Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vintage Inspiration Friday # 9: Setting a Fall Table

I can't tell you how long I've wanted to do this,
and how badly I've wanted to share these photos
since the day I had this fun little outing.

Each year Country Living and Country Home Magazines
would put together these fantastic outdoor table settings for Fall;
those magical tables and settings
have been my inspiration for these photos.

Our subdivision is adjacent to a lovely large lake and park,
with many acres of picnic facilities, gorgeous landscaped hills,
dense forests full of deer, and bike and running paths...

The perfect place for an impromptu sunset dinner for two.

(notice the old ceiling tiles that I used for placemats?)

Thanks so much for sharing my fantasy...

You should have seen us rushing across the field
 trying to catch the last of the gorgeous light.
My husband with a dolly loaded with a table
 and my two newly painted chairs...
and a trash bag full of leaves
pilfered from our neighbor's gorgeous maple tree!
And me with the picnic basket and a load of other "junk"
under each arm.

We were quite the team. LOL!

When we got there we were both out of breath
and to my horror they had just mowed and mulched,
so not a leaf to be found.

That is why the leaves are only in front. ha ha!
right where we dumped them.
oh well,
we had a lot of fun!

Thanks so much for coming by,
hope you'll join in for
Vintage Inspiration Friday.
Any Inspiration is welcomed.

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  1. Hi Debra, if you had not mentioned the leaves I would not have noticed due to all that fabulous white. The chairs are so very pretty...the detail is scrumptious! loveya♥olive

  2. Your hard work was worth it....these photographs are simply beautiful!! Love the table and chairs!! I wish I had a video of the two of you running and laughing across the field chasing the good light! Glad you had fun...

    Lou Cinda :)

  3. *giggle*

    I SO see you laughing and hauling "junk" and beauty at top speed... and Debra - it was WORTH IT!!! SO GORGEOUS - every tiny detail!!!

    LOVE IT!!!
    ;-D xoxoxoxo

  4. Hi Debra, I love your beautiful table setting... and all of your photos are just breathtaking!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! hugs~~~ Daphne

  5. Oooh Debra, your photos are sooo beautiful! YOU should be featured in a magazine for sure with those... everything you touch just turns to gold... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. You have out did yourself this time. Everything looks so beautiful. What great photos. I would have loved to watch the two of you running around to set it up;)
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  7. This is so fun~ like being a magazine stylist for a day! Perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  8. O my...what lovely and hubby did a magnificent job.

    I did a photo shoot in our little neighborhood park in the summer and had so many stopping to see if I was doing a magazine layout. I just laughed out loud...
    By the time we took everything to the park, walked with load after load of STUFF to the nearest tree, got it all layed out, took a thousand photos...loaded up and took everything back home, we were so pooped by the time we got home, I decided NEVER AGAIN..I am olden, you know...too much work.:))

    You did a beautiful job...and..thanks for hosting.

  9. Debra,
    This is beautiful! Love the vintage white table and chairs and the ceiling tiles were brilliant!

  10. I have to tell you, Debra, that I love those chairs! The detail on them is great! Thanks for hosting this; I've linked mine up.

  11. Well if those aren't the prettiest photos. You and your husband did a great job staging the outdoor tablescape and it looks lovely. You did a great job capturing the perfect light.

  12. Beautiful pictures, and beautiful setting for a gorgeous table.

  13. Debra
    I am giggling to hear you and hubby staging together how adorable. Lots of that going on in SO cal the brides are going crazy over doing a vintage photo shoot with farm tables, old chairs etc. Beautiful job you both did. So happy to be able to join in this week.

    love to you

  14. What a sweet outdoor setting! I just love the ingenious 'placemats' and the little white pumpkins. I'm grinning as I picture you and your hubby running to set it all up before the sun goes down.

    I really miss the Country Home magazine with its beautiful photos and stories.

  15. What a gorgeous setting with lovely items. I love it all. The white with the outdoor green backdrop and the touch of fall leaves is so nice. Makes me want to sit away and enjoy which is what I am doing through blogland. Thanks for sharing this inspiring setting and by provide this blog party.

  16. I can tell how much work putting this together took, but it was well worth it!
    You have quite an accomplished assistant, you really should pay him better. ;-)

    Vintage Inspiration Friday Dropout (for this week, anyway)

  17. How fun! I kind of went crazy with posting for this party too! I love your setting...the table...and those was all worth the work. Your pictures look like a magazine I would never tire of reading. The mood you set is perfect, fun, warm, inviting....and those leaves! Gotta love all the leaves you took...I mean borrowed from your neighbor!
    Just perfect!

  18. Your photos belong on the front of Country Living Magazine! They are amazing, the setting, the lighting and the content...all equal perfection.

    You answered my questions at the end because I was wondering about all the work involved in creating the scene. Your hubs is a real sweetie to help out.


  19. your table setting looks darling ! your photos are amazing !
    enjoy your weekend !

  20. ...LOL!!!
    Bags o` leaves...dolly full of props!!
    It looks so farmhouse romantic!!
    What I want to know is,
    Are there any leaves stuck in your freshly painted chairs??

    Happiest Vintage Inspiration Friday ~ table setting edition!!

    xo, Rosemary

  21. What beautiful pieces and great photos!

  22. wow- now that is inspiring! love your inspiration Fridays. Your pics are incredible! It belongs in a magazine!!!


  23. What a lovely table set - you are so lucky to have all of that just steps from your front door. Thanks again for hosting such a fun party. And yes, your photos rival any magazine cover:)

  24. I love your outdoor Autumn tablescape!


  25. Oh Debra how fun! Don't you just love dining Alfresco!?

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  26. This setting makes my heart leap! Won't heaven look a little like this? Just lovely and every single detail! Perfect! Christie at Three Pixie Lane

  27. Debra, You made me laugh picturing the two of you carrying all this stuff. The result is breathtaking! Just beautiful.

  28. You and your husband did a great job and sounds like you had a great time !!! I love your Fall setting for two - So pretty!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  29. This dinner for two space is wonderful, who would not want to have dinner there I ask??? I love the the gold colored glasses.
    You made me laugh thinking of you and your husband running there with all of your goodies and a dolly full of furnature across a field. I think he is a keeper!!
    Thanks for sharing. And thanks for hosting. I enjoy myself here.

  30. I love it!! Your husband is such a good sport to do that with you! The chairs are so great and I'm glad you told us that those were ceiling tiles...I was trying to get a better look at what I thought were square chargers!!

  31. This should be in a magazine!!!! What a beautiful photo shoot! :)Alyssa of Boston Bee

  32. This looks like it's straight from a magazine. I'm sure it was so fun to set up and take photos. It's the simple things in life that make us happy, right. Wish we lived cvloser and we could just sit here and chat a bit(with a glass of wine of coarse)

    Sorry it took so long for me to participate and you are ever so faithful with WW. This was a fun one and gave me incentive to getthat table cleaned th question is, how long does it stay that way?

    Enjoy your weekend.


  33. Were those photos in a magazine??? If not, they should be, so gorgeous, what a fabulous setting, fantastic!

  34. I am SO in love with fall and setting the table for it and yours is lovely! I am SO loving the fact your husband helped you haul furniture! Funny! Sounds like a keeper. My hubby sure never minds when the junk comes out for whatever holiday or party we throw, but I wonder if he'd help me haul our dining room table and chairs outside? You've got me thinking now! Ha! Love your blog and keep sharing your great ideas!


  35. What an inviting setting! Love the table and chairs...the entire vignette is fabulous!

  36. Your photographs look just like something I would find in Country Living! So beautiful, and I am thrilled to join you this week. Thank you for hosting! Marcia

  37. I can just picture the staging that went on. I LOVED the borrowed bag of leaves. But such pretty ones they were. And you are right about the golden light. GOOD JOB! And a beautiful table indeed. Thanks for sharing sweety & have a GREAT weekend. HUGS!

  38. Having fun is the most important thing and I think you guys 'got it'!!! Your tablescape is marvelous and I love the setting. I wish I could sit there and have a meal, sipping wine and chatting with my husband!! Dreamy!!


  39. You are so funny. I would have loved to seen a photo of you two lugging your stuff out to your spot. Your little vignette is beautiful by the way :)

  40. Debra, this is wonderfull, I can immagine you two, running across the lawn for the right spot :)
    Love how you did the table, the tiles are a fantastic idea, and your little halloween man so cute. Everything looks so romantic and gorgeus,the perfect little meeting place for two.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  41. Well, now this is just nothing short of awesome!

    m ^..^

  42. I been drooling what you have there. I love your chairs & flatwares. To die for.

    Happy to find your blog, Lady. Loving it. Now, start reading "A Day In the Life".

    Happy w/end...

    Greetings from chilly Stockholm,

  43. So pretty ~ looks just like a magazine! I love those white chairs. They have so much personality.

  44. I'd say it was
    WELL worth the
    wait, sweet Debra!
    What a glorious
    set up!! I have
    been looking forward
    to joining in and
    have had it on my
    calendar for weeks.
    Thank you for your
    warm and generous
    heart : ) !!
    xx Suzanne

  45. The first thing I did was run through all the pictures and I was just blown away!The setting is gorgeous, the table and decorations could not be prettier. Then, I read your post and just cracked up! I love this. Thanks for sharing.

  46. How fun to enjoy such a setting for this vignette. The table is set to perfection with beautifully vintage things. How funny to have "collected" leaves to spread about! Great party, Debra. ~ Sue

  47. Ooooh Debra!
    How I would just love to meander in your setting :)
    Beauty, falls best!

  48. This is glorious, Debra! You've outdone yourself!


  49. Such a lovely al fresco dining spot!


  50. I am smiling as I can "see" you and your hubby all loaded down. Kudo's to him for playing along. It looks so delightful and lovely.

  51. Debra, it couldn't be more charming. Isn't it fun to play like this as an adult. Your husband is a great sport. I noticed the ceiling tiles right away. Cute idea! This post is full of wonderful inspiration. I'll be back to review it again and again. LOL
    ~ Sarah

  52. I just love that little white table and chair so pretty and bright. makes me want to go home and paint every thing white. I am getting ready to have my downstairs all painted white.
    I really enjoy your postings.


  53. I have to say I was sitting here just grinning from ear to ear reading your description about you and your hubby running across the field to get the shoot. SOO comical and I love that you did it as a team, and he was so co-operative. What a man! :-) Love everything about your photo shoot. all the background, the lighting, and the whites and items... LOVELY! So much fun viewing your post today and then of course scrolling down to visit more participants...what a neat idea for a blog party ...Thanks for thinking of it. I shall try to join in again when I get the time and chance!!! ENJOYED!!!!!

  54. What a great job you and your husband did, Debra. You had put a lot of work in that beautiful tablescape and it was worth it! I love your furniture and the baskets. The ceiling tiles are pretty too and what a great idea to use them as placemats!
    Happy Fall!

  55. what an adorable arrangement for dinner!!
    Did you really eat there??

    Thanks for hosting and have a super weekend.


    barbara jean

  56. Oh Ms Debra...that is absolutely the prettiest outdoor Halloween setup. Those photos should be in the pages of Country Living magazine. I'm a big fan of CL and if I saw one of your photos on the cover, I'd buy it in a heartbeat!!!

    Thanks for hosting this party and hope you can come to my Halloween High Tea!

  57. How fun! I love it! It really SHOULD be in a magazine! I've got ALL the leaves you'd need and THEN some! We had a huge windstorm a couple day's ago in washington!

    Thanks for all your hard work! Have a great weekend!

    Hugs and Love,

  58. You cracked me up with the image of you and hubby running across the field with a table and bag o' leaves. Your setting is perfect and I love the idea of the ceiling tiles for placements. I love love your silver.

  59. Debra, What a beautiful vignette! So well thought out and inviting. I have those amber glasses and use them all the time. My favorite color mixed with red at Christmas too! I could just pull up a chair and enjoy the view. You have a wonderful eye for putting things together, Pam

  60. Great vignette! I LOVE those chairs! karen....

  61. Oh, to be the Fly in the Field, Watching you both setting up your Beautiful Vignette & all the work it entailed ~ Leaves included.... you know, must people Bag the leaves, but Not to Release them in another area!
    Beautiful Photos!

  62. You did a lovely job! This vignette is just beautiful. I love the leaves, the baskets and just the peaceful feeling this evokes.

  63. Absolutely Fabulous! Youve out done yourself!

  64. I would love to reserve that amazing table for two!! How romantic at sunset ~ you did a beautiful job!!

  65. Wonderful fall setting! I would love to picinic there! You guys did a great job!

  66. Lovely...just lovely! I can picture the two of you scurrying around like field mice to get it set up! Tell me you did pack a pik-a-nik basket for real. If the MAN went to that much trouble...the least you can do is feed him fried chicken from a basket!
    P.S. I don't know where you got the will power to "sit" that one out and not post sooner!

  67. Debra, it's perfect. What an inspirational scene. It is worth the hard work. Have a great weekend Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  68. How nice that your husband participated in your tablescape adventure. Sweet Mr. is pretty wonderful, but I don't know that he would have been a part of my efforts to do something like this. This has to be the A++ of all the fall tablescapes that I've scrolled through. Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous design. Cherry Kay

  69. Beautifully doubt a lot of work but the results are so very worth it. Did you get to sit there and at least enjoy a little something. Great planning to bring the bag of leaves...can't imagine it looking nearly as amazing with out them. I know how much you love this season and it translates so beautifully to all of your Autumn decor.


  70. Aces! Just beautiful!!! This is truly my idea of a picnic!!!

  71. Hi Debra:

    I really enjoyed your fall tablescape. You chose a beautiful day to enjoy your dinner outdoors. I've highlighted you as a featured blog/project on my weekly segment "Bookmarked on the Boardwalk". Feel free to stop by, take a look AND take a button, if you like. You will find it here:

  72. Great backdrop! Love the little vintage table.
    Fall is a fun time of the year to decorate.

  73. BEAUTIFUL! It looks right out of the pages of a magazine.

  74. That is just so beautiful, I am going to set a Sunday dinner outside for my family tomorrow!! Thank you for the lovely inspiration.
    Cheers, Andrea

  75. Lovely fall vignette! And so funny how you had to rush around to catch the light and provide your own leaves!


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