Saturday, July 2, 2016

Centerpiece Basket with Vintage Flags

This last year I've been all about "decorating" the easiest way possible;
How to give a little flavor of the Holiday or Season without going over the top.

I found the old tapestry that had been hanging in my hallway at the other house, (sorry, I don't have a pic) and used it on top of two other fabric runners for some layering. I liked the vintage look and feel of the three distinct layers of browns, each with it's own subtle textures. They aren't at all summery or patriotic colors, just a nice feel of old world fabrics.  Here is a better pic of the Toile that I found last year after Christmas. I've yet to sew it into a tablerunner, but it's easy to just fold the fabric and lay it on top the burlap.

I took the easy way and just added a pair of my vintage flags to my iron basket with Faux Hydrangeas, that's been on the table since last Fall. The ceilings here are so high, and this table is pretty heavy so it needs a centerpiece that has some visual "heft" to it. I love using this iron basket, the ivy is a staple, as are the Hydrangeas in muted colors of browns and greens, then just add in seasonal flowers life Sunflowers or Poinsettias or Autumn Leaves.

While rummaging through boxes this last Spring I found my pair of concrete sheep that had been on the sunporch, I was glad to see them again, so they're grazing here on the old tapestry.

While we're here, I thought I'd share a few pics of what else is going on. I found this old metal plant stand years ago, and it was just what this space needed. It's narrow and visually doesn't take up much space. Just the right size for an ivy on a silver tray.

Some of you about had a cow when I painted the clock back in my "spree", but I've never regretted it. It isn't old, and has a battery operated clock, so it fits in much better with my neutral palette.

Botanical Specimen Window 

As you can see, this isn't a very large space.

We'll be spending a quiet weekend here, 
I'm still trying to get back on my feet...literally. 

The Saga Continues...

If you've been following my recovery from the Heart Surgery and the Anemia, then I have a new bit of information, that many of you could probably benefit from. As I've said before many times, you have to be your own health advocate. I'm sorry, but you just cannot depend on the doctors knowing or having answers to all your issues and symptoms. I can give you a list a mile long of examples, but all that does is make me angry and frustrated. I've realized that if the answer doesn't hit your doctor in the head within the 10 minutes you have with him, your out of luck. You will be forgotten because he has 25 other patients lined up and your problems and illnesses will be closed in your file as soon as he walks out the door. You need to have a list of questions with you which hopefully make them think about possibilites. 

I've been researching the different kinds of anemia and it's a much more complicated diagnosis than you might imagine. There are 3 basic categories as to why someone might be anemic. 1) blood loss, from a illness or disease like gastric ulcer, colon polyp etc. 2) Nutritional imbalance by not eating a healthy and varied diet. (This is where vegans and vegetarians have to be careful. Iron is found in meat and dairy and if you don't eat those you're susceptible) and then 3) Hereditary Anemia or caused by a Disease or Condition. This is where it can get complicated and hard to diagnose.

Since I don't have the first two, I'm waiting for testing as to what the answer is. I've found I've had it all my life, just didn't know it, and my body has tried it's best to cope with the lack of iron and all the symptoms, most of which consisted of fatigue and weakness at times. You probably have heard of Pernicious Anemia, that's what Lord Merton on Downton Abbey was at first diagnosed with. It was called "Pernicious" because you usually died from it eventually. Now they know it's a simple fix with large doses of Vitamin B-12. B-12 is needed to help create the enzymes needed to make iron usable. Without B-12 you can be eating tons of iron rich foods and take all the supplements you can stomach but you'll still be anemic. A lot of people do B-12 shots periodically, I really didn't know that it was something medical, just thought it helped with having more energy. I thought, what the hay, I'll take a sublingual Vitamin B-12 supplement and see what happened...Within a few days I've seen a huge improvement in my dizziness and lightheadedness. It's only been 3 days but already I think this is helping. Next week, I see my new Internist, so I'm hoping for more concrete answers coming.

*(Larger doses of B-12 cannot hurt you, so if it ends up that's not the main problem, then no harm done.) There are lot's of reasons for weakness, fatigue, and lightheadedness, but this just wasn't one I knew about. 

Have a great weekend you all,

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