Friday, April 3, 2015

You're never too old for an Easter Basket...

I remember fixing Easter baskets for our girls even after they were married. I knew how much they enjoyed them, even when they weren't really candy fanatics any longer. They might be grown-ups, but they still wanted and expected, their baskets. So we ever get too old for an Easter basket?

As much as I'd gladly nibble a few chocolate bunnies, and creme eggs, I try not to indulge myself. I do know that my mom has a white cake with 7 Minute Frosting and coconut, that's my belated birthday tradition. So no other sugar treats for me. I'll happily enjoy an Easter basket with a framed vintage Easter card, and some decorated eggs.

My little pot of faux yellow iris have been doing more than "double duty" this Spring. I've used them in most of my Easter and Spring vignettes. I love them where I photograph them, but then when I do something else, they show up in some new spot. 

Year before last I purchased the beautiful book from Jeanne d'Arc Living, "Fairytale Easter", and was fortunate to find eggs of several sizes that were created from that inspiration. I planned on making some of my own but with two moves this last year, I just haven;t gotten to it. I love the natural elements with torn paper, feathers, and bits of twine and lace.

My vintage basket is joining some of my Spring Cloches
here in the Dining Room.

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Have a blessed Good Friday,
and a wonderful Easter!



  1. This comment is coming to you from Round Top Texas! Gah! I love this basket. I have a similar old white basket that I can recreate this fabulous look! Thank you for the inspiration dear one and happy Easter!

  2. Now that's my kind of Easter basket - just darling! Happy Easter Debra!

  3. This is so pretty! I always love making Easter baskets.
    Happy Easter Debra,

  4. LOL...I still make my kids Easter baskets at 17 and 20...but now they have a swimsuit and a little bit of money in them. :) Yours are much prettier!!

  5. Such a pretty basket, Debra! There were four of us kids in our family. My brother and I were the oldest - then a space of 8 years and my younger sister and 3 more years and my youngest sister. So my mom, being frugal, took away the Easter baskets of my brother and I and gave them to my younger sisters. I was not happy. My 'basket?' A bag of jelly beans. Maybe I'm still traumatized to this day!!

    1. ouch!! I don't blame you one little bit, that wouldn't have flown with my girls (or me) either! Have a wonderful Easter weekend, Claudia!

  6. Beautiful as usual! Love those eggs!

    Happy and Blessed Easter to you and yours!


  7. You've pictured two of my favorite things! Those type baskets and cloches. The basket is decorated beautifully and I'm really loving the flowerpot cloche with the egg. I'm thinking I might have to be a copycat on that one. ;-)

  8. We are NEVER too old for an Easter basket or a Christmas stocking!!! Love that olden basket. I made those same eggs a few years ago, have them scattered all over the house and gave them as gifts. Easter blessings to you....

  9. Your Easter basket is so cute! I don't think there is an age limit to Easter baskets... It's basically a pretty gift, so who is to say we are "too old" for that?

  10. Debra, I love your Easter basket. I still do one for my son, but he loves it with lots of chocolate!

    Happy Easter!!!

  11. So pretty!! Happy Easter.


  12. I prefer flowers to candy, so I stock up on new things to plant. My kids are far away and I do know whether or not they'll successfully receive a package, as they live in sketchy neighborhoods.

  13. I love that big egg, Debra! So pretty. I'd like to make one that size for myself. I guess I should look and see if there are any on clearance this week to use as a base. Love the frame you used for your vintage Easter card. Such a pretty vignette.

    Happy Easter!

  14. very sweet basket, debra:) happy easter to you!

  15. What a cute basket- love those eggs and that vintage card in the frame! The iris are the perfect size for little accents like this!

  16. Now I want an Easter basket, your's are just lovely :)

  17. Love your big, beautiful vintage basket filled with so many pretty things!

  18. Happy Easter!
    I love the detail and love in your basket. I am an adult and I would definitely put that in my house, at a prominent spot.

  19. Lucky girls to receive such beautiful baskets! :)

    When I was little, my mom hid our baskets. I'd get up early, go find them, eat some of my SISTER's chocolate eggs, and then put them back.

    I was a bad little kid! :)


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