Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Styling a Sofa Table

...when you don't want a lot of clutter.

I had to add that last part, because that's what I'm trying to avoid. Visual clutter. I don't want to tip myself over into that place. There's a fine line between a good design, enjoying your "goodies", and ending up with a space that's overdone. I continually have to watch myself for that, because it's easy for me to end up there. 

Last week it was the little concrete pedestal in the Dining Room, 
this week it's attempting to style my frenchy sofa table...

Since moving in, I've had a few different things here, but I'd really just been waiting to find the heavy marble base to this mega candleholder. When we packed things up, the glass part was in one box and the marble base was in another. They didn't meet up again until last week. So I left it pretty bare to see what I wanted to do here. I like the minimal look here, but what I really wanted was to add some things without making a mess of it. 

If you look at magazine shots of rooms, they really don't use a lot of "things". The photographers prefer that you edit so they don't lose the feel of the space...so the room can be seen in it's sum total; not a bunch of items that distract the eye. That's why when staging a house for sale it's best to put away the majority of your decor. 

I felt like the best way to accomplish this was to keep the "things" neutral. So I hunted for decor books with neutral covers and then something to sit on top of the stack in white. I had found the Staffordshire Dog and the concrete piece in this last bunch of decor boxes, so I'm giving them a trial run.

I think this must be a reproduction,
but it's pretty old, and with no markings,
Don't know what happened to his twin,
when I found him he was on his own.

I'm not using a lot of color in this space, so maybe I can get away with adding these few things in. I think you can successfully use more objects if you keep your "color" to a minimum. Or maybe keep one or two colors with your neutrals, and have a balance. Too much and too many colors tend to make me unable to focus. That's just me, the older I get the less distractions I need...LOL.

OK, so I'll let this set awhile and see how it works. I can't use plants here other than ivy, since it will get "chewed", Can't use lamps either. Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions.

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