for my bedroom armoire. now i just need to magically mix some paint to look like THAT! happy grey dey debra! ;)

  25. The sideboard is gorgeous, and so is everything else, my kind of place.

  26. ...fabulous looking space..the sideboard is beautiful!


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