Friday, February 27, 2015

PayPal Email Scam

I just wanted to quickly let you know about an email scam that is out where someone is masquerading as PayPal, asking you to click on a link and update your account and credit card information. I clicked on the link and filled out my name and address before I realized that it wasn't coming from a PayPal address. dumb. But I didn't continue, and I immediately went over to PayPal and changed my password and called their security line. They assured me they would never send out email links to change security information. They said I did the right thing and that my account and info would be secure, but it still leaves me queasy.

OK, just wanted to let you know, they looked just like PayPal and very legitimate. If you've clicked on this site and given any information, then please go to PayPal immediately, change your password, and call their security to report it.

see you later,
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