Sunday, August 11, 2013

Finding the perfect Greige...

You all are probably like me, and have this little memo board in your brain where you file away ideas and inspiration for projects... ideas that won't go away...but that you're just not yet ready to take on. Thoughts and plans for bringing something to life; it's just that we know it's not the time yet.
 Sort of like little Pinterest Boards in your head... 

Let me share some inspiration for that...

(remember you can click on any pic to make it BIG)

Last week I ran over to one of my favorite stores, Robin's Vintage Suitcase, here in Springfield. I know most of you have seen the posts I do on Robin's store. She doesn't sell on-line, but I like to share her displays and ideas for decor because there is always something to "take away" from just seeing the pics. I try to convey the atmosphere of her shop even though you might not ever be able to get there in person.

She keeps her displays fresh and current, so you never know what you'll see when you first walk in the door. That day I was smitten with her wonderful "gray" furniture and "whites" tablescape.

So, back to the deep recesses of my psyche where my Dining Room furniture lives. I've wanted to paint those pieces for. ever. But couldn't "get there" with the idea of just white. I've been thinking about the "stripped and weathered bare wood" look alot. Like this pic from Restoration Hardware.

...but, the gray, greige, idea has been vying for my attention. Some of you may remember that I painted my perfectly wonderful "gray" console a couple of years ago. (I'm not going to revisit that, some of you wanted to string me up) But I have to tell ya...that color of gray (with the blue undertones) just doesn't look good in my current surroundings where there's a lot of cream and tan. I need a paint color that has some gray, but with warm undertones. But, this wonderful gray paint patina on this old table just knocked me up the side of my head...

It's authentic, not recent...
see the green underneath peeking through?

As a companion piece,
 Robin had painted this fabulous buffet in her homemade paint concoction.

(here are a couple more store pics)

(and for all you locals,
 Robin's having a big sale that you might want to check out)

 I scoured Pinterest looking for other wonderful gray, greige, beige,
 "almost white with a little gray in it", furniture take a look at these.

A couple of beautiful pieces from
 Kelli Wright at  Restore Interiors

Here's more...

My favorite color and technique so far...

Love this one too.

These are all pinned into my Pinterest Board
  Gray and Greige Painted Furniture if you want to take a peek.

This is my way of giving this idea in my head some credibility.
It might just be the table, or the buffet and table...
I'm not ready yet to take the plunge...
but I'm working up to it.

anyway, it's fun to dream.
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

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  1. I see pictures of all those wonderful interiors that combine gray and beige (tan, etc.), and I can't figure out how that is done with so much style. I'll anxiously await your post when it comes to fruition out of your brain -- I know it will be wonderful and just right. Sally

  2. Hi Debra,
    Thanks for sharing her wonderful shop photos....oh my!
    I think that getting the right gray can be a challenge. Right now I'm trying to choose the perfect gray for the guest bedroom walls. Thanks for the inspiration.


  3. Debra - Beautiful pieces - all of them. You are definitely wanting a gray without any blue in it. That would be a hard choice to find I'm sure.


    Thanks for the photos of her darling shop. I must get there someday!

  4. Love all of those Debra... I especially love that first table in the weathered wood... my house has alot of the colors of Nature in it, and that would go so beautifully here!... and how fun it would be to do the tabletop for each holiday!... love seeing Robin's store always... wish I lived close by...probably good I don't... I am just finishing up sorting and cleaning out all of my closets and cupboards... (wow, now there IS room for more though!)... Jack thinks I am just "paring down"... little does he know, I am making room for more new "old" stuff!... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. I wish I could come go shopping with you there!

  6. Lovely things in this shop. I admit I'm a blue girl through and through but I do love the gray look. If ever I were lucky enough to "start over" with my decor I am pretty sure there would be gray involved. Loved all the inspiration!

  7. Relieved to know the inside of other peoples heads are just like mine.... lol
    It does get pretty busy in their at times with all that inspiration and 'To Do' lists.
    Robin's Vintage Suitcase looks like somewhere I'd like to shop and meander for awhile. Thank you for sharing the photos Debra.

  8. I know what you mean. I like the gray shades when I see them someplace else, but in my home gray can suddenly look cold or out of place. I'll watch what you do.

  9. I never consider myself a very materialistic person, but then I see these types of pictures and fantasize about owning it......ALL!

  10. Thanks for taking us on a tour of Robin's booth - so delightful. I love the three drawer chest - it looks like it is rusty metal. I have always been a cream or butter girl, but gray seems to be creeping in here and there. Please show us a tan and gray combo!

  11. I went on a search for the perfect "greige" a few years ago when we were getting ready to paint the family room. Like so many colors, it can have a zillion undertones and I had a hard time finding the warmth I wanted so I gave up. I still love it though. Keep that dream alive!

    Thanks for sharing pictures from the shop. I don't know how you manage to hold back in there! ;-D


  12. Debra,
    You'll find the perfect gray, dear friend!
    . . .and when you do. . .there'll be NO stopping you!!!
    I love the Versitle Gray from Sherwin~Williams on the walls
    in Studio One, my creative space!!! (Painted January 2013!)
    Thank you for sharing Robin's Vintage Suitcase!
    I never tire of seeing photos of her shop!!!
    Annual vacation is rapidly approaching. . .
    and I've been $aving a few more $$$ to spend in her shop!!!

  13. Go for it, Debra! Paint it grey! Your inclinations are always right!

  14. So I had to look up the word greige and here is what the dictionary said:

    "A colour between grey and beige, closely akin to taupe; Unfinished; not fully processed; neither bleached nor dyed."

    At first I thought that it meant project ideas:D!

    The first word I accidentally typed up was griege. This is what it said:

    Grièges is a commune in the Ain department in eastern France.

    I was a little confused as to what this post had to do with you desiring to live in a commune until I realized my mistake!:D So now I know!:P

    On a side note, my blog isn't currently opened, but hope it will be soon. I needed a little time to gain some prayerful clarity on a blog name and focus!

    Have a blessed week!

  15. I agree, the blue grays tend to look "icky" sometimes. My all time favorite gray, I mixed myself. Didn't realize how well I liked it until it was too late. Wouldn't you know it! I have no idea how I achieved that perfect color. It's on the little Frenchy chair in my living room.

  16. I've always love weathered wood as in the first photo....I know whatever you do will be exciting!!!

  17. I love the grey with the white. I think I see a new pinterest board popping up. and it will start with pins from here. xo Laura

  18. I enjoyed all the painted furniture inspiration in various shades of grey and distress. Thank you!

  19. I LOVE Robin's shop! I made it to her sale yesterday and got several new treasures. It's always a "must" to pop by there when I make a trip to Springfield. Thank you for letting me know about this hidden gem. Amy M.

  20. Great post.
    I am still at the cream or white stage, but know the gray is the new thing....
    I'm usually a little behind in the paint department, but often ahead in the rusty junk/outside the box ideas. =)

    be blessed girl

  21. I could do my whole house in those colors! And I know just what you mean about those pinterest boards in our heads:)

  22. Oh I am going goo-goo over greige! Fabulous INSPIRATIONS!!!! Love it all : ) hugs... oh my the way i have run out of terabytes of storage in my brain pinterest boards! lol!!!!

  23. So many great inspirational photos!!! I have one of those files in my head too, when I see an idea I may use later.
    Mary Alice

  24. Those are some great inspiration photos! I always have ideas that I'm filing away in my brain too...the bad thing is that I'd have to redo most of my house to pull together the look that I truly want :)

  25. I've been looking for the SAME color. My problem is, I don't know how to describe it. I thought it was a gray-beige. I found a paint that fit that look and description, painted a cute little table and when it dried, it look gray-yellow. Awful! I know I don't want any blue and now I don't think I want any beige since it might go yellow or pink, so I'm thinking gray with a bit of white and a bit of khaki. What would that look like?

  26. I have fallen in love with gray and white lately and just redecorated my bathroom with it...great inspiration photos!

  27. Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same outcome.
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  28. Hi Debra, Love that color of grey too. It's more of a brown grey than a grey, grey if that makes any sense. Robin's shop is always a delight to see. I have that same bird canvas on my mantel right now. I like it in the basket.

  29. Oh Debra THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS POST - I've just acquired an antique dresser - a gorgeous antique dresser
    ( which I linked up to your party ) and had no idea what to do with it - was thinking white ( boring I know )
    but OMG I now know exactly what I have to do on this piece!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS POST ( oops already said that - but still - you need to know how perfectly timed this is!!! )
    Much love,

  30. I think my heart skipped a few beats while scrolling through these pictures. Can't argue with you on the Restoration Hardware idea. They always inspire me! *swoon*!

  31. Trying to find the perfect gray too for my walls, so much of the gray has blue in it and that's something I don't want. Like you I have small Pinterest boards in my head;) You made me smile at that!


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