Monday, October 11, 2010

The Heart of the Home

We've heard the phrase
"the Heart of the Home",
and yes, the kitchen truly is.
So I'm sharing a few photos today of my kitchen.

We moved here over 7 years ago,
so neither of our girls lived here growing up,
but they both feel this house is "home" to them.

Our kitchen furniture was purchased new,
but now I would have purchased an old farm table
and an old cupboard.

I've thought about painting the cabinets distressed off white, but I just can't get there.
My trim is white and my furniture is off white and my appliances are almond.
So I can't imagine how it would all fit together.

Oh Well, it's as it is...

Even though my table is not old, I do love the style.
It has a leaf and expands to fit 8,
so Christmas breakfast, the table is full.

I recently redid the top of the china cabinet
by bringing in an old piece of painted tin, a basket of fall goodies,
and a plate holder with ironstone pitchers. 

Thank goodness the rusty crustiness is up and away from the table! 

My favorite spot in the house is my sunroom,
right off the kitchen.
It's my seasonal "show off",
 and a great place for napping kitties.

Ladies, I'm so glad I've joined the parties.
My counter tops needed a big cleaning!

This silver tray on the island holds my seasonal vignette for the kitchen.
Always a bouquet in the Homer Laughlin Ironstone Pitcher.

I DO have a new ceramic stove top,
which I dealy love!

"Smiley" and I are so glad you came to visit today
Hope you're feeling "at home".

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Hope you all are having a wonderful Fall week.



  1. How inviting! I would come have coffee with you anytime! Love your fall decorations too!

  2. Good day Debra, what a warm and wonderful kitche you have girl..I loved seeing all your vintage things and the way you used them...Love your china cabinet and how fun it must be on Christmas to have your girls with you...Thanks so much for sharing your home my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  3. Hi Debra,
    I loved the tour of your kitchen. You have so many lovely details and a mixture of the new and the vintage. It all works so well together.


  4. just beautiful debra. oh..and..when you find the time to clean your can send those goodies to moi! :)

  5. It is beautiful...but i think you could paint those cabinets if you would be bright & light and you have a great eye!

  6. Ah Debra ..your home is just Beautiful ..and yes the Kitchen just seems to be the Heart of the home no two ways about it !

    I love your table and china cabinet just as they are and old ...they are all Beautifully mixed togther and you have done such a fine job making that happen.

    Your home is so inviting ..cozy and warm ..just the way a home should be ..I'll be over this winter for some Hot cocoa ...

    Sending you Hugs and blessings ..Sara

  7. Very pretty kitchen but I think it would be really fabulous with the cabinets painted white and paint the island black or gray.

  8. Hi Debra! Oh, thank you for participating in my party and your kitchen is a show place! I love everything about it and how you've decorated, of course! Love how you've dressed that pretty silver tray!
    Your kitchen is warm and inviting - like you, of course.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Your vignettes are so sweet, I think your kitchen is the heart of the home. It's very warm and beautiful. I wouldn't paint anything, but leave it the way it is. Perfect, Char

  10. hi debra! sorry so long to drop by and say thanks for your sweet comments. your kitchen and dr look so welcoming and cheery. i just got a new ceramic top stove too! ir's like a new baby in the house!


  11. Debra, I love your kitchen. The items in your hutch are perfect, as is the chippiness of the painted tin. Your trays are scrumptious and I can't keep my eyes off the simple filled tool box in the middle of the table. I'll be right over for some coffee :).

  12. The table is awesome it will be old soon enough.I am starting to paint my cabinets what a job! Love it though.~Cheers Kim

  13. Very pretty! I love that piece of tin on top of your cabinet. Great details all over...

    Partying with you tonight.

  14. What a pretty kitchen.
    My kitchen/dining area is the heart of my home regardless of what kind of mess it is in. :D
    Enjoy your evening.

  15. I love it Debra! It's just the right mixture of Comfort and elegence! I love the silver tray idea! I may "borrow" that!

    I love your white cabinet and dining OR old, it looks homey and great!~

    You always inspire me with your decorating and photos my dear, thanks for sharing!

    Hugs, love and a "bus"

  16. What a comfy kitchen, Debra! I could come right in and sit down at your lovely table and have a cup of coffee. : ) Love Smiley, too!

  17. LOVE your seasonal vignette on your island. I do that too!

  18. I think your kitchen is wonderful! I love how you have it decorated! It is very cozy and inviting!~Hugs, Patti

  19. What a pretty pretty kitchen!!I do love that little chandy you have over your sink!! The fall vignette is just wonderful and is making me try to figure out something for my little island!

    bee blessed

  20. I totally agree home is in this beautiful space. Smiley is a tad creepy to me...I do not like clowns. hugs♥olive

  21. How I'd love to have your kitchen...the island, the cooktop, all the counter space! I'm in love. I'll settle for coming over for a cup of coffee. Beautiful, Debra!


  22. Love your space! Its so warm and inviting!

  23. Your kitchen is lovely Debra!! I so want to paint my kitchen cabinets too! It'll never happen around here....Mr. Sassafras has firmly said no on that one!!

    Have a good week!


  24. Lovely kitchen Debra! I see you have the "popcorn" ceiling too! I would love to knock ours down , but when I think of the mess...oh my it stops me in my tracks! lol

  25. Your kitchen is charming, Debra! So warm and inviting and full of special little goodies...

  26. What a nice cozy space Debra...I love it! I would love to paint my cabinets too, but they're birch and pretty nice so the Mister isn't quite on board with that. Best wishes :)

  27. Oh yes.... It's just lovely.. I have a little lamp on my kitchen counter toooo.. It's one of my favorite things....

    Warm huggies,

  28. Debra, Your kitchen is just lovely! The vintage trays are wonderful as is all your other vintage items. If you ever get tired of the little lamb dish you can send it my way.

  29. Your kitchen is lovely. You know I love the trim above your window and the old tin. Your table and chairs are great, new is usually sturdier and works better! Lezlee

  30. ca-yoot!
    LOVE seeing everyone's kitchens. Mine is old 70's with fake wood veneer cabinets and faux butcher block laminate countertops!
    One of these days it will be cute like yours!

  31. I LOVE It...sooo cozy and charming!! Hugs,Rachel

  32. Thanks, Debra for a wonderfull tour, into your kitchen- I loved all, I saw, it is so cosy, and full of beautifull Halloween displayes,-love the little guy! the table and chairs, every bit,-it is so lovely.

  33. even if the furnishings are new, and the house is not old either, it has a lived in and well loved feel.
    I am envious of all your counter space!

  34. Love your kitchen vignettes, they are all fabulous. Your island is gorgeous. Never thought of using the silver tray, so pretty and stunning. Your china cabinet is gorgeous and I just drooled over all the contents and the top vignette. I love the toolbox used on the table too. Such a beautiful and inviting kitchen. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  35. Hi Debra...

    Ohhh...your kitchen and dining area is simply gorgeous, my friend! I love your style!!! Love, love, LOVE your table and's sooo pretty! And...I love the big wooden tool tray filled with autumn pretties that you used as your table's centerpiece!!! Love your beautiful china cabinet as well! That rusty metal piece is gorgeous! I love the design on it! This piece has such GRAND that pretty autumn vignette!!! I also enjoyed getting to peek around your kitchen and at all of the beautiful vignettes that you have in there! Ohhh...and I love your pot rack!!! This was such a treat, Debra...thank you for sharing your beautiful autumn kitchen and dining area with us today!!!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  36. Debra, I have to tell you something really strange...I got up thinking of you this morning...actually thinking of your sunporch and how I would love to have one off my bedroom, and then I got on the computer this morning, and there you were!
    Your kitchen is as beautiful as I knew it would be. I can see your lovely touches everywhere. I am in love with the vignette on the hutch!!!
    I wanted to let you know too, how beautiful your Fall porch is. What a welcoming space it is, and I would love to come knocking there for sure.
    Love to you from here...

  37. Hi Debra! Your new furniture and your old accents live happily together and that's all it counts, right? Beautiful space!!

  38. Debra - your kitchen is GORGEOUS! I have to tell you though... I'm giggling 'cause I SO have a mental picture of tiny you climbing on a stool to get the top of your FABULOUS china cabinet... am I right?

    ;-D So beautiful and inviting!!!

  39. Hi Debra,
    You have a lovely and cozy kitchen! Love your table and the way you've decorated the top of your china cabinet. I am hoping to paint my kitchen cabinets white sometime, if we stay here that is! Lately we've been thinking about perhaps selling and moving into an apartment but that probably won't happen for at least four or five years yet. Thanks for sharing.


  40. Hi Debra
    Your kitchen is just lovely and I love the sun room also, it looks like a wonderful place to take a nap. no wonder your kitties like it.
    Hope all is well with you

  41. Gorgeous! I love all your vintage finds. Stopping by from Note Songs party. I hope you'll drop by Atticmag to see our kitchens - it's a three for one!


  42. This is an adorable kitchen. I love all the things you have out on you counter tops..mine are fairly bare, most of the time.
    I know what you mean about wanting to change to a farm table...since blogging, I have wanted to change out so many things..and have done a lot.

  43. Hi Debra, I love your kitchen! And all of your accessories are wonderful. I just love all of special touches that you have added. :)


  44. Wow- I love your kitchen! I would love to spend a week cooking in there! And we have the same taste, I have the white papper mache pumpkin figurine and the stuffed cat head in your pitcher!

  45. Hi Debra,

    I love your kitchen, especially your metal trays.

    Please come and check out my book giveaways.

  46. G'morn Debra ~ Your decor & vignettes are fabulous & I truly love that table. You have outdone yourself in this beautiful kitchen.

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  47. All so lovely!! Thanks for the tour!!

  48. I love your big white cabinet with all the dishes in it.It reminds me of my shabby chippy cabinet in my litchen. Makes me want to paint mine and cover the chippy.
    That big piece of rusty is wonderful looks so good tucked in on top.
    Your kitchen is really pretty.


  49. Very nice kitchen and I love the style OF YOUR TABLE. Trish

  50. Good morning Debra, I am still enjoying kitchens today. Your kitchen is full of country charm. I like your table and chairs too. Like you, my counter had a good cleaning. Motivation is a good thing. Your china cabinet top looks awesome. I love the old tin. A great decorating idea. Kitchen love to you today.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  51. ..I love that your china cabinet isn't matchy matchy with the table & chairs...adds depth & character!

  52. Everything is so pretty. Love the tole trays!

  53. I love your potrack hanger with all the goodies.
    Thanks for sharing your kitchen space.

  54. Beautiful Debra!! Pure eye candy!! I love the sun room! And your pot rack!

    Love it!

    Lou Cinda :)

  55. Your kitchen is so darling. I wouldn't change a thing on your counters. I like to have lots of stuff out and around too. My things make me happy so I want to enjoy them.

  56. Michele @Portlandiavintage: You've created a beautiful room - your way!

  57. Debra you have such a pretty kitchen and I love your table and chairs and your hutch is beautiful!! I noticed something else in there that I love that old piece you have hanging over the door. I've been looking for something just like that so if yours mysteriously disappears don't look here LOL!! Have a great weekend, Martina


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