Saturday, July 18, 2015

Seed Box Graphics

I was sitting here looking at the calendar in my studio, when I was reminded of just how wonderful these old Seed Box Graphics really are. I buy the Smithsonian Seed Catalogue Calendar each year, and this is where my graphics are from when I've put together my own "make your own" seed boxes. Here are a few of my favorites on this year's calendar.

Love this one for Fall!

Here's where I buy mine. Seed Catalogues 

Here are the ones I put together a couple of years ago.

I've been working on the sitting area in the kitchen this week; time to put away the patriotic decor and find some fun vintage summer goodies. This is a vintage Seed Box that I decorated this week. Seeing all these wonderful brilliant Summer colors has inspired me. I even found a couple of my Majolica saucers to put in the mix.

I'll be sharing the rest soon.
If you'd like some inspiration, 
I have a new Pinterest Board, Seed Box Displays

As you can see I have lot's of help.
I can't even get the quilts on and pillows added,
 before the girls take over.

 For some reason, they think it's all about them.

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